24 May RESEARCH PAPER: Spring 2016 ONUG Meeting Highlights

This spring, the Open Networking User Group (ONUG) acknowledged the contribution of West Coast customers by moving their spring user group meeting to California. There was a strong turnout, including some new names that had not participated in East Coast events, and the message was clear: ONUG is having an impact on the market in terms of establishing some […]

16 May RESEARCH BRIEF: Why the Dell / EMC Combination Makes Sense for Customers

One of the biggest technology deals in history at over $60 billion is about to unfold as Dell prepares to buy EMC. At EMC World in May 2016, Michael Dell made this acquisition more real than ever when he announced the new entity’s name, Dell Technologies, which will be an umbrella brand for the collection of companies that […]

11 May RESEARCH PAPER: HPE Bridges Traditional and New IT with Composable Infrastructure

IT is undergoing a significant transformation as businesses look to streamline costs and roll out a new class of cloud-based applications driven by a changing digital economy. The IT infrastructure as we know it today is not well equipped to improve on the cost structure for traditional workloads nor handle the velocity demands of a new generation of workloads […]

10 May Deep Learning Apps Dominate NVIDIA GTC 2016

This year, NVIDIA doubled down on their bet on Artificial Intelligence (AI) at the annual Graphics Technology Conference. “AI is the most far-reaching technological advancement in our lifetime,” Jen-Hsun told the rapt audience of followers at his opening keynote address. “It changes every industry, every company, every thing.” Jen-Hsun is not alone in this enthusiastic assessment. Rob […]

09 May 3 Reasons Why The Open Compute Project Isn’t Meeting The Demands Of Mainstream IT

Every IT organization is on a continuous search for ways to become more efficient and lower costs. For more than a decade, large “hyperscale” buyers of IT equipment (think web giants like Amazon, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, etc.) have set the gold standard for deploying the most efficient datacenters on the planet, and the whole world of […]

09 May RESEARCH PAPER: The Open Compute Project Provides Inspiration, but Delivery is Unclear

The Open Compute Project (OCP) was developed by Facebook and other hyperscale computing leaders in 2011 to help the datacenter hardware community embrace open, efficient, and cost-optimized design principles. Since then, other industry leaders such as Microsoft, Apple, Google, financial services firms, and telecomm providers have joined OCP to take part in the collaboration and community efforts. One of […]

06 May Qualcomm’s Zeroth SDK Brings Machine Intelligence To More Than Smartphones

Qualcomm Zeroth NPU (Image source: Qualcomm) Qualcomm has been talking about their Zeroth machine learning platform for quite some time. It has morphed from a hardware NPU (neural processing unit) into a software design kit (SDK) that uses Qualcomm’s Snapdragon processors and their heterogeneous processing capabilities. With the Snapdragon 820, Qualcomm is introducing the Symphony system scheduler […]

05 May EMC World 2016: Top Ten Industry Analyst Takeaways

I attended EMC World this week in Las Vegas and wanted to share with you my initial, high-level thoughts on the conference. We will be following up with some more detailed papers later on Dell’s acquisition of EMC and what it means to customers. Like most large IT events, EMC World is the company’s main, annual […]

05 May Apple Takes A Deeper Step Into The Enterprise With SAP Partnership

Apple currently owns the premium mobile consumer device market and is even the preferred premium BYOD mobile device in the enterprise. However, this doesn’t mean that enterprises have signed up to ditch their PCs or Macs. Apple knows this. Apple is on a long-term journey and is striking strategic agreements with enterprise players to create new […]

05 May Rise Of The Machines (Part 2): Artificial Intelligence And Bots Promise To Disrupt

(Source: Jimmy Pike & Christopher Wilder ©Moor Insights & Strategy) Microsoft and Facebook recently announced how they plan to drive leadership in the digital transformation and cloud market: bots. As more companies—especially application vendors—begin to drive solutions that incorporate machine learning, natural language, artificial intelligence, and structured and unstructured data, bots will increase in relevance and value. […]

04 May 1+2+1 Reasons Why Huawei Could Be An Industrial IoT Sleeping Giant

Having returned from Huawei’s annual analyst conference freshly updated with “all things” Huawei, I have to say my mind has been opened, at least a bit, to the potential for Huawei to be one of the leaders in Industrial IoT (IIoT) applications. For those of us who live in the United States, our exposure to […]

03 May Cisco Changes Everything With New Branding Campaign

A corporate brand should speak volumes about a company’s mission and differentiation and should be the first thing that comes to a customer’s mind when they think about a company. It’s not just the imagery (though that is certainly important), but rather the feelings and associations that it elicits. Contrary to popular belief, B to B brands are […]

02 May OpenStack Grows Up: Observations From The OpenStack Summit

(Photo credit: John Fruehe) They came, they saw, they conquered. Six years ago it was 75 attendees and a bunch of servers in a pickup truck (this is Texas after all). This year, 7,500 descended on my adopted city to revel in the fact that OpenStack is finally growing up. For those of you not […]

28 Apr Intel’s New Strategy Is The Right One For The Company

Intel has been the focus of a lot of attention in the last week due to the company’s major restructuring announcement which came on the heels of Intel’s most recent earnings announcement. The majority of analyses that immediately followed the company’s announcement focused singularly on the layoffs, which amount to 11% of the workforce or […]

26 Apr AMD Radeon Pro Duo: A Unique Graphics Card For A Unique Time

(Source: Anshel Sag) Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) has been teasing the Radeon Pro Duo since June 2015 when they showed off early prototypes of the card. (I was among the first to see and post pictures of it.) AMD said the card would be available sometime in the fall and then kept very quiet about it…until […]

26 Apr 2016 Could Be Nvidia’s ‘Virtual Reality Year’

Jen-Hsun Huang, Nvidia CEO, talks about the future of VR as a new platform (Photo credit: Anshel Sag) Nvidia has been one of the leaders in GPU technologies for as long as I can remember. They have always traded punches with Advanced Micro Devices in terms of GPU technologies and creating bleeding edge technology. Nvidia was first […]

25 Apr The 3 Reasons Why OpenStack Is Now Ready For Corporate Primetime

OpenStack Cloud Software (logo source: OpenStack.org) Everyone is talking about moving to the cloud and all of the cost and efficiency advantages that cloud computing can provide for IT. However for many enterprises, a move to the cloud is easier said than done due to concerns about security, control and lack of flexibility when moving […]

25 Apr RESEARCH PAPER: OpenStack is Now Ready for the Enterprise

The OpenStack cloud operating system is becoming a strong alternative to traditional IT service delivery models for large enterprises. In addition to replacing traditional models, OpenStack is establishing itself as an accelerator towards efficient and credible onpremise and hybrid cloud alternatives to remote-only cloud services (Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Engine, and Microsoft Azure).The OpenStack […]

21 Apr AMD Forms China X86 Server Chip Joint Venture And Will Receive $293 Million In Cash

We have written a lot of research and notes about the China server market and their unique needs as it relates to security and intellectual property and the ways western server OEMs and chipmakers like Intel, Advanced Micro Devices, ARM Holdings, Qualcomm and IBM’s OpenPOWER are addressing the challenge. Basically, China wants their “own” hardware and software for […]

18 Apr IBM Discloses Future POWER Roadmap At OpenPOWER Summit With Support From Google And Rackspace

At the recent OpenPOWER Summit I attended in San Jose, IBM disclosed important updates to the POWER roadmap that give more insight into the company’s architectural decisions. IBM’s partners also made many overall POWER announcements which I wrote about here. IBM’s POWER architecture, which is now part of the OpenPOWER Foundation, has been a popular […]