27 Nov2017 Has The Server Been Commoditized?

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    White box The Open Compute Project (OCP) was founded in 2011 with the goal of commoditizing servers. Nowhere in the OCP charter will you find the word “commoditize,” but the intent is obvious. A Facebook brainchild, OCP’s purpose was to lower the cost of server infrastructure while removing any of the proprietary technology […]

20 Nov2017 RESEARCH PAPER: Hewlett Packard Enterprise Accelerates Digital Transformation

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Digital transformation is an often-overused term.  However, the exercise of leveraging technology to drive business agility and gain competitive advantages is happening at organizations of all sizes . The success of digital transformation is dependent on an IT organization that itself has transformed and is able to quickly respond to the needs of the business. […]

20 Nov2017 A Tech Analyst’s Thoughts On NetApp’s 2Q FY2018 Results

NetApp is living one of the great stories in technology right now. In a storage market dominated by Dell Technologies (with its EMC unit) and Hewlett Packard Enterprise , NetApp has just beat consensus on earnings by $0.20/share. NetApp delivered a $1.42B quarter, driving 6% growth year-over-year. More impressively is that its product revenue grew […]

17 Nov2017 HPE And Rackspace Launch Pay-As-You-Go OpenStack Private Cloud

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Rackspace and HPE If it’s not evident right now, enterprises are in a multi-cloud world, and all future enterprise, if they aren’t there already, will span private cloud and multiple public clouds. Some apps will be on-prem with Microsoft Azure, VMware, RedHat OpenStack/ OpenShift, or IBM Private Cloud and other apps will be in Microsoft […]

17 Nov2017 4 Lessons Learned From The ‘Star Wars Battlefront II’ Controversy

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Electronic Arts (EA) is releasing a blockbuster video game today—Star Wars Battlefront II. Several years in the making, Battlefront IIis an action shooter set in the beloved Star Wars universe. Star Wars Battlefront II (photo source: EA/DICE) The game is built on the Frostbite engine. After spending a couple of decades in the gaming industry, […]

17 Nov2017 Lenovo Wins 88 Of The Latest Server Performance Benchmarks, An Impressive Feat

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Lenovo and ThinkSystem SR650 facing-left front 16HDDs Some in technology say there are “lies, damned lies, then there are benchmarks”. I hear this typically from those who either don’t understand benchmarks or haven’t been working with them for decades. Don’t get me wrong, there is a lot of “benchmarketing” that goes on, but I’d hate […]

17 Nov2017 Farewell To SOAPware: The Search For A New EHR

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Screenshot of SOAPware termination notice. My electronic health record (EHR) vendor recently decided to quit the marketplace. Despite the major impact to many medical practices, SOAPware (SOAPware Inc.), delivered the news that they would shut down at the end of this coming February, with a short message embedded in a screen. I had stuck with […]

17 Nov2017 Intel Steps Up To Showcase Leadership In Autonomous Vehicles And The Internet Of Things

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  Gordon Moore mural at Intel’s Customer Experience and Integration Center, Chandler, Arizona. Over the past few weeks, I have been with Intel Corporation learning about its Internet of Things (IoT) product roadmaps from security, healthcare, retail, energy, smart cities, and, perhaps most interestingly, how Intel is leveraging IoT to extend the customer experience. This […]

16 Nov2017 Intel’s New 4G And 5G Modems Add New Fuel To 5G Fire

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Intel’s latest LTE modem, the Intel® XMM 7660 supports speeds up to 1.6 gigabits per second. Intel is no stranger when it comes to upcoming 5G network transformation, devices and modems that will run on them and the data centers that crunch all the data. In fact, Intel is one only company that can tout […]

16 Nov2017 Could Quantum Networking Be The Next Big (IT) Thing?

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Quantum networking In the past, I’ve written about intent-based networking and its capability to ensure a higher level of security through artificial intelligence (AI), predictive analysis, automation and orchestration. You can find the article here, if interested. I recently had the opportunity to visit the AT&T Foundry innovation lab located in the heart of Silicon […]

