10 Oct2017 RESEARCH BRIEF: Dell Technologies Doubles Down On Enabling IoT Intelligence

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The Internet of Things (IoT) is changing how industries do business and promises a significant return on investment (ROI) in operational efficiency, improved customer experience, risk mitigation, and enabling entirely new business models. Further, with increasing global economic and regulatory pressures there is growing demand for IoT solutions to address these challenges. Many IoT projects […]

06 Oct2017 Can Intent-Based Networking Solve The Data Breach Pandemic?

These days, it seems like there’s news of a new data breach almost daily. Has the move from on-premise to disaggregated computing and cloudification accelerated the problem? Are IT staff simply ill-equipped and over their heads when it comes to managing network security? I’ve written about intent-based networking in the past, which you can read […]

04 Oct2017 Take Two Games And Call Me In The Morning: The Age Of Digital Medicine

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I recently attended the Virtual Reality Developers Conference (VRDC Fall 2017) in San Francisco and had a front-row seat for some of the latest developments in virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR). I was at VRDC to speak with leading developers, who are exploring substantive ways of taking advantage of the new technologies. One […]

28 Sep2017 There’s No Easy Button For Wireless Telco Digital Transformation

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Easy button I’ve been in the technology industry for nearly thirty years. It’s been an interesting ride—one that has taken me from personal computing, wireless infrastructure, semiconductors to software and more. Much of that path has been paved with buzz words and semi-cryptic terminology that often requires a decoder ring. The same goes for the […]

28 Sep2017 GlobalFoundries: A New Company With A Good Shot At Going Big, And A New TSMC Threat

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Sanjay Jha, GlobalFoundries CEO kicks off GTC 2017 I recently attended GlobalFoundries annual GTC 2017 semiconductor conference in Santa Clara and spent some time with company executives as well as some of the company’s biggest customers. GlobalFoundries GTC 2017 was full of major announcements and major customers getting front and center about their latest products […]

28 Sep2017 NVIDIA Targets Next AI Frontiers: Inference And China

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NVIDIA’s meteoric growth in the datacenter, where its business is now generating some $1.6B annually, has been largely driven by the demand to train deep neural networks for Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI)—an area where the computational requirements are simply mindboggling. Much of this business is coming from the largest datacenters in the […]

27 Sep2017 RESEARCH PAPER: Accelerating IT Transformation Through Intelligent Automation In Server Infrastructure

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Today’s businesses are rapidly transforming to prepare for the changes taking place in the global economy. Consider the following: Between 2006 and 2016, eight of the top U.S. retailers saw their market cap decline by an average of 51 percent with the highest topping out at 96 percent. During this same time, Amazon saw a […]

27 Sep2017 Cisco Cloudifies Datacenter Management With Intersight

Anybody who followed Cisco Live probably heard CEO Chuck Robbins deliver Cisco Systems ’ vision of the cloud datacenter. Robbins focused on enabling intent-based networking, a concept that allows network managers to translate business requirements into networking requirements through automated policies. The need for intuitive and contextual networking is driven in part by the proliferation […]

27 Sep2017 The State Of Storage: Second Quarter Enterprise Market Trends

The horse race At its heart, an IDC quarterly report is for the race watchers. Technology and market watchers want to know who is winning and—more interestingly—who isn’t. The storage market has long been dominated by a handful of big players, surrounded by a wide smattering of emergent technology companies—all of whom believe that they […]

27 Sep2017 Amazon And Xilinx Deliver New FPGA Solutions

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Datacenter adoption of FPGAs for workload acceleration has been a hot topic of late—especially after Microsoft announced significant gains in its datacenter at the Hot Chips conference in August. However, due to the rare skillset these reconfigurable silicon platforms demand, widespread adoption has been slow to materialize outside of Microsoft . I believe that might […]

26 Sep2017 Microsoft Further Differentiates Itself With Enterprises At Ignite 2017

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Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella headlines Ignite 2017 This week I’m in Orlando attending Microsoft Ignite and Envision 2017, the company’s annual conference dedicated to all things for enterprise IT and business executives. I’m no stranger to Ignite—I try to attend every year to hear the latest on what Microsoft has been cooking up for big […]

25 Sep2017 RESEARCH PAPER: Demystifying Server Root of Trust

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Secure data begins with secure infrastructure. Protecting infrastructure begins with not only making sure it will operate as expected but also with the confidence that all the necessary firmware needed to run the system remains secure. Root of Trust (RoT) is ideally based on a hardware-validated boot process to ensure the system can only be […]

25 Sep2017 Your Datacenter Is Not Safe

If you talk to most IT professionals about security, a common response is, “We are all set.” Press a little harder, and you’ll find their confidence is rooted in a secure perimeter coupled with identity management and access control, and host and network intrusion solutions. If an organization is a little more progressive, it may […]

15 Sep2017 Render Token: The Future Currency Of The Metaverse?

There are dozens of Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) going on right now. Technologies like Bitcoin and Ethereum and their predecessors have used the performance capabilities of the GPU for a long time, but with new cryptocurrencies like Render Token, you start to combine so many different technologies and capabilities that it gets extremely interesting. Render […]

14 Sep2017 Disaster Response In The 21st Century: Big Data And IoT Save Lives

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Flooding in Houston, TX during Hurricane Harvey Over the last couple of weeks, I was in Houston, Texas working with a Search and Rescue (SAR) team helping to find, recover, and relocate individuals affected by Hurricane Harvey. I traveled with a team from Harbinger Technologies Group (HTG), comprised of special operations veterans, law enforcement, EMT/Firefighters, […]

12 Sep2017 RESEARCH PAPER: Dell EMC DSS 9000

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Innovation in information technology enables the convergence of telecommunications and entertainment business models – distribution and content creation − and creates new monetization opportunities. Megamergers such as AT&T–Time Warner and Verizon–AOL have the potential to redefine entire business segments. However, a key underpinning to this success is the ability for IT organizations to standardize on […]

12 Sep2017 Apple Event: All You Need To Know About iPhone X, iPhone 8, Apple TV 4K, And Watch Series 3

I attended the Apple Event at the new Steve Jobs Theater today at Apple’s new spaceship campus and wanted to share some of my quick takeaways from the day. Apple Watch Series 3 Adding LTE capabilities will open Watch to a new kind of buyer and will likely spur upgrades of current users who can see […]

12 Sep2017 The World’s Largest Telco Brand You Might Not Know

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Huawei Connect 2017 I had the opportunity to attend Huawei Connect in Shanghai last week. The iconic Chinese company (pronounced “wa-weigh,” by the way—many mispronounce the company’s name) established its roots in the southern city of Shenzhen in 1987, with a modest investment of 21,000 RMB (or $3,400 USD). Incubated in the first of five […]

05 Sep2017 Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Review: Best Business Phone You Can Buy

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Samsung Galaxy Note 8 I attended Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8 launch event in New York City which was great but even better was using the Note 8 for the past week. While you will likely see hundreds of Note 8 consumer reviews, I thought I would do something a bit different and review the phone on […]

05 Sep2017 VMware Choosing Frame To Deliver Cloud App Streaming Says A Lot

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Workspace One VMware held their annual ecosystem and customer event, VMworld, this week in Las Vegas Nevada. Moor Insights & Strategy Cloud analyst Rhett Dillingham had the chance to attend live, and I watched the action on video from the office. There were hundreds of announcements by VMware and its partners, primarily related to the […]