09 Jun2014 RESEARCH PAPER: HP Apollo 6000 and 8000 Advanced Cooling Solutions

CPU transistors have gotten smaller, and server component power has dropped consistently with each new generation. But datacenters are still up against the proverbial wall with pressures on both power and cooling, as they attempt to maximize their use of datacenter floor space and compute resources. Compute density has increased dramatically over the last decade, pressuring […]

09 Jun2014 Hewlett-Packard’s New Apollo 6000 Provides Throughput Alternative To Cisco Systems UCS

Hewlett-Packard announced today two new “Apollo” server systems, the Apollo 6000 aimed at dense, hyper-virtual enterprise deployments and the Apollo 8000 aimed at HPC (high performance computing). I wanted to focus on the Apollo 6000 in this column as I think it is the most interesting competitively as it brings Hewlett-Packard squarely into the hyper-virtualized world of […]

07 Jun2014 Commentary: What exactly is Cisco’s server share?

AUSTIN, Texas — I’ve spent nearly 25 years in high-tech products, marketing and strategy. So when I see claims about a major shift in market share rank, I take notice — particularly when it involves enterprise tech giants like Cisco Systems, Hewlett Packard and Dell. When I heard Cisco’s claim it is the No. 1 […]

02 Jun2014 Apple WWDC 2014: All About Choice And Growth

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I had the pleasure of attending the Apple WWDC 2014 keynote in the Moscone West Convention Center in San Francisco. While Apple didn’t introduce any new hardware, they did announce a dizzying array of software and service improvements for today, but more interestingly, for tomorrow. Two key themes I recognized were “choice” and “growth”, and […]

28 May2014 Nortek’s Elan Latest Whole Home Automation Product: Like A Grown Up Google Nest, Sonos, And Dropcam

I have been in and around home automation for over 20 years and like many in the industry, am very impressed and excited about the future of home automation. While the DIY consumer side of the business is getting a lot of press attention lately particularly with Google’s $3.2B Nest acquisition and Apple rumors, what you may not […]

27 May2014 Wearables Have A Long Way To Go To Be Mass Consumer Markets

The wearables hype is at an all-time high as every week, it seems some new wearable is announced by a major company or a handful people on Kickstarter or Indiegogo. So far, the larger players include Google, Samsung, Qualcomm, Sony, Intel and Google (nearly Lenovo’s) Motorola. Google recently announced Android Wear, Samsung launched their second generation devices at MWC, and Intel […]

19 May2014 RESEARCH PAPER: Is “Scalable Blade” an Oxymoron?

Blade servers solved the problem of density for businesses, but they did so with compromises that limited their appeal for many applications. As complexity of both applications and environments grew, blade infrastructures were limited in their effectiveness for the task. Customers were relegated to lower-density rack servers for their more scalable applications. And while purpose-built […]

16 May2014 TiEcon Internet of Things (IOT) Overview Presentation

I had the honor of presenting the IoT Overview for TiEcon 2014 in Santa Clara. You can download the presentation here. You can download the paper here.   

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16 May2014 RESEARCH PAPER AND PRESENTATION: Segmenting the Internet of Things (IoT)

You can download the updated paper here. You can download the summary presentation here. Table of Contents Introduction How Does Behavior Apply to IoT? Describing IoT Market Segments IoT Market Segment Detail Monitoring Operational Life Attainment IoT Model Axis Differentiation The Elephant in the Room: Big Data Call to Action Figure 1: IoT Segmentation Figure […]

13 May2014 Vidyo Gets The Jump On Next Generation Telemedicine: But What About Cisco Systems And Polycom?

I had the honor of chairing the board of one of the U.S.’s most well-regarded hospitals, the St. David’s Medical Center, in Austin, TX. I remember thinking many times during board meetings how so many different technology solutions could help improve the quality of patient care, lower costs, or make life a lot easier for doctors and […]

