25 Apr RESEARCH PAPER: OpenStack is Now Ready for the Enterprise

The OpenStack cloud operating system is becoming a strong alternative to traditional IT service delivery models for large enterprises. In addition to replacing traditional models, OpenStack is establishing itself as an accelerator towards efficient and credible onpremise and hybrid cloud alternatives to remote-only cloud services (Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Engine, and Microsoft Azure).The OpenStack […]

15 Apr Rise Of The Machines Part 1: Google And Microsoft Stake Their Claims

This has been a busy past few weeks for the big public cloud providers. Recently, my colleague Jimmy Pike and I had the opportunity to attend the Google Cloud Platform GCP NEXT 2016 event in San Francisco. Immediately after was Microsoft’s developer conference, appropriately named Build 2016, and on the heels being Microsoft’s inaugural business solutions event […]

14 Apr AMD Has Turned Gaming Graphics Drivers From A Liability Into An Asset

When it comes to gamers, graphics driver are very important. For quite some time, users had a negative perception of Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) gaming graphics drivers, some of it earned some of it unwarranted. AMD’s drivers have improved in quality over time and have really improved with the latest Crimson generation of graphics drivers. This positively affects end […]

14 Apr OpenPOWER Keeps On Truckin’ At Annual Development Summit

The OpenPOWER Foundation, a collection of companies that have coalesced around IBM’s POWER architecture recently had their OpenPOWER Summit in San Jose, California. OpenPOWER was founded by IBM, Google, Tyan and Mellanox to coalesce around IBM’s approach towards opening up the POWER architecture to anyone that wishes to license it or build their IP into […]

12 Apr Microsoft Shows Strong Windows 10 Progress at BUILD, More To Go

Microsoft has made strong progress with Windows 10 and more is needed to guarantee long-term success beyond commercial and consumer PCs, detachables and XBOX One. This isn’t some revelation or criticism, just an observation. Eventually, Windows 10 must make its way into volume smartphones, consumer tablets, wearables, cars and home automation. I attended the BUILD conference […]

12 Apr Network Virtualization And International Travel: A Non-Tech Business Primer

(Photo credit: John Fruehe) As I write this I am sitting on a flight to Hong Kong. It is a long haul, and I feel like data being shuttled through a network. I often have conversations with business people who hear the marketing buzz of SDN, NFV, network virtualization and how these technologies are going […]

12 Apr How Microsoft Could Become A Mobile Player Without A Broadly-Adopted Smartphone Operating System

Microsoft BUILD is the company’s annual developer conference where they communicate their latest strategies and deliverables to developers and launch many new innovations. BUILD is extremely developer- focused and is intended to inform current Microsoft developers as well as recruit more developers to develop for Microsoft platforms. I attended BUILD the week before last held in […]

11 Apr TCO Analysis Demonstrates How Moving To The Cloud Can Save Your Company Money

IT organizations are moving to the cloud in droves with high hopes to improve efficiency, increase agility and save money. In an effort to address this insatiable demand, leading companies like Amazon.com, Google, Microsoft, Rackspace and others provide a wide range of cloud product offerings and services. The choices can be daunting for IT organizations who […]

11 Apr The Magic Of Bluetooth Beacons

USB Beacon (Image courtesy of Aruba Networks, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company) 2016 is going to be the “Year of the Beacon”, or at least the beginnings of mass beacon deployment. Beacons are part of the latest version of the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (BT-SIG) Low Energy (BLE) specification. In simplest terms, beacons are broadcast […]

11 Apr NVIDIA Extends Their Datacenter Performance Lead In Neural Network Computing at #GTC16

At NVIDIA’s GPU Technology Conference (GTC) 2016 in San Jose, California the company announced products based on their latest GPU architecture, code-named Pascal. This conference is traditionally attended by some of the leading researchers in GPU-accelerated compute technologies and over the past few years has become increasingly focused on Deep Neural Networks (DNN). DNNs are […]

08 Apr RESEARCH PAPER: The Business Value of Cloud-Enabled Managed Hosting

Businesses face an almost overwhelming number of options for moving to “the cloud” to modernize IT capabilities and expand beyond traditional service models. Options include a combination of traditional on-premises datacenter capabilities and a wide range of cloud services deployment models. When evaluating the available options, IT should look beyond initial hardware and software expenses, as they are just […]

05 Apr The HTC Vive Shows Us Virtual Reality Is Not Just About Games

The HTC Vive is the beginning of a fundamental change to the way we compute. While other authors are reviewing the HTC Vive itself today, I will talk about the evolution of the platform and software ecosystem. (Image source: Anshel Sag) I’ve spent the last year deep inside Virtual Reality, putting on every headset and trying […]

31 Mar Open Networking Brings Benefits That Traditional Networking Can’t

For years, networking switches and other equipment was purchased as a “black box”. Hardware was tightly coupled with the software that was needed to run it, all coming from a single vendor. This meant that the products from companies like Cisco Systems, Juniper Networks, Alcatel-Lucent and other networking suppliers were much easier for the vendors […]

31 Mar RESEARCH PAPER: Open Networking Continues Momentum

Technology has fueled much of the business acceleration in recent years, but in many cases it is also holding businesses back. In today’s data-driven world, companies are finding that to be competitive they must move quickly, maneuver ahead of the competition, and use information to help them stay ahead. Unfortunately, as many find, being that adept and agile might […]

28 Mar LG’s G5 Smartphone Is A Giant Leap In Photographic Capabilities Over The G4, And We Review Photos

While the smartphone market starts to level off in terms of growth, smartphone manufacturers are looking for ways to differentiate themselves from their competition. One of the biggest and most obvious ways that they are starting to differentiate is by putting a focus on photography and videography. However, photography and videography cannot simply be improved […]

28 Mar Microsoft Surface Book Is A Modular Design Achievement, Three Months In Review

Microsoft is a company not traditionally known for its PC hardware systems prowess, but the company’s Windows Devices Group has been working feverishly for four years to change that. Microsoft already created a new device category with the Surface Pro line of tablets, which I recently observed after four months of use. The first few years […]

23 Mar Cisco TacOps Can Have A Network Established Within 72 Hours Of A Disaster

Before I created my technology industry analyst business, I worked over 20 years in F500 technology companies running products, strategy and marketing. As an employee and as a stint running corporate marketing, what became apparent was that there were companies who “pretended” to do CSR and those who manage it like a business. Cisco Systems’ […]

21 Mar Three Things You Need To Know About The Google Cloud Platform

(Photo source: Pixabay) Over the past two years we have seen the market for public cloud become hyper-competitive. The field of players has expanded and retracted exponentially. Industry stalwarts like Inc.’s Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Inc. Cloud Platform, and Microsoft Corporation Azure have solidified their dominance in this space. Others have entered this market only to […]

18 Mar Lenovo Adds Yet Another Software Partner, This Time SAP

As Lenovo and IBM‘s x86-based server business came together in 2014, Lenovo was very clear that they would heavily partner for software solutions and engineered systems. In January, Lenovo announced a new, multifaceted partnership with German enterprise software company SAP on the heels of announcements with Nutanix and Red Hat. The overall goal of the SAP partnership, per […]

17 Mar The New Hewlett Packard Enterprise Off To A Good Start

HPE CEO Meg Whitman (Source: Wikipedia) As a new company who just went public, it’s very important to start off strong—all eyes are watching to see if you’ll sink or swim. All eyes were on Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) the week before last as they announced their quarterly earnings for the first time since splitting from Hewlett-Packard. Even […]