22 Jun2016 RESEARCH PAPER: Apstra’s AOS: Distributed Network OS

Networks today are struggling under the weight of 25 years of proprietary technology and manual processes. Customers either have been tied down to a single vendor in order to ensure interoperability or have been forced into integrating and maintaining multiple vendors’ equipment on their own, with plenty of headaches and finger pointing when things do not run as anticipated. […]

10 Jun2016 Why Is The Modem Still The Unsung Hero Of Mobility?

The unsung hero of the mobile world is not the CPU, it isn’t the GPU, it isn’t even the memory. All of those components have grown extremely quickly in recent years in terms of processing capability, capacity and the ability to shrink thanks to improvements in process technology. The CPU and the GPU seem to […]

09 Jun2016 Lenovo Shows Off PHAB2 Pro, First Google Tango Commercial Device, At Lenovo Tech World

Google’s Project Tango has been one of Google’s longest running projects that had yet to deliver an actual product, until now. It all started with Google’s NVIDIA-based Project Tango augmented reality devkit tablet almost exactly 2 years ago. At that time, NVIDIA was the only partner developing Project Tango devices, but later on both Qualcomm announced and […]

09 Jun2016 Cisco Runs Their CSR Community Partners Program Like A VC

In my continuing in-depth look at Cisco Systems’ corporate social responsibility programs, this week we’ll be diving deeper into another one of their most differentiated CSR efforts—their community partnerships. By providing technology, expertise, volunteers, and cash, the company partners with a wide array of nonprofits, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), and community-based organizations—some you’ve heard of (the American […]

09 Jun2016 Wellness Wasteland: Technology Isn’t Where We Need It Most

When the average person walks into a hospital, they are surrounded by arguably the densest concentration of technology that they will ever encounter. The doctor’s arsenal of sensors, tools, software and data can be brought to bear against a host of diseases and ailments. The modern hospital is the epicenter of technologically-driven wellness. But when […]

08 Jun2016 Startup KnuEdge Emerges With Another Accelerator For Deep Learning

The market for Deep Learning Accelerators is heating up with new entrants, as I explored after NVIDIA’s traction in Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Google’s recent announcement of the somewhat mysterious TPU processor. Now KnuEdge, a startup led by former NASA administrator Dan Goldin, has emerged with its own accelerator called KNUPATH LambdaFabric, coupled with a suite […]

07 Jun2016 Who Really Needs Intel’s New 10 Core, 20 Thread Broadwell-E Core i7 Processor?

At Computex 2016 in Taipei last week, Intel announced their newest lineup of processors which included a brand new 10-core Extreme Edition processor. The focal point of Intel’s new line-up of Broadwell-E processors, the successor to Intel’s previous Haswell-E workstation/enthusiast lineup is the 10-core Core i7-6950X. Intel has never released a 10-core, 20-thread processor to their Core line of […]

07 Jun2016 Microsoft Raises The “Mixed Reality” Bar Yet Again With New Holographic Platform

There have been many hardware and software developments over the past 18 months in the worlds of AR and VR. However, most of them solely existed only within the separate realms of AR or VR. Many within the industry, including I, eventually see VR and AR merging into some hybrid reality that fluidly moves between the two. Some […]

02 Jun2016 Dell’s Cooling Innovation For Scale-Out Computing

At Dell’s Enterprise Innovation Days conference, Dell’s Extreme Scale Infrastructure (ESI) group publicly unveiled their new liquid cooling solution, ‘Triton’. Let’s dive into what this could mean for some of Dell’s scale-out datacenter customers. The ‘Triton’ design represents the culmination of more than 6 years of design and evolution; ‘Triton’ achieves a performance level for […]

02 Jun2016 RESEARCH PAPER: Dell’s Liquid Cooling Innovation for Scale-Out Datacenter Environments

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Achieving the best total cost of ownership (TCO) requires delivery of the highest possible performance at the lowest possible cost. For CPU-intensive workloads, this generally means operating the CPU at the highest achievable frequency. Heat generated by the CPU is usually the key limiter. Dell’s Extreme Scale Infrastructure (ESI) group has been working with hyperscale customers on customized liquid […]

