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03 Apr Why Intel Is Investing In Neuromorphic Computing

Intel certainly has a lot of irons in the AI fireplace, including Xeon CPUs, Movidius computer vision chips, MobileEye chips for autonomous driving and Deep Neural Network training and inference processing technology from the newly acquired Habana Labs. With all of this going on, one might wonder why Intel is pursuing yet another approach—neuromorphic computing. […]

20 Mar AMD To Power ‘El Capitan’ Super Computer From HPE’s Cray

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Last fall, as Cray was being acquired by Hewlett-Packard Enterprise for $1.6B, the company announced that it had been selected by the US DOE for two more exa-scale supercomputers based on the processor-agnostic Cray Shasta architecture. The Lawrence Livermore National Labs (LLNL) El Capitan supercomputer, costing some $600M, and planned for 2023, will be based […]

20 Mar Xilinx Enters The SmartNIC Market

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The CPU in today’s data center is increasingly burdened by the need to process networking jobs. According to Xilinx’s VP Marketing for Data Center Products, Donna Yasay, networking stacks can tax CPUs up to 30%, robbing them of the cycles needed to run users’ applications. Tier 1 cloud service providers have invested in custom ASICs […]

20 Mar Surprise! AWS Leads In ‘Cloud AI Services’ Ranking

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Everyone reading this article knows that the cloud space is hot. And it’s comprised of many different types of services and platforms to complete a full stack. Ten years ago, it was sufficient to just call the space “cloud”, as it was primarily infrastructure as a service for virtualized workloads. But given the fractalization of […]

14 Mar NVIDIA GTC ’20 Could Be Massive

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As we approach NVIDIA’s annual GPU Technology Conference, everyone is anxious to see what CEO Jensen Huang has up his trademark black leather sleeves. I have no idea, but as usual, I have an opinion.    An intro to GTC GTC is NVIDIA’s partners’ big annual opportunity to show off and explain how they leverage […]

06 Mar NVIDIA Data Center Growth Returns

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NVIDIA reported renewed growth overall last week. Its Data Center segment (where most of the AI hardware is reported) grew 43% to a record $968M in the last quarter, and gaming rose 56% to $1.49 billion. The stock market appreciated the news, sending NVIDIA up over 6%, and many analysts revised their price targets higher. […]

02 Mar Arm Ups Its IoT Intelligence Game With New Chips

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When you think of end-point IoT, the company you should really be thinking of is Arm. The semiconductor giant has staked out a claim on what it calls “the 5th wave of computing”—the crucial intersection of the emerging technologies of AI, IoT, and 5G. I’ve watched with interest as the company continues to build out its […]

21 Feb An Update On Intel And Habana Labs

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Last week, I reported that Intel plans to switch its AI acceleration from Nervana technology to Habana Labs, which it acquired in December. Since Intel had planned to bring out both the inference and the training versions of Nervana’s second generation, this came as quite a surprise to many in the industry. I just got an update from […]

14 Feb Intel Lays Out Strategy For AI: It’s Habana

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Last month, Intel announced that it would acquire Israeli AI chip startup Habana Labs for $2B. At the time, I opined that this probably spelled the end for chips from the 2016 Nervana acquisition. Intel planned to bring out both the inference and the training versions of Nervana’s second attempt to out-perform NVIDIA by the end of […]

01 Jan Intel Acquires Habana Labs For $2 Billion

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In a strategic move in its datacenter AI plans, Intel has announced that it will acquire Israeli chip startup Habana Labs for $2 billion. Intel had reaffirmed its plans to deliver its Nervana chips as recently as last month, but the acquisition of Habana likely signals that early lighthouse accounts preferred the startup’s approach over […]

27 Dec Qualcomm Doubles The Smart In Smartphones

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For the last decade, a “smart phone” was defined by its ability to run applications locally on the device. These days, however, “smart” means features powered by AI, with intelligent applications such as enhanced computational photography, voice processing and gaming with AR features. It appears that Qualcomm’s next generation mobile processors are about to take […]

20 Dec IBM Research Study Explains A Lot About Successful Enterprise AI Strategies

Over the last decade, IBM has made significant investments in AI. IBM Watson burst on the scene in 2010, followed by various DIY (do it yourself) infrastructure designed to enable AI software such as its Power Systems, OpenPOWER, and OpenCAPI. The company’s PowerAI software toolkit was another milestone, enabling enterprises with specific deep learning frameworks […]

12 Dec Intel, GraphCore And Groq: Let The AI Cambrian Explosion Begin

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As we approach the end of a year full of promises from AI startups, a few companies are meeting their promised 2019 launch dates. These include Intel, with its long-awaited Nervana platform, UK startup Graphcore and the stealthy Groq from Silicon Valley. Some of these announcements fall a bit short on details, but all claim […]

02 Dec NVIDIA Runs The Mlperf Table

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When the mlperf (machine learning performance) organization released the first standardized AI training benchmarks, which NVIDIA dominated last December, we were somewhat disappointed that only a few companies, namely NVIDIA, Google and Intel, were able to muster the working chips and software needed to complete the benchmarks. Last week, the open-source mlperf community released the first round of […]

02 Dec Blaize AI Emerges From Stealth

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Throughout 2020, a wave of AI hardware startups will launch their companies and products. Cerebras started this wave with its wafer-scale engine last September. This week, Intel announced its AI chips from Nervana, Groq (founded by the inventors of Google TPU) announced its quadrillion ops per second TSP, and Graphcore announced that its chip is available on Microsoft Azure […]

14 Nov NVIDIA Brings AI To DC

Nearly every enterprise is experimenting with artificial intelligence and deep learning. It seems like every week there’s a new survey out detailing the ever-increasing amount of focus that IT shops of all sizes put on the technology. If it’s true that data is the new currency, then it’s artificial intelligence that mines that data for […]

08 Nov Arm Adds More AI Firepower

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As I covered in a recent article on the status of startups building chips for AI, the AI accelerator market will become quite crowded over the next 12-18 months. Not to be outdone, Arm is now extending its neural network processor family, adding logic designs for mid-range and entry-level devices to the flagship Ethos-N77, which targets higher-end […]

05 Nov Who Is The Leader In AI Hardware?

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A few months ago, I published a blog that highlighted Qualcomm’s plans to enter the data center market with the Cloud AI100 chip sometime next year. While preparing the blog, our founder and principal analyst, Patrick Moorhead, called to point out that Qualcomm , not NVIDIA , probably has the largest market share in AI chip volume thanks to its leadership […]

28 Oct AI Hardware: Harder Than It Looks

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The second AI HW Summit took place in the heart of Silicon Valley on September 17-18, with nearly fifty speakers presenting to over 500 attendees (almost twice the size of last year’s inaugural audience). While I cannot possibly cover all the interesting companies on display in a short blog, there are a few observations I’d […]

03 Oct Two Can’t-Miss Events For AI Hardware

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There are two conferences coming up that AI developers, executives, and investors should consider attending to get the latest from the industry’s leaders and challengers. I will attend both and I hope to see many of my readers there! Let’s take a closer look at what’s in store. US AI HW Summit The first event […]