14 Mar2019 ON Semiconductor Ready For A Growing Auto Electrification Market

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ON Semiconductor is a company that I’ve been watching very closely over the past year. Spun off of Motorola’s Semiconductor Products Sector back in 1999, the company has made a name for itself manufacturing power and signal management, discrete, logic, and other custom devices for a variety of industry applications. Lately, its influence is on […]

14 Mar2019 RESEARCH PAPER: Critical Considerations For The Modern Datacenter Infrastructure

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The modern datacenter has evolved and the rate of innovation continues to quicken with unprecedented speed. Virtualization is a basic building block of infrastructure. Cloud is no longer just simply cloud—it’s hybrid cloud and multi cloud. Cloud itself isushering in the age of containers and microservices. Edge computing is the new“cloud”. The advent of the […]

13 Mar2019 Why NVIDIA Is The Better Buyer Of Mellanox

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Since Mellanox announced last year that it was for sale, there have been rumors of many potential buyers— Microsoft, Intel, Xilinx, AMD , and even IBM. Interestingly, the final winner, NVIDIA, was rarely mentioned, even though the companies have a long-standing partnership and common interests in high-performance computing. Let’s take a quick look at the three big reasons why this deal makes […]

13 Mar2019 The 10 Most Bizarre Things About The FTC-Qualcomm Case

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It has been two months since closing arguments were presented in the FTC versus Qualcomm Trial, and Judge Koh could issue a verdict at any moment. In these past few months, I have been analyzing what a ruling might mean. I’m not a lawyer, but have seen a lot of antitrust action and was considered […]

12 Mar2019 Kontron Communications Doubles Down On Core, Edge And Smart Infrastructure

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Montreal, Canada-based Kontron Communications (KCI) is one of those companies that, while few have heard its name, enables some of the most innovative, cutting-edge services in the technology industry. Last year, KCI acquired software defined networking (SDN) provider Inocybe, expanding its automation capabilities, pivoting the company towards the Smart Infrastructure marketplace, and growing its global […]

12 Mar2019 Qualcomm Helps 5G Smartphone OEMs Bridge The XR Gap With XR Viewer Accelerator

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At this year’s Mobile World Congress Barcelona, the talk was all about 5G and XR. Nearly every operator and OEM had some sort of 5G demo that utilized gaming and/or XR. XR gaming is proving to be one of the most compelling early consumer use cases for 5G. However, there’s still a big need for […]

08 Mar2019 IBM Thinks About Storage

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IBM  Think, one of the industry’s premier technology events, recently wrapped up in San Francisco. Braving unusually wet weather, nearly thirty thousand attendees packed into conference rooms and exhibit halls to hear what IBM Corporation had to say about its vision of the future. IBM didn’t disappoint. One thing you should know about IBM is that […]

08 Mar2019 Apple Boosts Its Place In The Smart Home With A New Services Strategy

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At an Apple  special event on Monday, Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, meticulously laid out the company’s vision and strategy, challenging consumers to view and think about Apple in a fundamentally different manner. Monday’s presentation was fascinating as it was the only Apple announcement in the company’s history that was entirely devoid of any physical hardware.  As Apple’s hardware sales […]

08 Mar2019 Pure Storage’s Flash To Flash To Cloud

The storage world is in the midst of a long period of innovation, which was kicked off by the first NVMe-enabled devices less than five years ago. It doesn’t promise to slow down anytime soon. NVMe-over-fabric is becoming a reality, cloud architectures are disrupting how IT architects manage data, QLC-flash is on the verge of […]

07 Mar2019 HP Demonstrating Commitment To Diversity And Inclusion

HP Inc. is a company that I follow very closely. I covered the company extensively at CES 2019 this year and was impressed by the array of new, innovative displays it brought to its PC line (you can see my coverage here). It’s no secret that the company excels at delivering powerful PC offerings, but that’s […]

