22 Jan Could Qualcomm’s China Joint Venture Be A Game-Changer For The Server Industry?

Qualcomm’s ARM-based Server Demonstration at Announcement Event in San Francisco, October 2015 (Photo credit: Gina Longoria, Moor Insights & Strategy) China has become an increasingly important market over the last several years for server technology providers, and leading vendors such as Hewlett-Packard Enterprise, IBM and Intel are all making significant investments to get more than […]

20 Jan HP Inc. Proved They Have Sustained Premium PC Prowess At CES 2016

Spectre’s front-firing B&O speakers (Credit: Patrick Moorhead) Four years ago as Hewlett-Packard, the company appeared to deprioritize the premium PC space. The company seemed a lot more focused on the much higher volume, mid-range and entry-level space than the lower volume, yet higher profit margin space dominated at the time by Apple. It’s a tough space, particularly […]

20 Jan Qualcomm Rounds Out IoT Offerings At CES 2016

Steve Mollenkopf, Qualcomm CEO presenting at CES 2016 (Credit: Patrick Moorhead) Lots of chip companies like ARM Holdings, Intel, NVIDIA and  Qualcomm are spending time and effort to find a place for themselves in the IoT market because they, like I, believe in a gigantic, future market. Some companies are focusing on wearables and drones while others are […]

20 Jan Dell Does It Again At CES 2016

Five years ago walking the halls at CES I’ll admit, Dell the PC company looked like they just weren’t that interested in the client PC category. No one should ever form their opinions based just how one trade show was presented, but it was hard to shake that. Boy have things changed at Dell’s Client […]

20 Jan Synaptics ‘IronVeil’ Brings Biometric Security To The Desktop PC

Synaptics IronVeil technology on a ThermalTake gaming mouse (Credit: Anshel Sag) Over the last week, there have been some important announcements related to client device security. Intel announced Authenticate yesterday, and late last week, Microsoft reiterated support for Intel’s Skylake with its Credential Guard. Security is becoming one of the most important things that businesses and consumers think about when it […]

19 Jan Intel Adds ‘Authenticate’ Multi-Factor Security Feature To New 6th Generation Core vPro Processors

Tom Garrison, VP and GM of Business Clients presenting at the Intel event today Last summer, Intel launched their 14nm, 6th Generation Core processors, code-named ‘Skylake’, alongside Microsoft’s new Windows 10 operating system. As things usually go in the enterprise world, the commercial 6th Generation of Intel’s Core vPro processors weren’t too far behind with increased […]

18 Jan RESEARCH PAPER: Zebra Technologies: Driving Chip-to-Cloud Standards-Based IoT Cloud Service

For most organizations around the world, comprehending the Internet of Things (IoT) is a daunting task. Some have already jumped headlong into deploying IoT systems and are using newly collected data from a wide range of devices to adjust and optimize their operations.Most, however, are stuck on first. They realize they have systems that need to be optimized and […]

18 Jan A Disappointing Consumer Electronic Show (CES) For Home Automation

(Photo credit: Mike Krell) Anyone who attended CES would have seen a huge space allocated to home automation with products and services from ADT ADT, Honeywell International, iControl, Lowe’s Cos, Vivint, and so many others. From a consumer’s perspective we saw every kind of home automation product you could currently think of. I saw: Hubs Light […]

18 Jan Reasons To Be More Bullish On A 2016 Commercial PC Refresh

Last week’s IDC and Gartner Q4-2015 report on PC sales sent a shock-wave through the industry. The stock market responded with a sell-off of major PC-related names like Advanced Micro Devices, HP Inc. (fka Hewlett-Packard), Intel, Lenovo, and NVIDIA. While I was disappointed in the Q4 numbers, I also have a good grasp of what was behind […]

18 Jan RESEARCH PAPER: The New Workplace Needs New PCs

Enterprise PCs are behind the times. As people become more reliant on connectivity, convenience, and speed from their personal smartphones and tablets, they are demanding the same from their work PCs as well. Millennials have their own expectations about work and devices for work. Workplaces are enabling, and even encouraging, more mobility. And new interface and usage models proliferate. Companies […]

