14 Mar2020 Qualcomm Announces XR2 Reference Designs And New Partnerships

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Qualcomm leads the charge when it comes to XR chipsets, and the XR2 is the company’s latest. We covered the XR2 announcement back at Qualcomm Tech Summit in December and mentioned how important it would be for the industry to have access to all these new capabilities and technologies. Now, we’re starting to enter the next phase […]

14 Mar2020 TechChill 2020 Is Hot For Connectivity

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Last week marked my second visit to the beautiful city of Riga, Latvia, for the ninth annual TechChill startup event. The show focused not only on 5G (my main love), but also blockchain, MedTech, FinTech, and Greentech—that’s a lot of tech! I spent nearly three days in the Baltics with a number of innovative companies and startups. […]

14 Mar2020 Cisco Systems Goes Big On 5G

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Despite the cancellation of Mobile World Congress Barcelona, Cisco Systems launched a number of initiatives this week that appear to be follow ups to its “Internet for the Future” announcement from last mid-December. The prior announcement was punctuated with portfolio updates spanning optics, silicon and software. This announcement is focused specifically on the service provider […]

06 Mar2020 NVIDIA Data Center Growth Returns

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NVIDIA reported renewed growth overall last week. Its Data Center segment (where most of the AI hardware is reported) grew 43% to a record $968M in the last quarter, and gaming rose 56% to $1.49 billion. The stock market appreciated the news, sending NVIDIA up over 6%, and many analysts revised their price targets higher. […]

06 Mar2020 Six Questions To Ask When Evaluating Hybrid Cloud Solutions

Hybrid cloud is hot right now. Nearly every IT organization claims to have a solution deployed, but very few actually do. Instead, they have a private cloud with some level of integration with multiple cloud instances. In the next few articles, we will attempt to spell out what makes a hybrid cloud environment hybrid, and […]

06 Mar2020 Plume Boldly Illuminates The Path To Smart Home 2.0

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Most consumers define the phrase “smart home” in a relatively simplistic manner: the ability to remotely control appliances, lighting, security and/or electronic devices, generally via a smart app or digital voice assistant product. While this baseline definition is accurate, it doesn’t fully convey the potential of what is quickly becoming known as Smart Home 2.0—when […]

06 Mar2020 Arm And The Economist Shows 3X Internal IoT Deployment Increase Since 2013

The semiconductor giant Arm is a company that I’ve followed closely for quite some time, and thanks to some very concerted strategic efforts made by the company over the last few years, I’m sure I will be following for a long time to come. Over the last couple years, I’ve written repeatedly that the company’s […]

06 Mar2020 HP Inc. PC President Alex Cho: ‘Get Ready For The Return Of The PC’

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Ten years ago, when the Apple iPad was released, you could hear the PC industry’s collective shrug. Some like me thought it would impact the PC and the Mac, but most thought it would not. PC unit volumes were growing, there seemed to be a lot of competition, and netbooks, despite their lackluster quality and […]

06 Mar2020 Leveraging The Circular Economy For Potential IT Cost Savings

These days, sustainability is a major buzzword in the tech community, and the business community at large. Sustainability programs are growing in importance, and many businesses, if they have not already, plan to put one in place in the near future. An important concept, for those seeking to transform their business practices towards more sustainable […]

06 Mar2020 We Know The New Samsung Galaxy S20 Is An Awesome Consumer Phone, But How About For The Enterprise?

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Many have predicted that 2020 will be the year that 5G really takes off and I believe that. Last year most major carriers announced their plans for 5G network deployment and in the US, every major carriers have some kind of 5G network based on mmWave, sub6 GHz, or both. Additionally, we’ve seen 5G-enabled devices […]

06 Mar2020 Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Review: A More Refined Foldable Phone

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Last week, Samsung released its new line of Galaxy S devices and its newest foldable device, the Galaxy Z Flip. You can find my event coverage of the S20 here and Moor Insights and Strategy Senior Analyst Anshel Sag’s coverage of the S20 here. The Z Flip is Samsung’s second, arguably third, go at a […]

02 Mar2020 What Does VMware Changing Its Licensing Model Mean For Enterprise IT?

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VMware recently announced a change to its software licensing model that caps the number of cores supported in the CPU, effective April 2, 2020. Why did VMware do this? What is the real impact to IT? And what does this mean for the VMware ecosystem and competitive landscape? The next few paragraphs will try to tackle these […]

02 Mar2020 Samsung’s Galaxy S20 Line Marks A Generational Leap For Samsung

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There have been a lot of leaks about the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S20 line of phones. The company’s new line of Galaxy S phones promised to mark a generational leap in the phone’s specifications and capabilities—hence the jump from S10 to the S20. Now that we’ve seen the full specifications of the new Galaxy S20 […]

02 Mar2020 Post CES Roundup: Interesting Smart Products And Companies To Keep An Eye On

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Now that madness of CES is behind us, and the Kansas City Chiefs have emerged victorious in the Super Bowl, it’s high time that I get back to the important work of shedding some light on several “under the radar” companies with disruptive products and technologies who have caught my eye. Because the list is […]

02 Mar2020 Like It Or Not, The Future Is Full Of Foldables

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I first got a chance to play with Lenovo’s prototype foldable devices 3 years ago at Lenovo Tech World, and I’ve been excited about the emerging category ever since. It’s not just me, though—lots of people recognize the potential of foldable devices. Foldables were back in the news last week with the unveiling of its new Galaxy […]

02 Mar2020 Arm Ups Its IoT Intelligence Game With New Chips

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When you think of end-point IoT, the company you should really be thinking of is Arm. The semiconductor giant has staked out a claim on what it calls “the 5th wave of computing”—the crucial intersection of the emerging technologies of AI, IoT, and 5G. I’ve watched with interest as the company continues to build out its […]

02 Mar2020 NVIDIA GeForce NOW Formally Launches Its Cloud Gaming PC Service And It Looks Good

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NVIDIA is an undisputed powerhouse in the PC gaming industry, thanks to its pioneering of the gaming GPU and efforts in accelerated gaming graphics. It’s long been the company to beat in the highest-performance arena, and is one who I follow very, very closely. In 1999, the company launched the first of its GeForce line […]

02 Mar2020 Honeywell And Verizon Go After The Smart Meter Market Together

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I’ve been familiar with Honeywell for quite some time and you’ve heard of them for sure if for nothing else than consumer HVAC. Historically it fell outside of my purview of coverage due to the fact that it was primarily focused on operational technology. However, the company has been making very big moves lately that […]

02 Mar2020 HPE Bolsters Cloud-Native Security Expertise With Scytale Acquisition

HPE is a company that I follow very closely. The infrastructure, edge and now hybrid cloud company has really differentiated itself over the past several years with its very serious approach to infrastructure security (see more background here if interested), which, for HPE, starts all the way down at the hardware level. HPE was an early pioneer […]

21 Feb2020 An Update On Intel And Habana Labs

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Last week, I reported that Intel plans to switch its AI acceleration from Nervana technology to Habana Labs, which it acquired in December. Since Intel had planned to bring out both the inference and the training versions of Nervana’s second generation, this came as quite a surprise to many in the industry. I just got an update from […]