22 Aug2016 RESEARCH BRIEF: Dell & EMC are Positioned to Become a Converged Systems Powerhouse

Enterprise IT organizations are transitioning to private cloud to drive efficiency within their datacenters. Many have turned to converged systems to improve time to market and to lower costs. Converged systems are pre-integrated configurations combining server, storage, and networking with unified systems management. Converged systems are different from traditional hardware platforms in that they are designed with a modular building-block […]

05 Aug2016 HP’s Omen X VR Backpack Is Better Than You Think

(Photo: Anshel Sag) At SIGGRAPH 2016 in Anaheim last week I had the unique opportunity to try Hewlett-Packard’s HP Omen X VR backpack. This is in addition to trying out the Zotac VR backpack at Computex in June and seeing Dell’s Alienware VR backpack at E3. Other companies like MSI also have VR backpacks, but these […]

04 Aug2016 HP Spectre 13: A Month With What Could Be The Sexiest Laptop Alive

The Spectre 13 “piston-hinge” enables this laptop’s insane thin profile (Photo credit: HP Inc.) In any very competitive market, it is extremely important to have a premium line so that you can have a successful “better” in a “good”- “better”-“best” product lineup. HP Inc. has amped up their premium notebook game over the last few […]

03 Aug2016 Cloud, Containers And Collaboration Come Of Age

(Source: Christopher R. Wilder) The cloud computing marketplace has come of age, and the market is booming. As I discussed in my last article, Cloud is no longer a business strategy. It is just something we do. Further proof is demonstrated by Amazon Web Services (AWS) reporting huge Q2 numbers of $2.9B in revenue, up […]

02 Aug2016 Samsung Unpacked And Galaxy Note7: Quick, Industry Analyst Take On Today’s Event

Samsung’s DJ Koh announcing the Galaxy Note7 (Photo credit Patrick Moorhead) I attended today Samsung Electronics Unpacked event today in New York City and wanted to provide a quick, industry analyst take on Samsung, Galaxy Note7 and the Unpacked event: Samsung Electronics on a bit of a roll: In the last year, Samsung has made […]

02 Aug2016 Hewlett Packard Enterprise Strategic Alliances Group Making Solid Progress

I’ve been keeping close tabs on Hewlett Packard Enterprise lately—back in June I attended HPE Discover in Las Vegas, and published my takeaways for Day One and Day Two. Today’s blog however, is a follow up to my December blog, on HPE’s Strategic Alliances, which I wrote after meeting with HPE’s Alliance executives at London’s HPE […]

01 Aug2016 Windows 10 Anniversary Update May Finally Bring New Consumer Hardware Sales

This Tuesday, June 28, 2016, photo shows Windows 10 operating on a Microsoft Surface computer, photographed in New York. Windows 10 modernizes computing by merging the best of desktop and touch-screen experiences. (AP Photo/Richard Drew) Ever since Microsoft launched Windows 10, they have primarily been focused on getting people to upgrade their existing machines from […]

01 Aug2016 RESEARCH PAPER: IoT Analytics at the Edge

To accelerate business, companies are turning to analytics to help transform data into insight. With so many systems and products now digitally instrumented and providing an endless stream of telemetry, data analytics can help companies glean insight in real-time regarding how their systems are operating. However, to take advantage of these data streams, businesses need to perform analytics […]

29 Jul2016 Telemedicine Puts A Doctor In The House, Literally

Video tower from my medical office (Photo credit: Lawrence Chu, MD, FACS) I have a friend who is a family physician, and he has made a dramatic change in his practice. He told me of the daily struggles and the extended hours he would spend every day, missing family events and even putting off vacations. […]

28 Jul2016 Cloud Is Not A Business Strategy: Choose Your Provider Wisely

What a difference a year makes. Up until last year, we had one group debating the merits of ‘X’-as-a-Service: Software, Infrastructure, Platform, Collaboration, Devices, Hats, Cats, etc. and which business model would reign king. While on the other side, Google, Amazon, Microsoft and others were espousing the benefits of both public and private cloud for the […]

