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24 Mar NVIDIA Scores Yet Another GPU Cloud For AI With Tencent

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NVIDIA’s speedy GPUs and Machine Learning software have unquestionably become the gold standard for building Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications. And today, NVIDIA added TenCent to their list of cloud service providers that offer access to NVIDIA hardware in their clouds for AI and other compute intensive applications. This marks a significant milestone in the global […]

17 Mar Why Intel Is Buying Mobileye, And What Does It Need To Do To Be Successful?

In a move that Intel hopes can propel it to the forefront of The Next Big Thing, Intel announced it would purchase Mobileye, an Israeli company that makes sensors and cameras for driverless vehicles. Buying a leader to become a leader is never cheap: Intel will pay $13.3B for the firm, a 34% premium over […]

03 Mar RESEARCH PAPER: A Machine Learning Application Landscape

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2016 was a strong year for Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) with many high tech firms claiming that they are now an “AI Company”, notably Amazon, Baidu, Facebook, Google, IBM, Intel, Microsoft, NVIDIA, and Tesla. In 2017, the field will broaden to include AMD, Qualcomm, and Xilinx. Moor Insights & Strategy (MI&S) expects Machine Learning based AIs […]

03 Mar A Machine Learning Landscape: Where AMD, Intel, NVIDIA, Qualcomm And Xilinx AI Engines Live

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Without a doubt, 2016 was an amazing year for Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) awareness in the press. But most people probably can’t name 3 applications for machine learning, other than self-driving cars and perhaps their voice activated assistant hiding in their phone. There’s also a lot of confusion about where the Artificial […]

06 Jan What To Expect in 2017 From AMD, INTEL, NVIDIA, XILINX And Others For Machine Learning

Without a doubt, 2016 was an amazing year for Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI). I have opined on the 5 things to watch in AI for 2017 in another article, however the potential dynamics during 2017 in processor and accelerator semiconductors that enable this market warrant further examination. It is interesting to note […]

06 Jan Five Things To Watch In AI And Machine Learning In 2017

Without a doubt, 2016 was an amazing year for Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI). During the year, we saw nearly every high tech CEO claim the mantel of becoming an “AI Company”. However, only a few companies were actually able to monetize their significant investments in AI, notably Amazon, Baidu, Facebook, Google, IBM, […]

13 Dec Amazon’s Xilinx FPGA Cloud: Why This May Be A Significant Milestone

Datacenters, especially the really big guys known as the Super 7 (Alibaba, Amazon, Baidu, Facebook, Google, Microsoft and Tencent), are experiencing significant growth in key workloads that require more performance than can squeezed out of even the fastest CPUs. Applications such as Deep Neural Networks (DNN) for Artificial Intelligences (AIs), complex data analytics, 4K live […]

21 Nov Intel Commits To Nervana Roadmap For AI; First New Architecture In Decades

Intel hosted its inaugural “AI Day” in San Francisco Thursday to highlight the company’s strategy, products and ecosystem for the fast-growing market for chips that create Artificial Intelligence (AI). I came to the event anxious to learn whether the company would be bold enough to add a new architecture to their portfolio, namely the technology […]

17 Nov NVIDIA Is Not Just Accelerating AI, It Aims To Reshape Computing

NVIDIA’s CEO, Jen-Hsun Huang, took the stage at the annual SuperComputing conference this week to share his vision with an enthusiastic crowd. The tireless cheerleader of deep learning and datacenter acceleration foresees a brave new world of computing, enabled by Artificial Intelligence (AI), and of course accelerated by the company’s GPUs. Armed with new partnerships, […]

14 Nov Xilinx Seeks To Mainstream FPGAs In The Datacenter

Why are so many companies suddenly jumping into the datacenter accelerator game? Major chip companies such as Intel, NVIDIA and Xilinx as well as startups such as Nervana (being acquired by Intel), Wave Computing, GraphCore, KnuPath and others are all vying for a piece of a rapidly growing market. That market consists primarily of just seven customers, […]

14 Nov RESEARCH PAPER: Xilinx Reconfigurable Acceleration Stack Targets Machine Learning, Data, Analytics, & Video Streaming

