01 Jan2013 RESEARCH PAPER: NextIO Enables Multivendor Converged Datacenters

Industry standard x86 server node performance has been improving at an increased pace as core counts and memory capacities have increased. This rapidly increasing compute density is driving a commensurate increase in the costs of implementing in-rack network architectures. The challenge is how to maintain a multivendor, best-in-class datacenter. One good solution is to consolidate […]

01 Jan2013 RESEARCH PAPER: Mobility is Not PC: Technology-Driven Differentiation in a PC+ World

While having very different origins, the mobile and PC markets are starting to merge. Smartphones are an extension of the reliable, regulated and high quality feature phone purchased from mobile operators vs. the PC which comes from an open, unregulated, and price-driven beginning. Dividing the middle are media tablets that now offer features from both […]

31 Dec2012 The Most Significant Consumer Technology Products of 2012

One great thing about a tech industry in transition is that manufacturers amp up the amount and breadth of the products they announce.  2012 was a transition year for PCs, smartphones, and tablets, and there were so very many great options to choose from. My selection criteria for my favorite, significant products was simple: I personally used […]

27 Dec2012 Dell’s End-to-End Play is a Long Way from Personal Computers

As I go back analyze content from Dell’s second annual Dell World conference, one theme in particular stands out – Dell’s E2E (end to end) vision and strategy.  Dell as a CTO (configure to order) PC manufacturer is somewhat of a distantmemory now, which shines an even brighter light on their E2E capabilities.   In a nutshell, Dell […]

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18 Dec2012 Leaving the iPhone

I have used the iPhone since the 3G as my primary phone and have enjoyed my experience very much.  It was, quite frankly, ahead of its time in almost every conceivable way.  It “felt” better, had more apps, better apps, great camera and a built-in iPod.  Better in every way until now.  I am strongly considering […]

18 Dec2012 Dell and MIT Media Labs: Big Innovation requires Flexibility and Agility

Does your company have an environment of innovation? Dell’s senior vice president of corporate strategy, Dave Johnson, and MIT’s Media Lab’s Frank Moss, hosted a Super Session at Dell World last week, titled, “The importance of transformation in growing your business” which explored innovation across many vectors.   Both thought leaders distinctly made the case that the only way for an individual and […]

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17 Dec2012 Dell’s “Five Forces” Will Define its Future

Dell held its second annual Dell World conference in Austin, Texas last week.  This young and energetic conference was a refreshingly honestand candid look at Dell’s transformation from PC assembly to global services and solutions.  Where most corporate conferences focus on selling what’s in or about to enter the sales cycle, Dell World focused on telling Dell’s story for the rest […]

11 Dec2012 Microsoft Surface: How Relevant Are Legacy Apps and Hardware?

Microsoft Surface has been on sale for a while now and reviews  are out where reviewers tell the public what they thought about their experiences. The reviews varied widely as I illustrate below, but I wanted to spend some time digging into one of the more controversial topics, Surface’s backward compatibility with legacy hardware and […]

04 Dec2012 Evernote and Sugarsync: Headed in Reverse Windows 8 Gear

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Two of the apps that changed the way I work are Evernote and Sugarsync.  Evernote allowed me to go paperless and Sugarsync allowed me to have access to all my data accessible by any device.  Both of the apps have very robust Windows 7, OSX, Android and iOS capability.  Robustness stops, though, at Windows 8, […]

27 Nov2012 Dell’s CMO Karen Quintos on Dell World 2012

Dell World, Dell‘s conference on IT thought leadership, kicks off on December 12 and is expected to draw thousands to Austin, Texas.  This is the company’s second annual Dell World and will be highlighted by luminaries such as former president Bill Clinton, Steven Levitt and Stephen Dubner, authors ofFreakonomics and SuperFreakanomics, andMichael Dell, Dell’s founder and CEO. It is a critical point […]

