02 May2019 AMD’s 50th Anniversary Reminds Us Why The Company Matters

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This week, AMD celebrated its 50th anniversary. I wanted to weigh in on the occasion, as I have been in and around the company, its customers, partners and competitors for close to 30 years. I spent roughly a decade as a hardware OEM at Compaq, NCR, and AT&T, over a decade in chips at AMD, […]

02 May2019 Dell Refreshes Latitude Line Of PCs At Dell Technologies World 2019

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Yesterday I began my coverage of Dell Technologies World 2019 with my take on the company’s newly announced Dell Technologies Unified Workspace offering. Today I wanted to focus on another  announcement from Dell’s premier annual tech conference—the 10th generation refresh of Dell’s Latitude mobile PC line. We got a preview of what was to come earlier this year […]

29 Apr2019 Dell Technologies Launches Unified Workspace At Dell Tech World 2019

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This week I’m attending Dell Technologies World in Las Vegas. Dell Technologies is a company that I cover extensively, and I always look forward to attending the tech giant’s premier annual technology conference. I’ll be covering the event all week with fellow analysts Rhett Dillingham (cloud), Matt Kimball (server and CI Steve McDowell (storage and […]

27 Apr2019 Who Are Apple’s iPhone Contract Manufacturers?

This coming Monday, a highly anticipated trial between Qualcomm and Apple will start in San Diego. The legal showdown is the next, important chapter of a two-year conflict between the two technology powerhouses and now, in this trial, Apple’s contract manufacturers. You can get caught up to speed on the prior two years here. Next week’s […]

26 Apr2019 For IBM, Storage Is A Lighthouse For Its Data-Driven, Multi-Cloud World

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This blog was written by Steve McDowell, storage and HCI practice leadfor Moor Insights & Strategy. The cloud computing world is one filled with sudden pivots, swift turns, and sharp boomerangs. The early hopes that cloud computing, with its attractive cost/benefit equations and ease of management, would replace the enterprise data center were short-lived. As enterprises […]

18 Apr2019 Qualcomm Fills Out The Rest Of Its AI Portfolio

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Qualcomm is widely known as a powerhouse of wireless communications. Lesser known is the fact that it has been working on AI for longer than most of its competitors. Qualcomm announced its Zeroth processors back in 2013, which were far ahead of their time. Much of the industry was not quite ready yet for dedicated AI […]

18 Apr2019 The Linux Foundation And Its Networking Superpowers

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I’ve written before about the Linux Foundation and the power of open, standards-based networking. Open source is having a significant impact in both the enterprise and with carriers around the globe. It’s also rubbing off on companies such as Cisco Systems, who are embracing a design philosophy that no longer locks customers into a specific networking stack. […]

12 Apr2019 NVIDIA Is Coming For Your Data Center

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Article by Steve McDowell. NVIDIA’s GPU Technology Conference (GTC) took place a few weeks ago near the company’s headquarters in San Jose, California. Be careful how you say “GPU,” though—NVIDIA’s founder and CEO Jensen Huang was clear that it’s a term he avoids, preferring to use product names.  NVIDIA’s processing technology, you see, is about […]

12 Apr2019 NVIDIA GTC 2019: Datacenter Ecosystem, But No New Chips

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Article by Karl Freund. Last week at GTC 2019, Jensen Huang, the high energy and immensely entertaining CEO and founder of NVIDIA , took the stage to give his keynote to the event’s 6,000+ attendees. However, this was anything but his usual keynote. We have all been spoiled for years by NVIDIA’s dependable yearly flood of new […]

12 Apr2019 Two NVIDIA GTC Automotive Announcements That Deserve More Attention

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As I wrote in my lead-up to NVIDIA’s 2019 GPU Technology Conference (GTC), the annual event is an industry “who’s who” in AI and Deep Learning and is not one to miss. As usual, it did not disappoint—NVIDIA showcased a multitude of impactful applications of its technology, from data center and professional visualization to autonomous vehicles and […]

