16 Apr2013 Facebook Home’s Uniquely Flawed Experience Examined

Facebook announced last week their new experience for Android smartphones, called Facebook Home. This is Facebook’s first major attempt to control more of the phone’s experience without actually selling a phone.   Facebook Home is pre-installed on the HTC First and also users of select HTC and Samsung phones can install it from Google Play.  I primarily […]

09 Apr2013 HP’s New Servers Take a Page from the Smartphone Playbook

Yesterday, HP launched the Moonshot 1500 server, targeted at scale-out datacenters that drive today’s and tomorrow’s mobile applications, internet, big data and IoT. In its its first instantiation, Moonshot increases density, or the numbers of servers in a given space, by up to 8X. So for every rack of HP Proliant servers today, you could put up […]

08 Apr2013 RESEARCH PAPER: HP Moonshot- An Accelerator for Hyperscale Workloads

Hyperscale data center customers have specialized workloads, and they are asking for specialized architectures and equipment to accelerate those workloads, with the goal of increasing data center density while decreasing power consumption and other costs.   In 2010, HP gave its Moonshot team a charter to break out of HP’s mainstream enterprise value propositions. Creating differentiation […]

08 Apr2013 HP Moonshot: Say Goodbye to the Vanilla Server

HP launched today a game-changing line of servers called the HP Moonshot 1500. It is easily their biggest server launch sinceHP introduced the industry’s first X86-based server in 1989.   At a high level, the Moonshot 1500 is the beginning of the slow death of the vanilla, homogenous server and the rise of specialized servers for […]

05 Apr2013 Why Google Shouldn’t Be Concerned About Facebook Home

Yesterday, Facebook announced “Home”, a skin that runs on top of Android, pulling consumer’s Facebook experience up to literally the lock–screen of the phone. The demos werefast, fluid, and very different than anything Android has to offer.  A lot of thepress coverage ensued that talked about the big threat this could bring to Android.  Techpinion’s own […]

03 Apr2013 My Painful Journey Using an Old Notebook- Should You Upgrade Yours?

In my line of work as a technology industry analyst, I have had a lot of discussions recently about the current and futurepopularity of notebooks versus smartphones and tablets.  While none of the three devices can replace any of the other right now, data does indicate that consumers are waiting a bit longer to replace […]

02 Apr2013 What’s Really Happening At Tessera’s DigitalOptics Subsidiary?

It has been a busy few months at Tessera’s DigitalOptics subsidiary.  At this year’s Mobile World Congress, they demonstrated some of the most innovative technology I saw at Mobile World Congress, called “mems|cam”. Mems|cam could be very disruptive as it has the potential to redefine the entire smartphone camera industry by allowing consumers to take high definition, […]

27 Mar2013 What are the Implications of Increased 7” Tablet Popularity?

Last month, DisplaySearch published an analysis, entitled, “Smaller Tablet PCs to Take Over in 2013?”  The report essentially laid out the volume decrease of 9.7-10” displays and the increase of 7.X” displays in January of 2013.  While this isn’t the freshest of data, it’s still valid and certainly makes sense, given the popularity of the iPad mini, Kindle […]

25 Mar2013 New Game Console Success Isn’t a Foregone Conclusion

In the next few days, Microsoft is expected to announce their next generation console, dubbed the “XBOX 720” at this year’s GDC (Game Developer Conference).  This is right on the heels of Sony’s recent PS4 announcement and lackluster sales announcements for Nintendo’s Wii U.  These new game consoles will sell, but just not as well as they once did.  Gaming and the gaming industry has changed […]

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19 Mar2013 Are the New Crop of Enterprise Tablets a Threat to Apple?

Over the last three years, Apple has reshaped many industries, including the smartphone, tablet, PC and even SO Cindustry.  One area of Apple success that was in Microsoft’s own backyard was enterprise tablets, where, according to Apple, 94 percent of the Fortune 500 is either testing or deploying iPads.  For a product that has only existed […]

18 Mar2013 The iPad’s Uncontested Enterprise Run Is Over

Apple’s iPad has had quite an impressive run in consumer and business markets.  In fact, the iPad reshaped the entire direction of the PC and application market.  For years, it was the only game in town in consumer until the Amazon Kindle Fire and Google Nexus 7 showed up, which reset tablet expectations and drove Apple to […]

18 Mar2013 RESEARCH PAPER: The Latest Extreme Low Power, Windows Tablets Now Ready for the Enterprise

The introduction of Apple’s iPad sent shock waves through the industry as it redefined end user’s expectations on design, battery life, simplicity, content and applications. Like PC purchases driven by end users and departments in the late 1980’s, iPads first entered the enterprise through executives, departments and end users. Apple added basic enterprise features and […]

12 Mar2013 HP ENVY X2: One Step Closer to the Hybrid Future

As a technology analyst, I spend a lot time analyzing and keeping the pulse on the latest in inflection points, the ones that matter. Modularity is one of those factors and will be an important thing to keep an eye on for the next 5-10 years. In present day, modularity is important with the smartphone to […]

05 Mar2013 Lytro-Type Cameras for Smartphones Coming Soon?

Lytro fascinated many with the first mass marketed camera that enabled the user to alter the focal point dynamically after the picture was taken. The camera won a lot of awards but also came with some downsides, too. The Lytro’s opening price point was high at $399, was packaged an unorthodox tube form factor, and the output […]

04 Mar2013 Are MEMS-based Smartphone Cameras the Next Big Thing?

Last week I attended Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona, Spain, the world’s largest gathering of the mobility industry. At MWC, I focused my time researching new phones, tablets, apps, cloud services and their associated technologies. One of the most interesting technologies I saw was a MEMS-based camera by DigitalOptics Corp, which I believe could be the next big thing […]

26 Feb2013 Asus FonePad Phone Functionality not as Odd as it Seems

After having spent a few days in Barcelona at this year’s Mobile World Congress, I have had the chance to play around with a few mobile “toys”. A few of these devices caught my eye and the Asus FonePad was interesting not in form factor, but utility. The FonePad is essentially a 7″ Android tablet […]

19 Feb2013 The Nvidia Tegra 4i: A Step Forward in Smartphones

Nvidia today announced the Tegra 4i, a smartpone chip with an integrated LTE modem on the same physical die.  This is a follow-on to the Tegra 4 that was announced at this year’s CES 2013.  Nvidia is making some very bold claims about the Tegra 4i versus Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 800, and while there are no 3rd […]

18 Feb2013 Intel Set-Top Box Camera Controversy: Much Ado About Nothing

Last Tuesday, Erik Huggers, Intel‘s corporate vice president of Intel Media,  announced at D:Dive Into Media that Intel is building a set top box and pay TV service that includes live TV.  Huggers talked about the service which will most likely include friendlier bundling and also about the living-room device itself, which will operate more like a 21st century […]

12 Feb2013 Will Gen 3 Chromebooks Finally Hit the Mark?

Now on their third generation, Chromebooks have taken a deserved perceptual and business beating over the last few years. Generation one and two were flawed in many basic ways, with high prices, sluggish performance, and lack of robust off-line capabilities. This makes Lenovo’s and HP’s latest entry into the category all that puzzling. Is their entry […]

05 Feb2013 A Private Dell is a Stronger Dell

In one of the worst kept secrets out there over the last few weeks, Dell announced this morning that it will go private in a deal with Silver Lake Partners, Microsoft, Michael Dell’s investment company, and Michael Dell himself.  The question is, is this better or worse for Dell?  Based on the way Wall Street views […]