19 Jan2010 Google Nexus One First Impressions

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Since I first reviewed the T-Mobile G1 with Android OS last year, I was really looking forward to the improvements Google and HTC could bring to the end user experience with subsequent products.  The G1 felt like a beta piece of hardware and software at the time, but I was impressed about many things too.  The difference between the […]

22 Dec2009 MIDs Versus PCs

This is the final part in an eight part series where I look at emerging Mobile Internet Device (MID) technology and predict whether or not MIDs may displace netbooks and notebooks in the future.  Check out the introduction, and part 2 (where I take an extremist view on why I believe MIDs will dominate the earth), and part 3 (where I […]

13 Dec2009 Extremist’s View of Why MIDs are little threat to PCs

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This is part three in an eight part series where I look at emerging Mobile Internet Device (MID) technology and predict whether or not MIDs may displace netbooks and notebooks in the future.  Check out the introduction here, and part 2 here (where I take an extremist view on why I believe MIDs will dominate the earth). Here in […]

17 Feb2009 BlackBerry Bold as Mobile Cloud Workhorse

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Cloud computing is rising in interest even during these uncertain world economic times and AMD is taking an important leadership role in the creation of the cloud. And in opinion, smartphones are increasingly becoming one of the most important cloud clients. What makes smartphones cloud-unique is their portability and versatility. One minute a phone, the next a […]

22 Jan2009 The Significance of HD Palmcorders to Netbook and Notebook Design

Low-priced, 720P HD pocket camcorders (palmcorders) are gaining market momentum and I believe consumers are drawn to the value proposition of low cost, high quality, portable, and convenient video capture and playback. As these devices proliferate, it leaves me contemplating how consumers will respond when they discover just how many of these notebooks or netbooks […]

29 Dec2008 Archos 7: The Best Portable Media Player You’ve Never Heard Of

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Everyone has heard of an iPod, most have heard of the iPod touch, and some of you may have even heard of the Zune or even ZEN, but how about an Archos? Well, if you haven’t, you should check it out, because if you get into watching video, in my opinion, it may be the […]

01 Dec2008 One Week with the New BlackBerry Storm

New and exciting smartphones are coming out every few months from the major players and November was no different. Smartphones include products like the 3G iPhone, the BlackBerry Bold, and the G1 Android, which I blogged about last month. These little guys do a lot more than make phone calls as they are slowly becoming […]

03 Nov2008 The Perfect Netbook or Mini-Notebook

One great thing about blogs is that it is anyone and everyone’s chance to express their opinions, and I definitely have opinions. :> However, attacking one’s personal experiences is a bit like questioning free speech or democracy, but that’s exactly what makes Web 2.0 so exciting, everyone does it. So even when I get misquoted (never […]

23 Oct2008 T-Mobile G1 Android: First Impressions

It was Day 1 yesterday for the T-Mobile G1 Android phone and I wanted to share my early impressions of the device. 24 hours is NOT enough time to complete a full evaluation, as mobile devices like this are very personal and take months to fully explore and judge. But I think within 24 hours […]

08 Sep2008 Should the PC Be Worried about the Best DMA To Date?

I have believed for years that if someone with just minor technical understanding wants to watch their digital videos or photos on their big-screen TV, the PC is still the best choice. Question is, how close are we getting to the DMA (Digital media adapter) catching up to the PC? After years of personal testing, sifting through […]

07 May2008 The Right CPU and GPU Combination for a Balanced Platform?

In my last blog I talked about the importance of a balanced platform and what I believe consumers are doing with and aspiring to do with their systems. For this blog, I would like to discuss the required type of balance between the CPU and GPU required for some of the key usage models described […]

25 Apr2008 Why care about a balanced PC configuration?

There has been an incredible amount of discussion in the high-tech community talking about “balanced platforms” or “optimized systems”. The conversation or press coverage has interestingly enough been more about which component is more relevant versus the need for a balanced platform. Statements or misquotes like “the CPU is dead”, the “GPU is not needed […]

22 Apr2008 Secret Find of the Family Network Administrator: HP MediaSmart Server

My name is Patrick Moorhead and I am vice president of advanced marketing at AMD. Most of what I focus on is the non-traditional marketing like developing the new strategies to change the ways we would like people to relate to AMD’s technologies, new ways to leverage our platforms into the marketplace and new ways to […]