07 Mar2019 NVIDIA Is Right: Higher Hz Rates Help With Battle Royale Games

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There has been some discussion in the gaming and financial community if it makes sense for hugely popular Battle Royale games like PUBG, Fortnite and the recently released Apex Legends, to benefit from a high-end GPU. When I saw NVIDIA’s headline on its analysis, I thought, “duh” everybody knows this. Apparently, everyone doesn’t know this as […]

05 Mar2019 Real 5G And AI Converge With Enterprise Networking At Mobile World Congress 2019

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“Intelligent connectivity” was this year’s theme for Mobile World Congress (MWC), the preeminent event focused on mobile communications held last week in Barcelona. Once relegated to cellular devices, infrastructure and mobile services, over the past thirty-two years the show has expanded to include much more. From my perspective, the notion of intelligence from the GSMA […]

01 Mar2019 IBM Rolls Out Big Customers At Think 2019 Using AI, ML, DL On Power Systems

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There was a tremendous amount of news delivered at this year’s IBM THINK 2019, which I personally attended along with my senior storage analyst colleague Steve McDowell. One thing that impressed me, which didn’t get much press, was the number of rich conversations from IBM customers on how they were using Power Systems to help […]

01 Mar2019 Huawei Denies Then Plays The Blame Game Over Cybersecurity Vulnerabilities

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This week at Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona Spain, Huawei’s chairman Guo Ping deflected recent criticism his firm has received over security flaws and backdoors in its products. Guo immediately turned his ire to America and the National Security Agency (NSA) and its program called PRISM. This NSA program allowed the agency to access highly sensitive […]

28 Feb2019 Samsung Galaxy Unpacked 2019 Was About Much More Than New Smartphones

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Last week’s Samsung Unpacked event in San Francisco marked the 10-year anniversary of Samsung’s Galaxy phone. The Galaxy’s original introduction ushered in a new age of “phablets,” turning Samsung into one of the most dominant mobile manufacturers in the world. With a splashy Broadway show-like announcement at the cavernous Bill Graham Civic Auditorium, complete with […]

27 Feb2019 Qualcomm Conducts The Mobile 5G Orchestra, Cranking It To 11 At MWC 2019

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Mobile World Congress Barcelona is always the biggest show of the year for the mobile industry, especially the carriers, operators, and handset OEMs. However, one of the biggest enablers of everyone in the mobile ecosystem that has been pushing mobile 5G is Qualcomm. This year’s show was all about 5G and how everyone at the […]

27 Feb2019 IoT Cybersecurity Goes To College And It Does Not End Well

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When I think of Internet of Things (IoT) security, it’s like sending a kid off to college. You send them off with the best intentions, hoping they will make the right decisions, attempting to correct them with limited information when they mess up, but ultimately, they are essentially on their own. When they fail, someone […]

27 Feb2019 Qualcomm Pushes Further Into Automotive Market At MWC 2019

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It’s that time of year again—Mobile World Congress 2019 is now underway in Barcelona. I’m in attendance, along with several other members of the Moor Insights & Strategy team (Anshel Sag, Will Townsend, Chris Wilder), and a boatload of other analysts and industry folks—all here to see the latest in mobile technology, at the premier […]

26 Feb2019 Samsung Blew Me Away At Unpacked 2019

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Last week, I attended Samsung’s Unpacked event in San Francisco and am attending Mobile World Congress 2019 this week. Held on practically the eve of MWC Barcelona, Samsung utilized Unpacked to unveil an impressive new array of devices (yes, including that foldable phone you’ve been hearing so much about). I wanted to talk about a […]

24 Feb2019 Expect Samsung To ‘Bring It’ At MWC 2019 Even After Unpacked Event

It’s another February, and once again I’m in Barcelona, so it must be that time of year again for Mobile World Congress (MWC). I think this is my 15th MWC. I know some things will continue to remain the same, like great tapas and the world’s best ham and cheeses and the possibility of public transportation […]