27 Jul2016 Cisco Live 2016: Analyst Take On Important Security And Networking Announcements You May Have Missed

Cisco CEO Chuck Robbins kicking off Cisco Live (Photo courtesy Patrick Moorhead) Cisco Live is Cisco Systems’ annual education and training conference, held in multiple countries worldwide and attended by their customers, partners, resellers, press and analysts. Two weeks ago, I attended the U.S. analyst conference held in Las Vegas, July 11-12, called C-Scape, which […]

27 Jul2016 RESEARCH PAPER: OpenStack Network Maturity

The maturity of OpenStack is accelerating the move to cloud technology, enabling businesses to stand up their own private clouds as well as allowing telecom and cloud service providers (CSPs) to expand their public cloud offerings more easily. While networking was often cited as an OpenStack inhibitor in the past, we increasingly see improvements and alternatives that are […]

26 Jul2016 RESEARCH PAPER: Dell Bets on Intelligent Automation for Converged Systems Strategy

Converged Systems are an increasingly important segment of IT Infrastructure, as they provide increased agility and time-to-market for delivering private clouds. Moor Insights & Strategy (MI&S) sees the infrastructure market transitioning from a hardware-centric deployment and management approach to an approach that is defined by the services that are being delivered by the cloud. One of the key enablers […]

26 Jul2016 Wal-Mart Proves Open Source Is Big Business

Open source, in the form of both software and hardware is big business—really big business. This past week, Wal-Mart Stores, one of the largest retailers in the world proved it once again when they announced that they would make their application lifecycle management tool OneOps available as an open source project. Why give away something that […]

25 Jul2016 AMD Officially Diversifies 14nm Manufacturing With Samsung

I don’t normally jump on the quick news of the day as I’m an industry analyst and not a journalist, but I came across a tidbit on Advanced Micro Devices that I thought would be important to my audience. News about where a chip company manufactures their silicon is important as it provides insights into the bounding […]

12 Jul2016 Pokémon GO And Google Tango Would Be A Match Made In Heaven

(Image source: Anshel Sag) In less than a week after its release Pokémon GO has become a global phenomenon. According to SimilarWeb, Pokémon GO has surpassed Tinder in the US for installs on Android devices. It has also nearly passed Twitter for daily active US users. Currently, the US, New Zealand and Australia are the only […]

11 Jul2016 RESEARCH PAPER: Service-Defined Infrastructure Will Shape Future Converged Systems

Many view a hybrid cloud deployment model as the path to the flexibility for both traditional and cloud-native workloads. On the private cloud side, converged systems have emerged as an approach for IT to improve efficiencies and lower overall costs. On the public cloud side, IT organizations value the ability to stand up infrastructure in minutes without worrying about […]

11 Jul2016 RESEARCH PAPER: Dell Streamlines Converged Systems Business to Align with Market Needs

IT organizations are quickly increasing their scope to provide applications and services that drive competitive differentiation for the business. Many IT organizations see the hybrid cloud as the path to stay on pace with market requirements and help drive long-term business growth. This change in IT requirements is driving a shift in the market to infrastructure that is […]

11 Jul2016 Software Is Eating The Network, Through SDNO

Back in 2011, Marc Andressen famously made the statement “software is eating the world.” The network is now on software’s plate. We are seeing software-defined networking and software-defined storage starting to come into the mainstream, joining software-defined servers—or what has traditionally been called “virtualization.” As infrastructure starts to become more amorphous as  to virtualized software […]

11 Jul2016 RESEARCH PAPER: Software-Defined Network Orchestration Arrives

Business transformation is happening as companies exploit technology to drive a competitive edge. But manually managing the pace of change in today’s constrained networks is breaking the business model and holding companies back from the innovation they seek. To be more agile, businesses need to address their network orchestration with tools that can automate the management and configurations of […]