01 Jun2016 Synaptics’ New Security Adapter Takes PC Fingerprint Security Literally Anywhere

Synaptics is an understated innovator in the human interface and end user experience technology space, and many of the hottest smartphones, tablets and PCs have their technology inside. The Samsung Galaxy S7, Apple iPhone 6S, Dell XPS 15, Microsoft Surface and Surface Book, and HP ENVY are just a few of these products I’ve personally used. One […]

31 May2016 AMD’s 7th Generation APU Brings Many Performance Tweaks And The Last Hurrah Before Zen

Advanced Micro Devices has already told us that 2016 was going to be the year of graphics, but the reality is that they also have a lot going on in their CPU and APU division as well. In fact, in addition to Advanced Micro Devices’s newly announced 7th Generation APUs in 2016, the company is […]

31 May2016 Applied Micro Circuits Tackles Datacenter Network Bandwidth With 400 Gigabit Fiber Optics

Traffic is a problem, not just on the streets, but also in the datacenter where demand for bandwidth is outstripping capacity. On the street, it is difficult to raise performance because raising the speed limit and shrinking or space between the cars can bring both more capacity, but also more challenges; it’s a physics problem […]

30 May2016 Cavium Steps Up The ARM Race In The Datacenter

Today Cavium announced the second generation of their ARM Holdings CPU targeted at the server market. The new chip, the ThunderX2, is expected to be available in the second half of 2017 and appears to be one of the best design specs that has been disclosed for the ARM Holdings ecosystem. There is this small […]

26 May2016 Google’s TPU Chip Creates More Questions Than Answers

Google’s announcement last week that they developed a custom chip for Deep Learning has created a lot of press and unanswered questions. At the Google I/O developers conference, the company shared that they have been using an internally-developed processor, called a Tensor Processing Unit (TPU), for over a year to accelerate Deep Learning applications, from […]

26 May2016 Open Networking User Group Highlights Of Spring 2016

The Open Networking User Group (ONUG) is a customer-centric group that meets twice a year to discuss the developments in open networking and also define use cases that they will share with vendors interested in marketing to this ever-growing segment of the population. The event features a mix of financial companies like Morgan Stanley and Wells […]

24 May2016 RESEARCH PAPER: Spring 2016 ONUG Meeting Highlights

This spring, the Open Networking User Group (ONUG) acknowledged the contribution of West Coast customers by moving their spring user group meeting to California. There was a strong turnout, including some new names that had not participated in East Coast events, and the message was clear: ONUG is having an impact on the market in terms of establishing some […]

24 May2016 AMD Brings More Console Features To PC Gaming With New ‘Shader Intrinsic Functions’ For GPUOpen

Advanced Micro Devices made a big press splash when they won all three major game console platforms. Their presence inside the Microsoft Xbox One, Sony PS4 and Nintendo Wii U has benefited the company financially at the operating income level and has governed how they design their future GPUs. As Advanced Micro Devices has remained with the […]

24 May2016 10,000 Steps A Day: The Wrong Wellness Incentive

Wearable technology companies are seeing blue oceans in corporate wellness. With the consumer market for wearable tech brimming with choices, companies like Fitbit and Jawbone are offering corporate wellness programs orbiting their devices. By tying their device metrics to corporate wellness incentives, manufacturers can capture large swaths of consumers they might not otherwise access, and […]

23 May2016 AMD, ARM, Huawei, IBM, Mellanox, Qualcomm, Xilinx Form CCIX Accelerator Consortium

On Monday, seven technology companies announced that they had reached an agreement to develop and implement an interconnect that would enable different vendors’ CPUs and accelerators to talk to one another while sharing main memory. Specifically, Advanced Micro Devices, ARM Holdings, Huawei Technologies, IBM, Mellanox, Qualcomm and Xilinx jointly announced that they would collaborate to build a […]