15 Feb2019 Three Things To Know About Cybersecurity In 2019

Every year, it seems, pundits and egg-heads (like me) write down our predictions. Most of the time they are self-serving. However, looking into my crystal ball, I think 2019 is going to be a defining year at the intersection of physical and cybersecurity. The Internet of Things (IoT) and advances in artificial intelligence are some […]

15 Feb2019 Amazon’s Acquisition Of Eero Validates Mesh Networking In Today’s Connected Home

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The news outlets have been abuzz this week with Amazon ’s decision to cancel its recently announced plans to build a new headquarters in New York City. Relatively little coverage was given to the e-commerce behemoth’s announcement earlier in the week that it was acquiring Eero, a startup specializing in mesh networking solutions for the home. While acquisitions like […]

13 Feb2019 What Lenovo TruScale Consumption-Based Infrastructure Services Means For IT

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Lenovo announced its new TruScale Infrastructure Services today, a service in which IT organizations deploy Lenovo ThinkSystem or ThinkAgile platforms and only pay for the compute resources consumed. There’s a few questions I’d like to address here. Why did Lenovo launch this service? What does it mean for IT organizations? What does it mean for Lenovo’s […]

13 Feb2019 CBRE, Aruba, Cisco, And Mist Drive Experience-Based Networking

As an analyst that covers all things networking, I’m afforded an opportunity to meet and advise many different companies around the world. Networking has certainly become interesting recently with the promise of 5G and the advent of software-defined features that drive capabilities such as automation and self-healing. However, at the end of the day, networking […]

12 Feb2019 Display Technologies Ruled At CES 2019

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One of the big trends that people may have overlooked at CES this year was the plethora of new displays and display technologies on, well, display. This year’s conference brought a raft of new 4K HDR displays and the chips and connectivity to drive 4K HDR as a base-level standard—refreshing since we really haven’t seen […]

12 Feb2019 AMD Cranks Out An Inspiring Q4 2018 And Full Year 2018

After coming off of what I considered a successful CES 2019 showing headlined by CEO Lisa Su (wrote about that here), today Advanced Micro Devices announced its Q4 2018 earnings, full-year 2018 results, and forecast. Unlike some of the other earnings announcements we have seen so far, AMD appears to have bucked many of the trends like China […]

07 Feb2019 AI: Cloud Or On-Prem?

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“Everyone knows” the cloud is the least expensive way to host AI development and production, right? Well, it turns out that the best solution may depend on where you are on your AI journey, how intensively you will be building out your AI capabilities, and what your end-game looks like. Today I wanted to share […]

07 Feb2019 NVIDIA Gears Up For An Even Larger GTC 2019

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It’s that time of year again. Every spring NVIDIA kicks off its annual series of GPU Technology Conferences (GTC) with a real “humdinger” of an event held in San Jose. Last year, I wrote that GTC 2018 was the place to be if you are in any way involved in AI or machine learning. That story holds […]

05 Feb2019 Samsung Galaxy Note9: A Flagship Phone For Busy Millennials

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Upon the Samsung Galaxy Note9’s release in August 2018, I immediately pushed aside my Galaxy S9+ and made it my primary Android device. While one might not expect this upgrade to make much of a difference, considering the devices’ similar specifications, it really has. After using it for nearly 6 months, I can say that […]

05 Feb2019 Review: The Dell XPS 15 2-in-1

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The Dell  XPS 15 2-in-1 is designed to deliver the company’s highest level of performance in a thin and light platform. This platform is unique because it is the first time that Intel INTC -0.21% and AMD partnered together to deliver a single chip with both a high-performance CPU and GPU. With special memory technology and power balancing capabilities, it is designed for […]

05 Feb2019 Dell’s Service AI Integration: A Hidden Gem At CES 2019

My team and I have spent the last several weeks offering our analysis on the boatload of news from CES 2019, which was held in Las Vegas last month. As CES is a conference for all things consumer electronics, Dell showed off an impressive array of new, cutting-edge additions to its PC lineup (which I covered here and analyst […]

04 Feb2019 RESEARCH PAPER: AI And HPC: Cloud Or On-Premises Hosting

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) and High-Performance Computing (HPC) are both computationally-intensive workloads. They demand fast central processing units (CPUs), accelerators, very large data sets, and fast networking to support the high degree of scaling typically required. All this fast hardware can be difficult to manage and expensive. AI and HPC adopters must try to minimize costs […]

04 Feb2019 RESEARCH PAPER: Shifting From A “Cloud First” To A “Cloud If” Enterprise Moment

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Organizations that quickly respond to the customer and the market usually outperform their competitors. Technology is the key to enabling that responsiveness. An IT department that can enable responsiveness through new workloads, applications, and deployment methodologies is invaluable. IT transformation is how most companies deliver true IT responsiveness. You can download the paper by clicking […]

01 Feb2019 The Cavalcade Of Cool Smart Home Technologies Marches On

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With the Consumer Electronics Show now (finally!) in my rearview mirror, it’s time to provide some commentary on another group of interesting smart home products that have caught my eye. From digital exercise to a new smart speaker to a cool new e-bike startup, there’s something in this column for all consumers. Activ5: a different […]

01 Feb2019 What Do Cisco Systems And A Famous Church In Spain Have In Common?

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I attended Cisco Live! Europe 2019 this week in the beautiful city of Barcelona, Spain. Famous for its amazing cuisine of tapas, paella, and ham, the city also features architectural wonders like the La Sagrada Familia, designed by the famous architect Antoni Gaudi. Construction started in 1882 and the story is that it’s been under […]

31 Jan2019 Intel Demonstrates New Technology And Fab Progress At CES 2019

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Last week I attended CES 2019 in Las Vegas, where the tech industry gathered in force to unveil the latest and greatest in consumer electronics technology. I’ve been working around the clock to provide coverage of the biggest announcements, and no coverage of the conference would be complete without talking about Intel. I published an […]

28 Jan2019 Lenovo Boosts Legion Gaming Line At CES 2019

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CES 2019 showcased a multitude of PC gaming announcements from many different vendors, including Lenovo . Lenovo has been building up its Legion line of gaming hardware for the last few years and is starting to refine it, with new gaming laptop, desktop, and monitor offerings. PC gaming is growing at such a fast rate that no […]

25 Jan2019 Lenovo Unveils Compelling New All-In-One At CES 2019

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Today I continue my coverage of CES 2019, with a round of announcements from computing giant Lenovo. Lots of attention has been paid recently to Lenovo’s progress in the datacenter (see my coverage of Lenovo Transform 2.0 earlier this year). Still, Lenovo is compelling in the PC, tablet, smartphone, and smart home device realm and is again […]

25 Jan2019 A Cambrian Explosion In Deep Learning, Part 3: NVIDIA

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Now that I’ve scared everyone who holds NVIDIA NVDA -0.7% stock, and/or given hope to those who spend a lot of money for NVIDIA GPUs, let’s take a realistic view of how NVIDIA might maintain its leadership in a far more crowded marketplace. We will need to look at the training and inference markets separately. A history lesson from […]

24 Jan2019 A Cambrian Explosion In Deep Learning, Part 2: The Startups

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This is the second of three blogs on the state of the AI chip market and what’s to come in 2019. The year will be a festival of new chips and benchmark battles, led by the large companies I mentioned in the first blog ( Intel INTC +0.04%, Google GOOGL +0.15%, AMD , Xilinx XLNX +0.35%, Apple AAPL -0.47%, Qualcomm QCOM +1.55%), and joined by dozens of Silicon Valley startups and Chinese […]