12 Apr2019 Cisco Trumpets A Unique Decibel, An Early-Stage Venture Company

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From its leadership in software, security and networking technology, to its extensive CSR efforts, Cisco Systems is a company I follow very closely. One thing I really like about Cisco is the interest it takes in fostering innovation and entrepreneurship, vital for a large company.  It’s vital for every large tech company because the typical cycle of a tech company […]

10 Apr2019 Rayvolt Evangelizes Expansive E-Bike Lineup With Characteristic Style

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Article by Mark N. Vena. Modern-day Barcelona is an elegant and profound mixture of the rich Spanish and Catalan cultures of the region. The city is one of the great cultural centers of Europe, housing numerous museums, theaters, and performing arts venues that speak to Barcelona’s 2,000 years of history. Numerous artists, filmmakers, and other […]

10 Apr2019 Qualcomm Dives Into The Deep End Of The Data Center

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Article by Karl Freund. Qualcomm  held an AI Day event this week in San Francisco to tout the company’s broad and deep Artificial Intelligence capabilities, across mobile, automobiles, IoT, cloud computing, and more. I will focus here on the company’s first foray into the data center for AI, while my colleague, Anshel Sag, will cover mobile […]

09 Apr2019 Palo Alto Networks Builds On Its Vision For Securing The World

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Article by Chris Wilder. I kept a close eye on Palo Alto Networks , even prior to launching the cybersecurity practice at Moor Insights & Strategy at the beginning of 2019. Companies like PAN continue to innovate and keep up with this changing industry, while others are more complacent. Recently, Palo Alto Networks provided the analyst community […]

09 Apr2019 Pure Storage Brings Compuverde’s Unstructured Capabilities Into The Fold

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Pure Storage is a company that I’ve been following closely for the past several years. It was one of the first to market with an all-flash storage array, as well as NVMe and high-performance storage. Its innovation often leads the way in storage and pushes its larger, perhaps more well-known, competitors to compete. Last week, it […]

08 Apr2019 Hololens 2: Microsoft’s Enterprise AR Power Play For Windows Mixed Reality

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Article by Anshel Sag. After months of anticipation, Microsoft  recently launched its Hololens 2 headset at MWC 2019 in Barcelona. It was quite a launch, complete with surprises and some controversy. Many developers and enterprises were eagerly awaiting this headset’s arrival to determine whether they should develop for platforms like Magic Leap or Hololens. The fact that […]

05 Apr2019 The Ultimate Cord-Cutter Solution: You Might Never Leave Your Home Again

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Article by Mark N. Vena. Cord-cutting in the United States has grown insanely popular with consumers over the past several years. This is being driven by a combination of factors: anger with the incumbent cable or satellite companies over paying too much for premium channels; the fact that today’s consumers no longer are confined to […]

03 Apr2019 Simple Factors To Consider When Selecting A Strategic Public Cloud Provider

One of the bigger debates in the IT world the previous five years had been about whether to go public or private cloud. For the most part, the majority in the tech world believe that it is a “hybrid” world, one spread between on-prem and public clouds. Amazon AWS’s announcement of Outposts at its last […]

28 Mar2019 Man’s Best Friend Has A Place In The Smart Home Too

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If you love dogs or cats, you’ll enjoy this week’s column in my ongoing search for the coolest smart home technology products on the market. Today I’ll take a look at two new products: Sony’s newest robotic dog, and a location tracking solution for kids and pets. Aibo: one step closer to the ultimate robotic pet For […]

28 Mar2019 FTC Case Against Qualcomm Gets Weirder With Northern District of CA Court Ruling

A week ago today, the US Northern District Court of California’s Judge Koh issued its FTC ruling on a case against Qualcomm that I believe from the start could be considered a clown show. I think this case is important to the wireless industry, competition, and even national security and am taking a hard stance on this.  […]