Hyperscale cloud, e-commerce, and social networking datacenters are increasingly facing the challenge of accelerating workloads with complex data types such as 4K video and natural languages, the processing of which often outstrips the capacity of traditional CPUs. This issue is especially acute in the so-called “Super Seven” datacenter companies (Alibaba, Amazon, Baidu, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, and Tencent), where these new […]

05 Oct Microsoft’s Love For FPGA Accelerators May Be Contagious

Microsoft has announced more details about their use of Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs) to accelerate servers in their massive datacenters. CEO Satya Nadella made the announcements at their Ignite Conference in Atlanta (which MI&S colleague Patrick Moorhead attended), sharing details about their five-year journey called “Project Catapult.” The surprise was not that they are […]

09 Aug Intel Acquires Nervana Systems Which Could Significantly Enhance Future Machine Learning Capabilities

Intel has announced that it will acquire Nervana Systems, a Deep Learning startup based in San Diego and Silicon Valley, to extend their capabilities in the fast-moving market for training deep neural networks used in artificial intelligence (AI) applications. I recently wrote about Nervana here. Training neural networks is a hot market where companies typically use GPUs […]

01 Jul Are BMW, Intel, And Mobileye The New Dream Team For Automated Driving?

BMW, Intel and Mobileye have announced today that they are joining forces to create what they hope will become an industry standard platform for safe automated driving. BMW plans to integrate Intel and Mobileye technologies into BMW’s “iNext” platform, the company’s target vehicle for fully automated (driverless) cars in 2021. What sets this announcement apart is […]

28 Jun Can Intel’s New Knights Landing Chip Compete With NVIDIA For Deep Learning?

Intel finally launched the highly anticipated “Knights Landing” (KNL) version of their Many Integrated Core (MIC) Xeon Phi processor at this years’ international supercomputing event (now called ISC High Performance), targeting High Performance Computing (HPC) and the white-hot market for training Deep Neural Networks (DNNs). DNNs are used to power everything from the ads you see […]

20 Jun NVIDIA’s New GPUs Set A High Bar For HPC And Deep Learning

With the winds of AI at their backs, NVIDIA has been on a tear of late as they capitalize on their near-monopoly status for GPUs used to train Deep Neural Networks (DNNs) and to power high performance computing (HPC). Now, as the annual International Supercomputing Conference (renamed “ISC High Performance”) event gets underway in Frankfurt, […]

16 Jun Apple, Hewlett Packard Enterprise Take Different Paths For Deep Learning APIs

There have been so many announcements about Deep Learning, Deep Neural Networks (DNNs) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) over the last year that it would be completely excusable to be totally confused. Apple is the latest company to announce their contribution to our collective confusion with a suite of “Basic Neural Network Subroutines” (BNNS) designed to […]

08 Jun Startup KnuEdge Emerges With Another Accelerator For Deep Learning

The market for Deep Learning Accelerators is heating up with new entrants, as I explored after NVIDIA’s traction in Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Google’s recent announcement of the somewhat mysterious TPU processor. Now KnuEdge, a startup led by former NASA administrator Dan Goldin, has emerged with its own accelerator called KNUPATH LambdaFabric, coupled with a suite […]

26 May Google’s TPU Chip Creates More Questions Than Answers

Google’s announcement last week that they developed a custom chip for Deep Learning has created a lot of press and unanswered questions. At the Google I/O developers conference, the company shared that they have been using an internally-developed processor, called a Tensor Processing Unit (TPU), for over a year to accelerate Deep Learning applications, from […]

23 May AMD, ARM, Huawei, IBM, Mellanox, Qualcomm, Xilinx Form CCIX Accelerator Consortium

On Monday, seven technology companies announced that they had reached an agreement to develop and implement an interconnect that would enable different vendors’ CPUs and accelerators to talk to one another while sharing main memory. Specifically, Advanced Micro Devices, ARM Holdings, Huawei Technologies, IBM, Mellanox, Qualcomm and Xilinx jointly announced that they would collaborate to build a […]