27 Nov2012 Dell XPS 12: Windows 8 Ultrabook Re-imagined

With the advent of Microsoft’s Windows 8, computer makers developed different form factors to take advantage of the new operating system.  Most of these new Windows 8 form factors were shown for the first time atComputex in Taipei and then at the official Windows 8 launch event in New York.  The new PC form factors extend the functionality by […]

20 Nov2012 Samsung ATIV SmartPC 500T: Intel Strikes Back

Over the course of the Windows 8/RT industry discussions, ARM-based tablets have received the lion’s share of the discussion.  This has been particularly true with Microsoft’s announcement of Surface RT.  Does this mean Intel cannot deliver a competitive tablet solution?  Hardly.   Intel’s CloverTrail platform is shockingly competitive and I wanted to share some early experiences with […]

14 Nov2012 SingTel refuses to be a Commodity

If you live in the U.S., you probably would rarely consider using your wireless carrier, AT&T, Sprint, or Verizon, for apps, particularly those written by them.  Now think about apps you use for social media, voice commands, and food reviews, finding and planning local events, reading the news or apps to view and manage your photos […]

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13 Nov2012 Things I Prefer to do on my iPad versus my Surface

Last week, I covered areas and usage models where I preferred to use Microsoft Surface over my Apple iPad(s). I was actually surprised I would like Surface in so many areas given it is such a new device and ecosystem.   This week, I will reverse gears and discuss areas where I still prefer my iPad. […]

12 Nov2012 NVIDIA’s 2nd Generation Maximus: Dawn of the Hybrid Designer (White Paper)

NVIDIA is shipping their latest Kepler-based, 2nd generation Maximus solution.  Maximus utilizes Quadro and Tesla cards inside workstations combining visualization with compute for manufacturing, media and entertainment, and energy markets.  The 2nd generation Maximus solution enables the melding of design and simulation, resulting in substantial enterprise value but also ecosystem disruption.  Moor Insights & Strategy explores NVIDIA’s vision, the […]

10 Nov2012 HSA Foundation: Purpose and Outlook (White Paper)

AMD, ARM, Imagination Technologies, MediaTek, Qualcomm, Samsung and Texas Instruments have come together to found the HSA (Heterogeneous System Architecture) Foundation, or the HSAF. The HSAF is an open, industry standard consortium founded to define and deliver open standards and tools for hardware and software to fully take advantage of high performance of parallel compute engines, and do so […]

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06 Nov2012 Ten Things I prefer to do on Microsoft Surface versus my Apple iPad

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My primary tablet of choice for years has been Apple’s iPad. The iPad, iPad 2, and the New (now old) iPad (3). This is after trying at least 20 other tablets with Android phone, Android tablet, Kindle Android, Windows 7, webOS, and QNX operating systems. Before Surface, I used my iPad 2 primarily in productivity mode […]

01 Nov2012 RESEARCH PAPER: NVIDIA’s 2nd Generation Maximus

All of today’s sophisticated physical products like cars and media content like movies are designed then simulated on high-performance PCs, called workstations. Today, the design and simulation process is dictated by the technology, not the natural or most efficient way to work. Industry professionals in entertainment, media, sciences, and industrial design fields have been hindered […]

01 Nov2012 RESEARCH PAPER: HSA Foundation: Purpose and Outlook

The HSA (Heterogeneous System Architecture) Foundation, known as the “HSAF”, is an open, industry standard consortium founded to define and deliver open standards and tools for hardware and software to fully take advantage of high performance of parallel compute engines, and do so in the lowest possible power envelope. This new environment will enable rich […]

30 Oct2012 Microsoft Pulls it Together (Almost) for Windows 8 Launch

I attended Microsoft’s launch last week for Windows 8, Windows RT, and Surface. While launch day is only one milestone in a string of milestones, launch day is the one day that everything must come together, the day where some make their final judgment. So how did Microsoft do? Importance of Launch Day Launch days is […]