05 Sep2017 VMware Choosing Frame To Deliver Cloud App Streaming Says A Lot

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Workspace One VMware held their annual ecosystem and customer event, VMworld, this week in Las Vegas Nevada. Moor Insights & Strategy Cloud analyst Rhett Dillingham had the chance to attend live, and I watched the action on video from the office. There were hundreds of announcements by VMware and its partners, primarily related to the […]

04 Sep2017 VMware Gets Closer To The Cloud At VMworld 2017

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VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger Last week, Moor Insights & Strategy analysts covered VMworld 2017 in Las Vegas, some on-site like Rhett Dillingham and some, like me, from afar via video. VMware’s premier customer and ecosystem conference is held bi-annually (one in the states, one in Europe), and it is always a wonderful opportunity to see […]

01 Sep2017 The Crucial Role Of Wireless Industry Standards In 5G

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The telecommunications industry has for quite some time relied on interoperable industry-wide standards and specifications and the bodies that create them. There are many different standards bodies and organizations that set technical specifications for wireless. However, among these, one has been the most instrumental in establishing the truly global cross-industry interoperable wireless broadband standards, and […]

01 Sep2017 AMD Partners Dell, HP, And Lenovo Support Ryzen Pro With New Enterprise Desktops

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AMD Ryzen Pro Advanced Micro Devices has been rolling out its latest products in what seems to be a nonstop cadence. The company started earlier this year with their consumer desktop Ryzen processors and followed with Epyc server processors, Ryzen Threadripper, Radeon Vega-based professional graphics and consumer graphics. One thing that was missing from AMD’s […]

30 Aug2017 Intent-Based Networking And Why You Should Care

There is a lot of buzz these days around intent-based or driven networking:  a “smart” topology that possesses the capability to monitor overall network performance, identify issues, and solve problems automatically without manual intervention. The question is, is it real or just a pie-in-the sky reference architecture that is years away from reality? What are […]

28 Aug2017 Microsoft: FPGA Wins Versus Google TPUs For AI

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The Microsoft Brainwave mezzanine card extends each server with an Intel Altera Stratix 10 FPGA accelerator, synthesized to act as a “Soft DNN Processing Unit,” or DPU, and a fabric interconnect that enables datacenter-scale persistent neural networks. At the recent Hot Chips conference, three of the world’s largest datacenter companies detailed projects that exploit Field […]

28 Aug2017 HPE Demonstrates Internet Of Things (IoT) Leadership With The Opening Of Its Global Innovation Lab

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HPE’s Global IoT Lab in Houston, TX My colleague, Patrick Moorhead, and I had the opportunity last week to participate in Hewlett Packard Enterprise’s (HPE) Global IoT Innovation Lab’s grand opening event in Houston. Following Houston, it will open two other labs in  Geneva and Singapore. The HPE team is serious about deploying IoT solutions […]

27 Aug2017 Intel’s New 8th Gen Core Processors Will Deliver Major Notebook Performance Gains By Doubling Cores

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Intel 8th Generation Processors Intel continues to be the market share leader in the Windows PC CPU space with their Intel Core branded processors, and today the company has lifted the veil on their latest generation 8th Generation Core. Intel traditionally launches their latest generation of Core processors in the fall to coincide with the […]

23 Aug2017 Samsung Unveils Powerful New Galaxy Note8

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The new Samsung Galaxy Note8. Samsung has long been the leader when it comes to enabling business users—ever since they released the original Note. Samsung’s history of continuously improving design, performance, and capability with the Note series has culminated in the Samsung Galaxy Note8. While there are many devices on the market that exist to […]

23 Aug2017 Samsung Galaxy Note8 Launch: Strong Value Proposition In The Super-Premium Space Unpacked

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Samsung Galaxy Note8 Today in New York City, I attended the Samsung Electronics launch event for its top-of-the-stack smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy Note8. It needed to be a big day for Samsung as they have not had a super-premium Note phone in the market for a year and they had to convince the audience that […]

