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13 Nov RESEARCH PAPER: Highlights of the Fall 2014 ONUG Meeting


The Open Networking User Group (ONUG) recently met in New York City to review progress on their exiting open networking user cases and determine the next three areas that the group would focus.  Under the backdrop of networking giant Cisco announcing soft earnings, in part because of its customers’ desire to move to open networking, [...]

12 Nov Deus ex (Soft) Machina

A Hard Machine

I have been in the semiconductor industry for what most people would consider to be “a long time.” We don’t hear claims for new general purpose microprocessor core architectural advances very often. RISC, superscalar, superpipelined, out of order, multicore, and maybe a few others come to mind over the last couple of decades. State-of-the-art for [...]

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06 Nov RESEARCH PAPER: Software Designed Measurement & Control


The Internet of Things (IoT) is growing at a rapid pace and is generating explosive amounts of data that must be gathered, analyzed, managed, and turned into business insights. The entire IoT value chain is comprised of devices that are both intelligent and connected; the complexity of this ecosystem has significantly increased the demands of test, [...]

03 Nov HearNotes Wireless Earbuds Promise Premium Sound Without The Cables


In my career as an analyst, I run across a lot of new technologies and have a lot of people trying to get my attention on their “next big thing”. One of the biggest mistakes entrepreneurs make is that they forget that they need to be solving known or unknown problems with their new inventions, [...]

03 Nov Does Stratus Have The Formula For OpenStack Success?


This weekend was Formula 1 racing weekend. In my hometown, Austin Texas. Many may not believe it, but Austin is actually home to a US Formula 1 race track, and there are other international races here. Each year tens of thousands come from all around the world, representing the pinnacle of wealth, and they descend on Austin, [...]

03 Nov RESEARCH BRIEF: High Availability For Private Clouds

When moving from traditional IT to private cloud, there is generally a tradeoff between elasticity and availability, so only applications that do not demand the highest levels of availability can move to the cloud. Coding high availability (HA) into cloud applications generally has been complex and laborious; ongoing maintenance creates both a cost and liability for [...]

28 Oct Is Dell Opening Networking’s Pandora’s Box?

Networking Z9500 Switch

I love Pandora, the music service that lets me customize my music stations to what I want to hear, letting me design my stations around my actual needs. If you remember the Pandora story, she was the first woman created by the gods, and she opened the box that needed to remain closed. Very fitting as [...]

28 Oct RESEARCH PAPER: Is Dell Driving the Open Future of Networking?


While enterprise computing and storage have both gone through a standardization metamorphosis, enterprise networking has lagged. Enterprise networking remains one of the few areas of proprietary vertical integration in IT. But the need for businesses to move faster and be more agile is putting pressure on IT to adjust to strategies that will help their businesses [...]

21 Oct Troubled IBM? — 3Q14 Earnings Disappoint


As IBM continues to divest itself from its pesky, low margin hardware businesses, the company has seen revenues continually shrink, and this quarter profits and outlook did not meet Wall Street expectations. And the stock got hammered, now down $20 a share. IBM reported revenues of $22.4 billion, which generated $3.5 billion in profit, down 17% where IBM had [...]

16 Oct Why I Left The Samsung Galaxy Note And Google’s Android For The Apple iPhone 6 Plus


I was a very happy Apple iPhone owner from the beginning of the touch smartphone era, that was, until the Apple iPhone 4s timeframe. At that point, I thought Google’s Android ecosystem driven by Samsung, HTC , Motorola and Sony offered many benefits that I couldn’t get with the iPhone. With Android at that time, I thought I could get bigger displays, [...]