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20 Jan Show Me the Money: IoT Style Part 2

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In Show Me the Money: IoT Style Part 1 I discussed hardware and a company called CentraLite.  CentraLite provides “white box” solutions for home automation powerhouses such — Lowe’s Iris, Comcast Xfinity, Time Warner IntelligentHome, and SmartThings just to name a few, and how CentraLite is generating revenues in the IoT hardware space.  Today I’m [...]

13 Jan Show Me the Money: IoT Style Part 1


So, as I walk the show floor at CES, one of the constant things I am considering is where is the money in IoT? I think we can all agree there is money in analytics and big data on the consumer as well as the industrial side.  But where will the cash come from in [...]

08 Jan Advanced Micro Device’s FreeSync Becomes A Reality At CES 2015


Last CES, Advanced Micro Devices touted a new way of enjoying desktop gaming with their Project FreeSync which looked to introduce dynamic display refresh to the gaming audience. They coined the term “FreeSync” after the fact that their solution promised to utilize already existing industry standards in order to bring dynamic display refresh capabilities at [...]

07 Jan Dell Hits Home Runs At CES 2015


Remember back in 2013 when Dell was losing PC market share and talking about focusing on “profitable growth in commercial markets”? It seemed then like Dell was losing their nerve in the consumer PC market. Then Dell announced in June of 2013 sweeping changes to their PC strategy that I wrote about here. The results in [...]

07 Jan HP EliteBook Folio Expands The User Interface’s Dynamic Range For Enterprise Notebooks

elitebook-1040 (1)

There was a day when most of the consumer PC designs were driven by corporate PC designs. This was in the day of WordPerfect, Harvard Graphics and Lotus 1-2-3. A lot has changed since then and for the most part, it has been consumer PC design driving commercial PCs. Interestingly, after using one of Hewlett-Packard’s [...]

07 Jan RESEARCH NOTE: Why the Industry Needs Technologies Like AMD FreeSync

AMD FreeSync

For quite some time the gaming hardware industry has been looking for ways to resolve the age-old problem of screen tearing caused by the confusion between the GPU and monitor. This primarily occurs on systems where the GPU (graphics processing unit) is capable of generating frame rates far greater than what the monitor is capable [...]

06 Jan Intel’s 5th Generation Core Processor, Broadwell, Aims To Grow PC Market


Intel has been on a constant march with their newest product announcements and this year’s CES is no different. Their latest 5th Generation Core Architecture part was announced yesterday was a follow up to late last year’s announcement of Intel Core M. Intel Core M was based upon Intel’s 14nm manufacturing process node and was the [...]

06 Jan Qualcomm AllPlay Gains Broader Audio Adoption At CES 2015


In the annals of high tech history, you will find many battles between companies, chaebals, consortiums, and standards bodies. This is true today for the security, content sharing and messaging in home automation. For instance we have the AllSeen Alliance, Designed for Nest (Google), Apple’s HomeKit, and OIC all vying for a place at the [...]

05 Jan Advanced Micro Devices Banking On Carrizo Success In 2015


Advanced Micro Devices has had more of an embedded and semi-custom SoC focus as of late, but they continue to crank out devices for the personal computer market. As I wrote about here, AMD had success in 2014 getting assorted into commercial notebooks, but that hasn’t equated to overall PC unit share gain. So what about [...]

05 Jan Nvidia Goes For An Automotive Win With Tegra X1


Over the last few CES trade shows, Nvidia’s CES keynotes have been primarily about tablets and phones with a taste of automotive. Last night, Nvidia took a slightly different approach and announced their newest Tegra mobile chip, the Tegra X1, with a focus on automotive. There’s no doubt the end game for Nvidia in automotive [...]