12 May2014 Intel’s Four OpenStack Pillars For Private Clouds

Unless you have been living under a datacenter technology-free, rock, you know that this week is the OpenStack Summit 2014 in Atlanta, Georgia. OpenStack has fast become the open standard for what I consider a “cloud operating system,” or everything your cloud apps will run on. While there’s the public cloud, every one of the […]

10 May2014 RESEARCH PAPER: Finally, Telemedicine That Works

The healthcare industry is under extreme pressure to transform itself.  Telemedicine was always viewed as a promising technology to drive this transformation, but the cost and inflexibility of most solutions, combined with varied and inconsistent policy hurdles, prevented telemedicine from becoming a widespread reality.  Now, however, a new direction in telemedicine and the governing body’s […]

05 May2014 Advanced Micro Devices ‘Mullins’ SOC Gets Serious For Windows 8 Tablets

The tablet market has been a challenge for most everyone without an ARM-based SoC, but Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) just made an x86 SoC tablet announcement that has really piqued my interest. Last week, Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) launched their “Mullins” x86-based SoC specifically designed for Windows 8 tablets and Advanced Micro Devices’s (AMD) Mullins both enhances AMD’s […]

28 Apr2014 RESEARCH PAPER: Pay Attention IT: A New Convergence is Afoot

New demands from consumers, employees, and customers are placing enormous pressure on organizations: it’s all about competitive advantage. Organizations need to be more agile, grasp opportunities as they arise, and do it all faster than ever before. As expectations around IT change, new business models and opportunities are up for grabs. To take advantage of this […]

23 Apr2014 IBM’s OpenPOWER and POWER8: Too Little Too Late?

IBM has long held the leadership spot in what the industry calls “engineered systems”, or big iron for large enterprises. IBM invented the mainframe and are very proud of that and the platform’s history in solving major business and eco-science problems. IBM’s Watson is huge part of IBM’s future and is a giant risk, but if IBM […]

23 Apr2014 Qualcomm Stealing Broadcom’s Wi-Fi Thunder With New MU-MIMO Technology?

Broadcom has held the unit share lead in Wi-Fi for years, typically being first to market with new Wi-Fi chips and reference designs that support the latest standards at attractive prices. Things could change as Qualcomm appears to have leapt over Broadcom with its new MU-MIMO (multi-user, multiple-input, multiple-output) Wi-Fi radio approach that comes straight from the carrier world where Qualcomm is […]

23 Apr2014 RESEARCH PAPER: IBM Announces POWER8 with OpenPOWER Partners

IBM is reinforcing its newfound open processor strategy with a POWER8 processor and servers that target cloud and big data solutions. IBM typically claims that new POWER chips offer superior performance than Intel Xeon, the industry leader, and this chip is no exception. POWER8 will be well received by IBM’s traditional scale-up AIX installed base. […]

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17 Apr2014 Lenovo’s Plans To Acquire IBM’s X86 Server Business Could Be Its Best Strategic Decision Yet

It has been a little over three months since Lenovo and IBM agreed to an acquisition of IBM’s x86 (Intel-based) server business. I’ve held back writing on this because I first wanted to talk with many of IBM’s ecosystem partners, their competitors, IBM, and of course, Lenovo. After talking with many of the key players, […]

31 Mar2014 RESEARCH PAPER: Stratus Cloud Solution Beta: SDA for OpenStack Private Clouds

OpenStack has critical mass and is the de facto standard for deploying open source-based clouds. (See our OpenStack point-of-view here.) With increasing levels of investment by service providers like AT&T, Comcast, and Rackspace and infrastructure vendors like Cisco, EMC, HP, IBM, Intel, and Red Hat, OpenStack private/hybrid clouds are becoming a strong alternative to traditional […]

27 Mar2014 Nvidia And VMWare: The Biggest Cloud Announcement This Week You May Not Have Heard About

Nvidia is just now finishing up its annual ecosystem show which I attended this week. It’s called the “GPU Technology Conference”, or “GTC” for short.  Held in San Jose, thousands of developers came to learn best practices and hear new information on all things Nvidia. This year, the big themes were accelerating big data analytics, machine […]