14 Mar TechChill 2020 Is Hot For Connectivity

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Last week marked my second visit to the beautiful city of Riga, Latvia, for the ninth annual TechChill startup event. The show focused not only on 5G (my main love), but also blockchain, MedTech, FinTech, and Greentech—that’s a lot of tech! I spent nearly three days in the Baltics with a number of innovative companies and startups. […]

14 Mar Cisco Systems Goes Big On 5G

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Despite the cancellation of Mobile World Congress Barcelona, Cisco Systems launched a number of initiatives this week that appear to be follow ups to its “Internet for the Future” announcement from last mid-December. The prior announcement was punctuated with portfolio updates spanning optics, silicon and software. This announcement is focused specifically on the service provider […]

02 Mar Honeywell And Verizon Go After The Smart Meter Market Together

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I’ve been familiar with Honeywell for quite some time and you’ve heard of them for sure if for nothing else than consumer HVAC. Historically it fell outside of my purview of coverage due to the fact that it was primarily focused on operational technology. However, the company has been making very big moves lately that […]

26 Dec AWS Wavelength Could Supercharge 5G

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Amazon Web Services (AWS) re:Invent wrapped up last week in Las Vegas. There was a lot to digest at the event, but my firm’s principal Patrick Moorhead captured five key takeaways. If interested, you can find his article here. What caught both our attention was the AWS Wavelength announcement and partnership with Verizon in the United […]

20 Dec Latvia And Its 5G Path to Prosperity

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I had the opportunity over the Thanksgiving holiday to visit Riga, Latvia and attend the second annual 5G Techritory conference. Riga is a beautiful city—it was founded in 1201 and quickly grew to become one of the main centers of trade in the Baltic Sea region. Over the centuries Latvia has struggled under the control of conquering […]

06 Dec 3 Key Insights Into Nokia’s Path To Long-Term Success

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As a networking infrastructure analyst, I’ve traveled the world to spend time with the likes of Ericsson, Huawei and Samsung to understand their overall 5G strategies. I finally found the same opportunity this week to spend three days with Nokia at its global analyst forum in Finland. It’s no secret that I’ve been critical of […]

14 Nov Qualcomm Fires On All Cylinders At 5G Summit 2019

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I had the opportunity mid-October to spend time with Qualcomm at its 5G Summit in Barcelona. There was a bit of excitement with the separatist protests that occurred the same week, but I came away with a new appreciation for how the company is shaping 5G now and into the future. I would like to share my […]

05 Nov Who Is ‘Really’ Leading in Mobile 5G, Part 6: Policy, Regulation And Consortia

Everyone wants to talk about mobile 5G and how they are leading in the space. However, the reality is that mobile 5G is a broadly encompassing wireless standard that will change the way we view the future of cellular communications and the possibilities like never before. As such, it takes a deeper understanding to evaluate […]

29 Aug The University Of Texas’ Impact On 5G And Wireless Communications

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My family represents three generations of University of Texas (UT) students: my father, brother, and myself are all proud Austin graduates, and today my oldest daughter is enrolled at UT Dallas to study computer science and animation. With this background, and my role as a tech analyst focused on wireless telecommunications and enterprise networking, I […]

19 Aug Who Is ‘Really’ Leading in Mobile 5G, Part 5: Global Carriers

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This article is Part 5 of 6 in Moor Insights & Strategy’s series on mobile 5G leadership, focusing on current (not future) global carrier deployment of 5G networks. In Part 1, we analyzed 5G intellectual property and patent leadership. In Part 2, we examined the 5G chipset ecosystem, and in Part 3we reviewed manufacturers integrating 5G components into […]

19 Aug Why The T-Mobile-Sprint State AG Lawsuit Will Settle

It’s been a hard-fought battle for T-Mobile and Sprint, but last Friday the U.S. Department of Justice sided with the Federal Communications Commission in granting approval to the merger. There are conditions to the deal: the companies will divest prepaid businesses and spectrum to Dish Network and grant Dish access to the new T-Mobile ’s network and retail locations as […]

21 May Decoding 5G Standards, Spectrum, And Carriers

The 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) is tasked with setting the standards for wireless wide area networking and mobile communications. As its name might indicate, this started with 3G, the network standard supported on the first Apple iPhone back in the early 2000s. Today, the 3GPP covers existing 2G, 3G, and 4G LTE infrastructure as well as future […]

13 May What Was Big At The Big 5G Event?

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Relocated from my hometown of Austin to Denver and re-branded for 2019, the Light Reading Big 5G Event last week did not disappoint. There was outstanding representation from the likes of infrastructure providers Cisco Systems, Ericsson, and Huawei , as well as mobile operators Sprint, Verizon, AT&T, and Telus. It’s also worth noting that it was the third conference I’ve attended recently […]

27 Mar Keerti Melkote And HPE Aruba’s Story Of Wireless Disruption

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Article by Will Townsend. With HPE Aruba’s signature event Atmosphere 2019 just around the corner, I had the opportunity to speak again with Keerti Melkote, President and Founder of Aruba. During our one on one, we discussed a number of topics ranging from Aruba’s birth, its meteoric growth, the HPE acquisition, and his signature vest! […]

05 Mar Real 5G And AI Converge With Enterprise Networking At Mobile World Congress 2019

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“Intelligent connectivity” was this year’s theme for Mobile World Congress (MWC), the preeminent event focused on mobile communications held last week in Barcelona. Once relegated to cellular devices, infrastructure and mobile services, over the past thirty-two years the show has expanded to include much more. From my perspective, the notion of intelligence from the GSMA […]

15 Jan Verizon, John Deere Bet Big On 5G At CES 2019

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I had the opportunity to attend CES 2019 in Las Vegas last week. Once relegated to consumer gadgets, the massive technology tradeshow showcased the latest in displays, computing, smart appliances, drones, and automotive technology, and much more. The event attracted close to 200,000 attendees, and 4,500 companies around the globe. I arrived at the conference […]

10 Jan Initial CES 2019 Observations: Patrick Moorhead

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I spent the week in Las Vegas and wanted to share with you my initial CES 2019 observations: What happened: Intelligence: Amazon Alexa dominated the show with its services and partners while Google tried really hard to catch up with Amazon, even going so far as to build a roller coaster ride to get attention. […]

26 Oct Impressions From The Road: Linux Foundation And Its Role In Network Transformation

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The ONS 2018 Keynote.   Credit: Will Townsend In the past several weeks, I attended both the Open Networking Summit (ONS) Europe and the Data Plane Development Kit (DPDK) Userspace event in Dublin. Both were very different events. ONS showcased many of the dozen or so networking projects hosted by the Linux Foundation. DPDK happens to […]

05 Oct Can Artificial Intelligence And Networking Transform The Hospitality Industry?

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The Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin Resort.  SWANDOLPHIN.COM These days we often take finding directions for granted. Easy smartphone apps like Google Maps and Waze all but make paper maps and standalone GPS devices obsolete. Why then hasn’t mapping found its way indoors? Historically, companies used sensors (commonly referred to as beacons) to accomplish […]

20 Sep Verizon Delivers Carrier Network Reliability And Innovation

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  WILL TOWNSEND All of the tier one carriers in the United States claim that their networks are the most reliable, but what are each doing to deliver on that promise? A number of third parties such as JD Power and RootMetrics pour through qualitative and quantitative data to get to the bottom of this. […]