14 Nov2017 RESEARCH PAPER: Synthesis Modeling: The Intersection Of HPC And Machine Learning

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Historically, numerical analysis has formed the backbone of supercomputing for decades by applying mathematical models of first-principle physics to simulate the behavior of systems from subatomic to galactic scale. Recently, scientists have begun experimenting with a relatively new approach to understand complex systems using machine learning (ML) predictive models, primarily Deep Neural Networks (DNN), trained […]

14 Nov2017 What’s Hot At SC17: The Synthesis Of Machine Learning & HPC

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High Performance Computing (HPC) has historically depended on numerical analysis to solve physics equations, simulating the behavior of systems from the subatomic to galactic scale. Recently, however, scientists have begun experimenting with a completely different approach. It turns out that Machine Learning (ML) models can be far more efficient and even more accurate than the […]

14 Nov2017 Lenovo Kick-Starting Its #1 HPC Share And AI Goals At SuperComputing 2017

At Lenovo’s Transform event in June, Lenovo DCG leader Kirk Skaugen made the proclamation that the company’s goal was to be #1 in the HPC (high-performance computing) market. While details on the “when” and “what measured” weren’t clear, it was gutsy, got everyone’s attention, and I liked it. This week, the largest HPC show and […]

10 Nov2017 Qualcomm Chasing Clouds With The Launch Of Centriq 2400

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Centriq Launch Poster This week, Qualcomm officially jumped into the server chip market with the launch of its Centriq 2400 SoC (System on a Chip) in a server market that has seen a steady stream of product launches from Advanced Micro Devices  and Intel .  Though Qualcomm announced Centriq some time ago, this launch represents […]

09 Nov2017 RESEARCH PAPER: Dell EMC DSS 9000

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Innovation in information technology enables a competitive advantage and creates new monetization opportunities. But all too often, leadership struggles with complex legacy infrastructure, network security, data breach prevention and overall budget pressure. Simultaneously, organizations are challenged with addressing big data, IoT and edge computing in an effort to stay ahead of the competition. To achieve […]

09 Nov2017 RESEARCH PAPER: AMD EPYC Presents Opportunity To Save On Software Licensing Costs

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Software licensing models for many server applications have long been tied to the hardware infrastructure resources on which they are run, particularly server processor resources. As server processor architectures have evolved, software licensing models have evolved with them. The software licensing model evolution has varied widely by software vendor, both in their types of changes […]

08 Nov2017 Gigabit LTE Gains Traction In Advance Of 5G

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Sprint Gigabit LTE trial run in New Orleans. After recently attending the 4G/5G Summit in Hong Kong, two things became extremely evident: not only is 5G coming very soon, but Gigabit LTE will be crucial to making 5G mobile a good experience. By providing an anchor or high-bandwidth coverage layer for early 5G networks, Gigabit […]

08 Nov2017 Broadcom And Qualcomm Deal Is A Long-Term Loser

Last week, Broadcom shocked the market with their $105B offer to acquire Qualcomm, one of the largest mobile chip makers in the world and arguably one of the most innovative. While this deal is complex and unlikely to happen, it is not impossible, as CEO Hok Tan has shown a propensity to make large and […]

07 Nov2017 Google Pixel 2 XL Three Week Review: Hard To Recommend At This Price

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Google Pixel 2 While I love giving hot takes on products after the first 24 hours, to give a product its full respect with a comprehensive assessment, I believe one needs to spend weeks with a device. Only then can you fully see the pros and cons. I spent over three weeks with Google’s latest […]

06 Nov2017 Intel To Create Thinner Enthusiast Gaming PCs And Partners With AMD On Custom Graphics

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Intel’s package is 50% smaller than today’s discrete GPU implementations Today, Intel announced it is creating a custom chip with discrete Advanced Micro Devices graphics to make gaming laptops thinner and with better battery life. These same chips could also be used in very small and powerful gaming desktops.  Most enthusiast gaming laptops with Intel’s […]