19 Jun2018 RESEARCH PAPER: The Importance of Eye Tracking in Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR)

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The VR and AR industries are still in their infancy; however, changes are happening within the industry at a record pace. Users and developers are both learning lessons about the immersive technology needed for the industry to grow. Certain features will become necessary for day-to-day use as the industry grows and matures into a mainstream […]

08 Jun2018 It’s Been An EPYC Couple Of Weeks For AMD

Advanced Micro Devices ( AMD ) has been busy on the server front. At Computex 2018 in Taipei, Lisa Su gave a brief, but compelling update on AMD’s server business (you can view here – go to the 20:35 mark). The “net – net” of this all is that EPYC is gaining momentum with OEM […]

06 Jun2018 Intel Gears Up For 50th Birthday With New Smart Home Announcements

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This week Computex is being held in Taipei, Taiwan. Intel took the opportunity of Asia’s biggest IT tradeshow to make several important announcements in advance of the company’s 50th birthday next month. The announcements largely reinforced the company’s commitment to legacy PCs, but also underscored many of the infrastructure elements of its new smart home […]

06 Jun2018 NVIDIA Adds Next Layer Of AI Automation Development Platforms With Isaac

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Project Isaac playing golf. This week at Computex in Tapei,  NVIDIA announced the availability of its Isaac platform. This AI-based development platform is a combination of hardware, software, and a virtual-world robot simulator designed to power autonomous machines within many industries: agriculture, construction, manufacturing robotics, and more. This announcement is evidence of NVIDIA’s commitment to […]

06 Jun2018 Pure Storage Keeps Up Momentum With New Offerings

Pure Storage has been an unlikely leader in the storage industry. It came out of seemingly nowhere, introducing the industry to the power of all-flash arrays. IT shops responded and began adopting Pure Storage’s all-flash solutions into their performance applications. The entire storage industry scrambled to respond to the threat of all-flash arrays, and over […]

06 Jun2018 Review: ASUS NovaGo Always Connected Windows 2-in-1 PC

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The new ASUS NovaGo Always Connected 2-in-1 PC The competition in the PC market is starting to heat up again. Now that the market has effectively reached its maximum size, we are starting to see more unique and new offerings from other players. One such of these offerings is the new ASUS NovaGo Always Connected […]

05 Jun2018 RESEARCH PAPER: Single Socket Servers Are Disrupting The Server Market

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Dual socket servers – servers that ship with two “sockets” to support two centralprocessing units (CPUs) − are the mainstay of nearly every datacenter and server room. But walk through any server room or datacenter and slide three servers on their rails, pull off the cover and you will probably find at least one of […]

05 Jun2018 Apple WWDC 2018 Recap: Siri Gets A Badly Needed Shot Of Adrenaline

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Apple Event logo. This week I’m attending Apple WWDC 2018 in San Jose. Day 1’s keynote was an entirely software-based affair, surprising some who were expecting to see more hardware-related announcements or refreshes of current products. Apple executives took to the stage at the San Jose McEnery Convention Center to announce numerous (if incremental) enhancements […]

01 Jun2018 Intel Shows Off Its AI Chips And Chops

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Intel held its inaugural Artificial Intelligence (AI) Developers Conference in San Francisco on May 23-24th, presenting its leadership, technologies, and customers to a capacity audience of some 800 AI geeks and media. The company now has a rich portfolio of AI technologies, after acquiring Movidius and MobileEye for real-time processing, Altera for reprogrammable FPGA acceleration […]

01 Jun2018 Arm Announces Next Generation Cores For Premium Mobile Devices, Including Personal Computers

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Arm Holdings At an event in San Francisco today, Arm announced its latest generation of premium CPU, GPU and video cores for mobile applications. As Arm is an IP company that licenses out its designs to SoC vendors, it will not be building or selling any chips with these cores for any purposes other than […]

31 May2018 Oculus Go Ushers In The Next Phase Of Consumer VR

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The Oculus Go standalone VR headset. People have been heralding VR as the future of computing for a while now, and the industry has spent a lot of time and money trying to realize that vision. However, the early iterations of VR fell short of people’s expectations in one way or another—either the VR headset […]

30 May2018 HP ENVY x2 Review: Great For Insane Battery Life Use Cases

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HP Envy x2 with Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 I had the opportunity to use HP’s first Always Connected PC, the HP ENVY x2 for nearly six months. This PC is part of Microsoft’s Always Connected PC initiative which is designed to bring constant connectivity to Windows PCs. To use Microsoft’s words, “Always Connected PCs are instantly […]

29 May2018 RESEARCH PAPER: The Importance Of Fabs In Crypto Mining

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The cryptocurrency markets have caused upheaval in the technology and financial markets. When the price of Bitcoin peaked at roughly $19,000, there was a mad rush to acquire cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin. This frenzy drove people to flood the exchanges, many of which closed to new users, making acquiring cryptocurrencies difficult unless you […]

29 May2018 How Semiconductor Manufacturers Can Drive The Next Phase of Cryptomining

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have been going through cycles of boom and bust over the past few years with the most recent run seeing Bitcoin’s price going as high as $19,000. Today, the price hovers around $7,100 which while not as high as $19,000 is still significantly higher than it was only a year ago […]

25 May2018 What Does The Red Hat And IBM Cloud Private And Deep Learning Combination Bring To Enterprise IT?

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IBM has been on a roll lately with POWER Systems. Principal analyst and colleague Patrick Moorhead wrote aboutGoogle deploying POWER9 announced at the OpenPOWER Summit and last week I wrote about  IBM expanding its platform HCI footprint with Nutanix. As another output of a long partnership, IBM and Red Hat recently announced the availability of […]

22 May2018 IBM Storage Makes Its Voice Heard

IBM Corporation has been ubiquitous in the data center for so long that it is easy to take it for granted. This is especially true of IBM Storage, who has struggled in the past with both execution and portfolio agility. Two years ago, IBM brought fresh leadership in to run its storage unit. Ed Walsh […]

22 May2018 Intel OpenVINO: Funny Name, Great Strategy

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Over the last several years, Intel  has acquired four companies to go after the AI market: Nervana, Movidius, MobileEye, and Altera. Now the company has announced a new software strategy to unify these offerings for the application developer. While there is still much work to be done, Intel’s inference strategy looks pretty solid and should […]

21 May2018 Review: The RadCity Electric Commuter Bike Is Truly ‘Rad’

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The RadCity Electric Commuter Bike My journey into the electric bike category began about a year ago when I started to contemplate the idea of biking as an incremental exercise to add to my daily elliptical workout regimen. San Jose, where I’ve lived for the past 11 years, seemed to be the ideal locale given […]

18 May2018 5G Reality: Insights From The 2018 Big Communications – 5G North America Event

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  Source: Will Townsend Light Reading held its Big Communications event this week in Austin, Texas, sharing the Austin Convention Center with 5G North America. At times, I felt like I was in the “upside-down” from Netflix’s Stranger Things series—everything was turned around, and on several occasions, I found myself in the wrong keynote or […]

18 May2018 IBM Extends Its Reach In The Datacenter Through Nutanix

IBM has been making a lot of noise in the datacenter recently. In December of 2017, the company’s POWER9 platforms hit the market with a focus on Artificial Intelligence (AI). In March of this year, Rackspace and Google gave the first public peak at the Zaius and Barreleye 2 Open Compute platform at the Open […]