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RESEARCH PAPER: Do 8 Cores Really Matter in Smartphones?


In a recent live benchmarking session, Moor Insights & Strategy answered the question “Do 8 cores really matter in smartphones?” with a series of benchmarks and real application tests. This brief supports the video with performance and experience results. As the smartphone industry has begun to mature, one-upmanship among smartphone manufacturers and SoC vendors has bred a dangerous […]

RESEARCH BRIEF: AMD Brings New Value to Radeon


The PC gaming graphics industry today has very few players but many problems. Today’s PC gaming enthusiast market essentially has only two graphics players remaining, AMD and Nvidia. There is a constant back-and-forth between these two players in terms of bringing new features that gamers want and need. AMD’s new Radeon 300 series does just that while […]

RESEARCH BRIEF: AMD 6th Generation Processor Brings Best-in-Class Game Streaming to Windows™ 10

unnamed (1)

Microsoft’s new operating system, Windows 10, offers gamers new opportunities to stream games and content from their Xbox One to their PCs. This functionality is unique to Windows 10 and requires a certain set of parameters to be met. One of these parameters is ample PC hardware to perform the appropriate decoding for a smooth, high- quality game […]

RESEARCH BRIEF: Can Broadband Change the WAN?

Sweet spot

Competitive environments are forcing businesses to change their IT to drive more agility, enabling them to deploy new software and services quickly to capture more opportunity. This is driving many to use cloud-based applications where ready-made enterprise solutions can be deployed quickly, but what most do not consider is that this move can have a dramatic impact […]

Qualcomm Gets Aggressive In Taiwan At Computex 2015

Last week, much of the PC, server, and tablet electronics component, operating system and ODM world came together in Taiwan for Computex. Companies like Advanced Micro Devices, ARM Holdings, Intel, MediaTek Inc., Microsoft, NVIDIA and Qualcomm were all there on hand to take part in the festivities. I’m going to focus on Qualcomm’s presence there, […]

The Machine at HP Discover – The First Year

HP Memristors in the Light

A year ago I wrote about HP’s first public disclosures for “The Machine”. At HP Discover last week in Las Vegas, HP Labs showed mechanical mock-ups for an early functional prototype of The Machine. I think their prototype architecture shows differentiated architectural direction from Intel’s Rack Scale Architecture (RSA) and from others’ earlier disaggregation experiments. […]

Offshore Cloud Provider Calligo Leverages Old School Fundamentals to Compete in the New Economy: Nefarious Characters Need not Apply

Recently, I had the opportunity to speak with Julian Box, CEO of Calligo Limited. Calligo is an upcoming cloud provider based on the Isle of Jersey in the Channel Islands off the Coast of France.  Many people think that doing business in the Channel Islands means tax-shelters and nefarious characters.  Some of this may be […]

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RESEARCH PAPER: Spring 2015 ONUG Meeting Highlights


Today’s networking world is complex, antiquated and full of proprietary products. The Open Networking User Group (ONUG) was built by end users around the idea that open networking is essential to helping business by providing agility and flexibility. Unlike many other consortiums, ONUG is driven by the end customers, not the vendors. ONUG members put together the […]

LG G4 Review: Great Smartphone Experience And Good Example Of Debunking The 8 Core Myth


Today, consumers have a broad selection of premium phones ranging from the Apple iPhone 6 to the Samsung Galaxy S6 to the LG G4. What’s common between most of these phones is their focus on wireless performance, user experience, battery life and photography. However, they do vary in these categories in ways that set them apart from […]

RESEARCH PAPER: Echelon’s Efficient Connected Lighting Solutions


Echelon Corporation is a leader in connected, Internet of Things (IoT) lighting solutions. They give enterprises, governments, parking operators, and anyone who deals with large-scale lighting solutions the ability to provide their constituents with cost reductions as well as safer and more comfortable living and working environments. Historically, lighting is something we all take for granted. […]

RESEARCH PAPER: Bringing Dev Ops to WAN Orchestration


The complexity of today’s WAN environments breeds inflexibility and inefficiency. Managing the deployment and operation of WAN connections has proven to be both manual and time consuming, driving up costs to companies deploying them. Any delays in rolling out new services means that businesses miss out on opportunities that could drive new revenue streams. With Gluware 1.0, […]

Gluware 2.0: Breathing New Life Into Cisco Systems WANs


Almost any business with remote locations or branch offices will have challenges with their Wide Area Network (WAN) portion of their corporate network, and the fast pace and changing landscape of today’s business makes it difficult to enforce consistency and security on remote locations. Last year, Glue Networks introduced a product to help orchestrate Cisco Systems WAN […]

Qualcomm Asserts MU-MIMO Wi-Fi Dominance At Computex 2015 With New Four Stream Products


At Computex 2015, Qualcomm and their partners made a series of major MU-MIMO Wi-Fi announcements on both the client and wireless AP (router) side. If you don’t know what this technology is, you can read up on it here. Qualcomm has been leading the industry MU-MIMO Wi-Fi charge with their own flavor known as MU|EFX. They started their MU-MIMO Wi-Fi push with […]

Qualcomm Based AllPlay WiFi-Speaker Platform Review


There are a lot of ways nowadays to get music from your phone or PC to a speaker, but as consumers continue to move towards streaming services, the need for connected speakers continues to increase. In the past few years, that need has mostly been filled by Bluetooth speakers that users connect to and use […]

Google And Nvidia Shield Kick Off The Latest Fight For Cord-Cutting Living Room Electronics


I’ve been connecting digital devices to my TVs for over 25 years now and outside of a few devices, interactivity has been a “less than perfect” experience. Devices either did too little, did too much, were hard to use and setup, didn’t have the right content or just didn’t have staying power to be relied […]

Open Networking: Even The Most Conservative Enterprise Analysts Can’t Ignore It


Over the past two years my firm has been very vocal about the trend towards “open networking“. It threatens to unlock the vertical network stacks that companies like Cisco Systems, Juniper Networks, Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise, and Arista Networks were very successful with the past two decades. I give credit to the companies listed above who are slowly moving towards SDN (software-defined networking), […]

Dell XPS 13: The Best Premium, Touch-Enabled Laptop I’ve Used


For the last month, I have used Dell’s new XPS 13 laptop as my primary device, for business and pleasure. I was hot on the Dell’s XPS 13 when it was announced at this year’s CES 2015 where it won a ton of awards, but I had never used it in my playflow or workflow. And if […]

IFS World Conference: It is True — Enterprise Application Vendors Must Embrace The Internet of Things (IoT) or Die Trying


  Recently, I had the pleasure of attending the IFS World Conference in Boston MA.  IFS is virtually unknown in North America, but their legacy and reputation has been strong since its founding in 1983 in Linköping, Sweden.  The company develops Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Enterprise Service Management (ESM), and Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) solutions. […]

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Should LTE Speed Via Carrier Aggregation Become The Next Smartphone Yardstick?


In the smartphone world, a few features generally are used to differentiate a phone’s specifications. Those are generally screen size, processor speed and CPU core count, camera resolution and possibly battery size. However, one equally relevant component in the smartphone equation is commonly neglected in the spec comparison charts, and that’s the network access speed […]

Why 8 And 10 CPU Cores In Smartphones Are A Bad Idea – An Auto Industry Lesson


UPDATED: Headline with new “10 CPU Core SoC” introduced today by MediaTek. As I have written before, the smartphone and mobile SoC industries are headed in a very disturbing direction, one that could mis-direct a lot of R&D, potentially confuse consumers and maybe even become a dis-service to end consumers because companies are developing the wrong solutions. […]