18 Aug2017 Fargo And The Slippery Slope Between Content And Over-The-Top Pure Play Services

“Don’t cha know-?” I’m a fan of the movie Fargo and an even bigger fan of the television adaptations on FX. Subsequently, I was excited to find all three seasons of the small screen anthology on my new SlingTV service last weekend. I had watched the first two seasons some time ago, so I kicked […]

17 Aug2017 HP Spectre x360 15″ Review: A Whole Lot Of Awesome

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HP Spectre x360 15″ front view HP Inc. is on a roll as of late. While many questioned its viability after the company split from Hewlett-Packard, the company managed to capture the #1 PC market share last quarter. While the company is #1 in unit volume, it’s no longer just about moving profitable volume; it’s […]

15 Aug2017 Qualcomm’s New Spectra ISP and Camera Modules Enable Nextgen AR

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The mobile VR and AR space has been evolving rapidly, with many different players innovating in recent months. Companies like Apple and Google have been innovating on the software and hardware front, but others have been working diligently to support some of these efforts as well. One of those companies is Qualcomm with their support […]

15 Aug2017 Dell XPS 27 AIO Desktop Review: Beauty, Performance, And Sound

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Dell XPS 27″ AIO front view The quality of the latest crop of Microsoft Windows-based, premium PCs has been quite impressive. From sleek 15″ notebook designs with discrete graphics to thin and very light 13″ notebooks and 2-in-1s, I have never seen the quality this high. This week, it’s onto All-in-ones. Dell recently loaned me […]

15 Aug2017 Video: Insta360 Teases New Type Of 360-Degree Camera

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Insta360 is one of the companies in the 360 camera space that has been on an absolute tear. Last year it announced the Insta360 Nano which is a popular iPhone-attached 360 camera capable of doing Periscope and Facebook live streaming. Since last year, it also released an Android variant called the Insta360 Air and a […]

14 Aug2017 Reviews Confirm That With Radeon RX Vega, AMD Re-enters The Performance Consumer Desktop GPU Space

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AMD Radeon Vega logo Many industry watchers including myself have been paying very close attention to AMD’s latest CPU and GPU products. AMD was expected to give the competition a run for their money with Ryzen and Ryzen ThreadRipper desktop processors, and those expectations have been met in desktop CPUs. Now we must wait and […]

14 Aug2017 HP Envy 34″ All-In-One Long-Term Review: Beauty And Style Meets Performance

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HP Envy AIO 34″ view from the front. HP Inc. is a company whose name has been synonymous with personal computing for decades, all the way back to the Compaq days in the 80’s. Many questioned what would happen to HP Inc. once they separated from the “mother ship” Hewlett-Packard and few would have guessed […]

09 Aug2017 What Does Intel’s Acquisition Of Mobileye Tell Us About Its Driverless Car Strategy?

Intel yesterday announced they completed their tender offer for all the outstanding shares of Mobileye. Based in Jerusalem, Israel, Mobileye has effectively developed a nerve center for how driverless cars operate via their sensors and camera technologies. Completing this acquisition puts Intel squarely in one of the “driver’s seats” for driverless cars, estimated to become […]

09 Aug2017 SIGGRAPH 2017: Bring VR Into The Next Phase

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SIGGRAPH signage (photo source; Anshel Sag) Four years ago at SIGGRAPH 2013 in Anaheim, I witnessed something that set me on the career path that I am on today: for the first time, I caught a glimpse of what was possible with VR at an industry level, with multiple major companies starting to get serious […]

09 Aug2017 M&A Is In The Air And As AT&T Looks To Close Time Warner; Sprint And Charter Rumors Abound

It seems lately that the fastest path of transformation to carrier “smart pipes” is merger and acquisition.  As AT&T shuffles its executive management team in anticipation of the Time Warner close, new rumors are circulating around a Softbank, Sprint and Charter combination.  Can these different corporate cultures blend?  Can these organizations come together smoothly and […]