17 Sep2012 Intel Can Boost the PC Category

I spent most of last week at the Intel Developer Forum (IDF) in San Francisco, an annual event where most all of Intel’secosystem gathers to learn and discuss the latest and greatest Intel has to offer and providing glimpses of the future.  At IDF, I met with Intelexecutives and technologists in 1:1′s and small group events to learn howIntel will address […]

06 Sep2012 Amazon Tablet Supremacy Far From Determined

Today, Amazon announced a slew of new tablets and e-readers.  They launched two new tablets and updated the current Kindle Fire.  As I read through story after story, one might construe that Apple‘s tablet supremacy is about to end.  Amazon announced some impressive tablets, Apple is being challenged, but a downfall to supremacy? This couldn’t be farther from […]

06 Sep2012 Google Missed a Huge Opportunity with Motorola’s Droid Razr Launch

Updated with more launch details. I have immeasurable respect for anyone who has planned, developed or launched a product. I did that for 22 years in the various tech companies I was with. This is why I was so dissapointed with Google‘s event today to launch their new line of Motorola Droid phones.  Specifically, they launched the […]

04 Sep2012 Without Metro Apps, Innovative Touch-based Windows 8 Consumer Hardware is Meaningless

Last week at IFA in Berlin, Germany, HP, Dell, Samsung, and Sony announced some very unique hardware designs for Windows 8.  They included touch notebooks, convertibles, sliders, flippers, hybrids, and tablets that can take advantage of Microsoft’s Metro touch-based UI. The hardware was very impressive and it was obvious that a lot of thought and effort went […]

04 Sep2012 Google’s Motorola Division Launches Phones Tomorrow with Qualcomm. What About Intel?

There has recently been a lot of chatter about Motorola’s new line of Razr HD smartphones. The rumors contain details about form factors, features and even details down to the SOC (system on chip) inside the phone. The SOCs being discussed are those from Qualcomm andIntel, which is raising some questions about what will launch where. As […]

31 Aug2012 Kickstarter and the HumanToolz iPad Stand: Another Great Example of a Best Buy and Target Loss

It has been interesting how many disruptive and innovative products arecoming through Kickstarter, the crowd-funding site for cool, new ideas. Some of the more famous entries have been thePebble e-watch and the most recent,OUYA, a game console. A former colleagueof mine recently announced a new product on Kickstarter, called the HumanToolz Stand, one of the coolest and useful […]

27 Aug2012 What is Google Really Saying with its Post Apple-Samsung Verdict Talking Points?

Since the Samsung-Apple verdict, Google was silent on their views.  This was surprising, in that this result was one potential outcome, and most companies get well ahead of these coporate talking points.  I suppose Google wanted to lay low until they saw how the press and consumers reacted before throwing an axe into the sea.  Last night, Google […]

27 Aug2012 Apple vs. Samsung: What Doesn’t Compute

I’m not a lawyer, but I am an analyst who unfortunately has participated in some of the largest corporate legal battles, has two immediate family members who are IP lawyers, and has had to decide on industrial design for consumer electronics. None of this qualifies me to give legal advice, but I am able to […]

20 Aug2012 How Significant is the Synaptics ThinTouch, ForcePad and ClearPad Technology?

As I have cited previously, human computer interface (HCI) changes have defined the winners of the last decade in the phone, tablet, and premium PC and game console markets. I believe this will continue into the future. As important as the singular technologies are the way that different kinds of controls come together as a system […]

17 Aug2012 Why Windows 8 is Microsoft’s Biggest Risk Ever

One of the most important industry events will take place on October 26, the launch date for Microsoft’s Windows 8 operating system.  It will culminate a three year planning, development and test cycle for what CEO Steve Ballmercalls their riskiest product bet.  So why would Ballmer say this, especially when many in the industry characterize this as just […]

17 Aug2012 Why do Products like the Google Nexus Q Launch?

At Google’s I/O developer conference in June, Google boldly announced the Nexus Q, a $299 streaming music sphere.  Last week, Google stopped selling the Nexus Q and cancelled all consumer pre-orders, saying buyers would get the unit for free.  It appeared obvious to just about everyone except Google that the Nexus Q value proposition was incredibly weak.  […]

14 Aug2012 Deciphering Microsoft’s Latest Windows Blog on Windows RT

For over 20 years, I worked with Microsoft as a customer or a technology partner. Microsoft has a huge job in guiding their enormous Windows ecosystem down certain paths, and over those two decades I have seen many flavors of communication styles. For Windows 8, Microsoft has adopted a significantly different way of communicating with […]

31 Jul2012 Microsoft Office 2013′s Biggest Risk Could be its Visual Design

Microsoft Office has been the staple of productivity for years, particularly for businesses. Therefore, whenever big changes happen to the product, it’s a big deal. Literally millions of IT departments and users shoulder the burden to learn every new version in hopes of squeaking out every ounce of corporate productivity. Microsoft’s latest version is in […]

24 Jul2012 How Android Raises the Experience Bar with Nexus 7

As a technology insider who has actually planned, developed, and launched products, I have always believed it was important to spend inordinate amount of time living with new and emerging technology products. Only this way, can you get the “feel” of a product; where it is and where the category is headed. With regards to […]

17 Jul2012 Human-Computer Interface Transitions will Continue to Drive Market Changes

As a former executive and product manager for end consumer products and technologies, I have planned and conducted extensive primary research on Human-Computer Interfaces (HCI) or Human Machine Interface (HMI). A lot of this research was for the industrial design of consumer products and their mice, keyboards, and even buttons. I conducted other research for […]

14 Jul2012 Don’t Judge Intel’s Ultrabook Initiative by IDC or Gartner’s Q2 Reports

Last week, IDC and Gartner released their Q2 PC sales-out numbers, who published that PCs “stalled” or were “flat”. In both reports, there were commentaries on Intel Ultrabooks. Gartner had a subhead in their press release that said, “Ultrabooks Had Little Impact on Overall Shipments in the Quarter“. IDC went on to say that, “Ultrabooks […]

10 Jul2012 Are Wearables the Next Wave of Computing?

Two weeks ago at Google I/O, Google thrust wearable computing into the mainstream, public eye by performing one of the most incredible stunts I had ever seen on the technology stage. Wearing Google Glass and communicating via real-time voice and video, daredevils jumped out of a blimp, landed on the Moscone Center roof, rappelled down […]

10 Jul2012 KingsIsle Already Leads Where Gaming Hopes to Go

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Last month, Los Angeles hosted the world’s largest and most influential game trade show, E3. As with all years, we saw a combination of cool games, new products, and trends that are emerging or well on their way to being obvious. This year, one of the biggest trends focused on the rise of free-to-play (FTP) […]

03 Jul2012 Did Google Borrow the Idea for Google+ Events?

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Google made numerous announcements at their Google I/O developer event held last week in San Francisco. One major announcement was a new capability embedded into Google+ called “Google+ Events”. This new feature enables users to invite members to off-line, in-person venues and allows attendees to upload and share content before, during and after the event. […]

02 Jul2012 Why Apple Needs a 7 Inch Tablet

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Last week, most of the tech industry was consumed with Google I/O, Google’s annual event to woo software and hardware developers to Googleand consequently away from Apple and Microsoft. In addition to Google Glass-adorned daredevils jumping out of blimps and scaling down the sides of buildings, the Nexus 7 Tablet, the first full-featured, no-compromise tablet […]