28 Oct2019 AI Hardware: Harder Than It Looks

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The second AI HW Summit took place in the heart of Silicon Valley on September 17-18, with nearly fifty speakers presenting to over 500 attendees (almost twice the size of last year’s inaugural audience). While I cannot possibly cover all the interesting companies on display in a short blog, there are a few observations I’d […]

28 Oct2019 Quantum USA Vs. Quantum China: The World’s Most Important Technology Race

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China understands the strategic importance of quantum technology to both its economy and its military. Many analysts, researchers, politicians, and military leaders believe as I do – the United States has allowed China to take the lead in many areas of quantum research. Once quantum technology matures, it will have a profound effect on almost […]

28 Oct2019 Why Microsoft’s Foldable Surface Duo Smartphone Could Be Successful

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I attended Microsoft’s fall event in New York City today and you can find my analysis of the Surface Pro, Laptop, Neo and Earbuds announcements here. In this analysis, I wanted to take time to discuss the biggest bombshell of the event, which is that Microsoft will ship a Surface phone during Holiday 2020 that folds […]

28 Oct2019 Microsoft Widens Surface Line With Pro X, 15″ Laptop 3, Neo Foldable, New Processors And Earbuds

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Today I attended Microsoft’s annual fall hardware event in New York City, timed conspicuously right before the western selling season begins. The company’s Surface line gains more and more traction every year, for a lot of reasons (see my recap of last year’s Surface event here for a taste). Canalys reported that the entire Microsoft Surface line […]

28 Oct2019 Arm TechCon 2019: 15 Years And Getting Stronger

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This week I’m attending the 15th annual Arm TechCon event in San Jose, CA. TechCon is Arm’s premier industry event, where developers, analysts, and media gather from all around to hear the latest from the semiconductor giant. Over the last several years, Arm has been working to stake out its claim in the so-called “5th wave of […]

22 Oct2019 RESEARCH PAPER: HPE Aruba CX Switching Portfolio

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Widespread adoption of cloud, mobile and Internet of Things (IoT) technologies creates operational complexity and puts stress on enterprise networks. Information technology (IT) leaders supporting digital transformation initiatives need to rethink networking strategies as existing architectures are not designed with these next generation considerations in mind. You can download the paper by clicking on the […]

15 Oct2019 RESEARCH PAPER: HPE Delivers Simple And Flexible Network Automation At Scale

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Network automation, much like artificial intelligence (AI), seems to be a topic of high interest among information technology (IT) professionals today. On the surface, automation is poised to deliver enterprise value for a number of reasons. Some of the advantages include faster application delivery to lines of business (LOBs), instantaneous network device provisioning, closed loop […]

14 Oct2019 Oracle Taps Openness And Its Inner Consumer Persona At OpenWorld 2019

Oracle held its annual OpenWorld event once again at the Moscone Center in downtown San Francisco. The world’s third-largest software company by revenue (in 2018) made several interesting and important announcements, many of which have been well-covered by journalists and analysts. The company invited me to attend its Industry Analyst event at Oracle Park, home […]

14 Oct2019 HPE Extends Its Cybersecurity Capabilities And Earns Two Cyber Catalyst Designations

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HPE has been busy shoring up its already formidable security capabilities. In addition to Silicon Root of Trust built into its ProLiant, Synergy, Apollo, SimpliVity, and Edgeline servers, the company rolled out new functionality that drives end-to-end lifecycle security. On top of this, two HPE hardware and software solutions recently received Cyber Catalyst designations: Silicon Root of […]

14 Oct2019 Do Oracle’s Claims About AWS Pass Scrutiny?

It was a big last week for enterprise IT events. In addition to Pure Storage’s Accelerate event, Oracle held its annual customer and partner pilgrimage, OpenWorld 2019. I attended Pure’s event in my hometown of Austin and had analyst Mark Vena attend the Oracle event in San Francisco. I was able to view the OpenWorld […]

14 Oct2019 Samsung’s Galaxy Fold Enables New Vertical And Horizontal Commercial Use Cases

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As I sit here today with the new Samsung Galaxy Fold in my hands, I can’t help but think about how Samsung is enabling new smartphone use cases while everybody else is cranking out improvements and incrementalism to its smartphones. After taking the new and improved Fold for a spin, I feel like it is […]

14 Oct2019 Five Top Themes From Amazon’s Alexa And Echo Event You Need To Know

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I had the pleasure of attending Amazon’s “AskAlexa” event at its Seattle Day 1 headquarters. I attend or observer over 50 events a year, and while I think details matter, sometimes the broad strokes stick out more than the tip of the paintbrush. There was a lot to consume and analyze in what seemed like […]

14 Oct2019 RESEARCH PAPER: Qualcomm: Ubiquitous AI For 5G

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Smartphones today are the pervasive interface for some three billion people to communicate, take photos and videos, and access personal data and applications—all of which are increasingly dependent on AI and Deep Learning. Consequently, mobile processors must accelerate a wide range of AI features in applications, including image processing, voice recognition, translation and gaming. It […]

03 Oct2019 Two Can’t-Miss Events For AI Hardware

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There are two conferences coming up that AI developers, executives, and investors should consider attending to get the latest from the industry’s leaders and challengers. I will attend both and I hope to see many of my readers there! Let’s take a closer look at what’s in store. US AI HW Summit The first event […]

03 Oct2019 IFA 2019 Analysis: Huawei Strikes Out, Qualcomm And Roku Hit Home Runs

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This year’s IFA technology trade show extravaganza, conducted once again in Berlin’s spacious Messe Berlin fairgrounds (26 exhibit halls covering 1.7 million square feet), was undoubtedly the place to be for anyone wanting to learn more about where consumer electronics technology is headed. With over 245,000 visitors, more than 1,800 exhibitors, 2,300 keynote attendees, 1.5 […]

03 Oct2019 Should VMware Change Its Name?

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It was a memorable moment. Pat Gelsinger, the CEO of VMware , and Michael Dell, his largest shareholder, sat on a small riser in a large conference room somewhere deep inside the W Hotel in San Francisco. As the two fielded questions from a room full of industry analysts at the end of their long first day […]

03 Oct2019 Is The Fastest Storage Array In The World Now From IBM?

here are very few architectures in the computing world like a mainframe. It delivers obscenely high levels of performance while simultaneously scaling towards the upper reaches of what you’d believe is feasible. It does this without any performance hiccups. Mainframes are built for continuous up-time. They set the benchmark for the industry in information security. […]

03 Oct2019 Quantum Computer Battle Royale: Upstart Ions Versus Old Guard Superconductors

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Qubits are the heartbeat of quantum computers. Their hard-to-imagine properties are what gives quantum machines their awesome computational power. Superconducting devices, spinning atoms, polarized photons, quantum dots, and trapped ions are not futuristic video games. They are different qubit technologies.  Moreover, each qubit type has its peculiar advantages and disadvantages. Out of all the qubit […]

03 Oct2019 Dell’s PowerMax Wears An Optane Bow-Tie

You’ll notice my friend James Myers, from Intel, when you inevitably see him roaming the halls of your next tech conference. He’s hard to miss, with a warm smile and distinctive bow tie that draw you instinctively closer. If it’s his friendly demeanor that attracts you, it’s the depth of his passion for a specific set […]

03 Oct2019 CBRS OnGo Is A Game Changer For Wireless Services

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On Monday, after six years in development, the Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS) and its OnGo initiative reached an important milestone in realizing its initial commercial deployment. The service promises to deliver a flexible model for the sharing of wireless spectrum in the 3.5 GHz band that’s been reallocated from military radar applications. Spectrum drives […]