12 Jan Google’s New Nexus 5X Features One Major, Overlooked Wireless Upgrade Over The Nexus 5

MU-MIMO WiFi throughput improvements on the Nexus 5x are substantial In the world of smartphones there is a never ending list of specifications that are constantly considered by consumers when buying them. No line of phones is more scrutinized for its specs than the Google Nexus line of smartphones. This is primarily because the people looking […]

12 Jan Is Amazon The Next Big Silicon Vendor Or The Next Broadband Provider?

When Amazon.com started selling books online, bookstores were worried but not many others really seemed to to care. Music and video followed, and suddenly people buy everything from Amazon. Businesses even host their IT on Amazon’s servers while entire industries have blossomed around the vendor. Previously Amazon quietly entered the CPU business through their acquisition of Annapurna […]

08 Jan Oculus VR’s Botched Launch Is A Consequence Of Poor Communication And Leadership Decisions

This week, Facebook’s Oculus launched the much awaited Oculus Rift VR headset with final pricing. However, the launch was not received with the fanfare that many had expected, even though Facebook’s Oculus was finally making their headset available to the public after years of development. The deflated attitude towards the Oculus Rift came from several […]

05 Jan HTC’s New Vive Pre VR Headset Makes Huge Leap Towards Consumer Version

(Photo credit: Anshel Sag) HTC’s Vive VR headset is the result of Valve’s partnership with HTC to create a premium VR experience. Over the past year or so, HTC and Valve have shown themselves to be a worthy competitor to Facebook’s Oculus and the Oculus Rift. As Oculus prepares to launch their consumer version, known […]

04 Jan Lenovo Expands X1 Brand Across Product Line At CES 2016

Lenovo is a company that has generally been synonymous with quality and innovation while ensuring that their products also deliver new utility and battery life. This is the company who popularized 2in1s with the Yoga line, put a tablet battery into the hinge, and recently added pico projectors to tablet models- they aren’t afraid to […]

04 Jan Advanced Micro Device’s New Polaris FinFET-Based Architecture Could Open New Doors For The Company

It seems of late like there is an unlimited thirst for GPU performance at the right power efficiency. Whether it is deep learning, object recognition, artificial intelligence, simulations, VR or AR, the industry desperately needs GPU improvements. Many within the graphics industry would agree that a new era of graphics performance and efficiency is upon […]

28 Dec 2016 Predictions For Datacenter Networking

(Image source: Morgue File) No analyst is allowed to get past January 1st without posting their list of predictions for the new year, so I have no choice but to jump into that pool. 2015 was an interesting year for networking, and 2016 will most likely continue that trend. We’ll see a year where the […]

23 Dec Hewlett Packard Enterprise Overhauled Its Strategic Alliances Approach, And That’s A Good Thing

Newly formed Hewlett-Packard Enterprise Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Meg Whitman speaks during a press conference in New York on November 2, 2015. (Photo credit JEWEL SAMAD/AFP/Getty Images) Alliances and partnerships are some of the biggest drivers of large IT provider’s revenue and represent some of their most reliable sources of revenue. It’s nice to have […]

22 Dec AMD’s GPUOpen Initiative Architected To Move The Industry In A Different Direction

GPUOpen is a new initiative started by Advanced Micro Devices’ Radeon Technologies Group (RTG) as a way for the company to continue to reach out to the needs to developers by giving them a better development environment. The idea behind GPUOpen is born out of the work that Advanced Micro Device’s did with Mantle, their […]

21 Dec Why Dubai Might Be The World’s Smartest City By 2017

Having just come back from the Internet of Things (IoT) World Forum and Cisco Systems’s C-Scape in Dubai, I must say I’m impressed – both with Cisco Systems and Dubai. As someone who lives and breathes Internet of Things applications on a daily basis I was skeptical about what exactly I was going to see in […]