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SIGGRAPH 2015: Qualcomm Discloses Snapdragon 820 Graphics And Display Capabilities, Looks Strong


Snapdragon 820 Announcement at MWC 2015 (Credit: Patrick Moorhead, Moor Insights & Strategy) At the annual professional graphics conference, SIGGRAPH 2015, Qualcomm today joined many companies that disclosed their latest graphics technologies. Qualcomm took this opportunity to show those in the graphics industry what kind of a user experience their upcoming 820 SoC is capable of […]

SIGGRAPH 2015: Nvidia Expands Professional Workstation Software Portfolio With DesignWorks Suite


At this year’s SIGGRAPH 2015 conference in Los Angeles, California, NVIDIA showed off their latest contribution to the professional graphics market, NVIDIA DesignWorks – a new software suite that makes using an NVIDIA GPU in your work flow and design pipeline faster and easier for a multitude of professional applications. Bringing more features to NVIDIA hardware […]

Windows 10: Does It Deliver to PC Enthusiasts?


  It’s been a little more than a week since Microsoft launched Windows 10 as an upgrade to existing Windows 8/8.1 and Windows 7 users. Windows 10 hits nearly every end customer segment and sub-segment out there, but I want to focus first on enthusiasts, the sub-segment who typically uses desktops and skew to buying more […]

How The Internet Of Things Will Shape The Datacenter Of The Future


Everyone is talking about the Internet of Things (IoT) and developing a strategy to go after this market. There is a significant amount of focus by many companies to create more “things”—smart devices, wearables, and intelligent industrial endpoints. However, IoT also creates a large opportunity for datacenter infrastructure providers to help their customers move, store,process, […]

Requiem to my Jawbone UP


Mobile apps and wearables have the potential to engage consumers in meaningful ways. However, long-term use requires solutions that deliver value every day. My UP 24 gave up the ghost during a recent family vacation. The device had become such a big part of my daily life over the past 2 years that I often […]

The Internet Of Things Is About Data, Not Things


Companies today are grappling with the Internet of Things (IoT), a large network of physical devices that extends beyond the typical computer networks, encompassing devices, industrial equipment, sensors, and extended products. For some manufacturers everything they build could feed into IoT, from cars to buildings or even consumer products. While vendors like Cisco Systems, Dell, […]

Information, Intelligence, And The Internet Of Things Are Fundamentally Changing The Supply Chain


(Photo credit: Christopher R. Wilder) The digital economy is changing the game for supply chain customers. Value chains are shifting rapidly, while technology advancements are disrupting old-style operations. Additionally, traditional value chains are also on the move. Hardware Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) are moving to capitalize on software and services models. Original Design Manufacturers (ODMs) […]

Carrier Aggregation: An Opportunity For Operators And Handset OEMs, But Is The U.S. Behind?

The world of mobile never stops moving, and one of the most important drivers of mobile’s continued evolution has been the constant improvement in wireless connectivity. This has been dramatically improved with the advent of 3G and LTE, but LTE is starting to see its limitations, and we are starting to see a need for […]

Four Fundamental Shifts Required for Improved Population Health

health economy

Healthcare costs are skyrocketing in this country for the treatment of disease and injury. We have seen increasing focus on prevention and wellness as the cure to the economic ills of the health system. Unfortunately, little progress has been made historically in wellness, prevention and disease management efforts. But that is poised to change. There […]

Moor To The Story: Intel And Rackspace Announce ‘Cloud For All’


William Stanley Jevons (Image: Wikimedia Commons) In an effort to accelerate cloud adoption in the marketplace, Intel Corporation and Rackspace Hosting announced an aggressive campaign to accelerate cloud adoption. They cite Jevons paradox (normally used in energy consumption) which states, in effect, that when technology advances so do efficiency and efficacy, and user demand increases. Under this assumption, […]

RESEARCH BRIEF: Can Jabil Revolutionize the Supply Chain?


The digital economy is changing the game for supply chain customers. Value chains are shifting rapidly, while technology advancements are disrupting old-style operations. Additionally, traditional value chains are also on the move. Hardware Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) are moving to capitalize on software and services models. Original Design Manufacturers (ODMs) are moving into the OEM […]

Why You Should Care About NFV


As businesses hurtle headlong into the world of cloud computing they are trying to accelerate their IT deployments in order to move faster than the other guy. In this world, virtualization—a mainstay in the storage and computing areas—finally makes it to networking through technologies like Software Defined Networking (SDN) and Network Function Virtualization (NFV). SDN […]

Why Are IDC And Gartner’s PC Market Stats Different, And Does It Even Matter?


Gartner and IDC are getting a lot of attention about their recent PC market statistics. It’s important to understand what the reports mean and don’t mean if you are to understand where OEMs Dell, Hewlett-Packard, Lenovo sit and where chip makers Advanced Micro Devices, Intel and NVIDIA lie. The PC market is declining…quickly. The good people at Statista created a […]

What’s Driving All The Home Automation Growth?


Home Automation (Credit: Mark Moz) I’ve been thinking a lot lately about what exactly is driving the recent explosion of home automation applications and equipment. Over the past few years we have seen a great deal of change. The plethora of equipment includes (and this is a small sample, not an exhaustive list): Do it […]

lAC’s HomeAdvisor Is One To Watch In The Growing “Humans As A Service” (HaaS) Business


I have become recently fascinated with what some have referred to as “People as a Service”. Because “PaaS” was already taken as a tech acronym as “platform as a service”, I’ll call it “HaaS”, or “Humans as a Service”, for short. HaaS refers to the growing business of digitally mechanizing and monetizing people’s fractional time. […]

Are Consumer Networking Products Threatening Business Security?


Security challenges are on the rise and a disproportionate amount of time and money is being spent to counter the intrusions and risks that lurk behind every door. While businesses may rely on enterprise-class networking security from companies like Cisco Systems, Fortinet, Checkpoint Systems or Palo Alto Networks, it is consumer products from the likes […]

Improving Population Health Tip #1: Stop Penalizing the Healthy

There are both hidden and obvious costs to being healthy. And they drive how we feel about a host of economic issues that surround traditional health care, from how we’re treated when we get sick to how much we pay into a reimbursement system versus how much we get out. In fact, if we’re in […]

Should Cisco Systems, PTC Thingworx, IBM, And Zebra Technologies Fear Ayla Networks IoT Platform?


After recent conversations with Ayla Networks, I’m wondering if the “big dog” IoT Platform players, like PTC Inc.’s Thingworx, Cisco Systems, IBM, Zebra Technologies Corporation, etc., are really the ones to be watching when thinking about IoT platform technology. In a discussion early this year at the IoT Global Innovations Forum, an IoT industry consultant […]

Our Analysis Shows CPU Core Count A Poor Proxy For Smartphone Experience And Performance


Top Android Smartphones Tested From HTC, LG, Samsung Electronics, Xiaomi Over the course of my years in the IT industry, I have seen the ethos around device experience and performance as ever-changing. One thing always seems to crop back up every time we see a new compute platform arise as the primary platform whether it […]

Did Microsoft Keep The $2.5B Minecraft “Real” At This Year’s Minecon 2015?


Minecon 2015 Opening Ceremony (Credit: Patrick Moorhead) I attended Minecon 2015 last week in London, which, according to The Guinness Book of World’s Records, was the largest gathering for any single game. Over 10,000 Minecraft players, YouTubers, merchandise sellers, server providers and yes, Microsoft, came together to celebrate all things Minecraft. Beyond attending Minecon to spend […]