24 Jun2019 Moor Insights & Strategy Analyst Coverage At HPE Discover 2019

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Blogs/Articles: HPE Delivers Storage And Convergence At Discover 2019 (June 18, 2019) Aruba Shines At HPE Discover 2019 (June 20, 2019) HPE Discover 2019: GreenLake, Edge, And Intelligence Rule The Day (June 20, 2019) HPE Reveals Its XaaS, HCI, AI, And Storage Hand At Las Vegas Discover 2019 (June 24, 2019)

21 Jun2019 HP Takes Innovation Past Thin, Light And Low Power At Computex 2019

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Last week at Computex 2019 in Taipei, Taiwan, HP Inc., announced its updated lineups of business and consumer laptops that you can expect to see for corporate Windows 10 refreshes and the “back to school” buying season. HP Inc. announced growth last quarter in its PC business with a 2% improvement and big commercial gains […]

20 Jun2019 Qualcomm And Lenovo Announce The World’s First Prototype 5G PC

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Qualcomm is on a roll, its 5G modem leadership solidified by recent partner 5G announcements across carriers in the US, Europe, and Asia. While nearly all of these 5G devices have been smartphones, many have wondered when the first 5G PC would hit the scene. That question was answered at Computex 2019, with Qualcomm and Lenovo ’s joint […]

20 Jun2019 Dell Methodically Improves XPS, Alienware, Precision And Inspiron Lineup At Computex 2019

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This year at Computex 2019 in Taipei, Taiwan, Dell announced its new 2019 consumer laptops and workstation lineup. Moor Insights & Strategy analyst Anshel Sag was on the ground in Taipei, and I took in the show from the Austin office.  These Dell announcements were the big follow-on to Dell’s CES announcements I covered here. While […]

19 Jun2019 Intel Charts A New Course With 10th Gen Core And Project Athena

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Intel is in the midst of a reinvention process, marked by a few missteps from the company on the manufacturing side and a change of leadership at the top. The company recently exited the 5G smartphone modem business and attempting to get back on track with its 10nm manufacturing process node. Intel is also facing competitive […]

17 Jun2019 RESEARCH PAPER: Lenovo’s Scalable Solutions For SAP Applications

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Businesses undergo digital transformation to make smarter decisions faster. As a result, digital transformation drives businesses to embrace new IT architectures as they try to take advantage of new data sources and make better decisions. SAP is a leader in providing the software to help automate, run and bring insight to enterprises, but achieving business […]

10 Jun2019 Moor Insights & Strategy Analyst Coverage At Computex 2019

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Blogs/Articles NVIDIA’s Journey To Improve High-Performance Laptops Deserves Kudos, by Patrick Moorhead HP Takes Innovation Past Thin, Light And Low Power At Computex 2019, by Patrick Moorhead Dell Methodically Improves XPS, Alienware, Precision And Inspiron Lineup At Computex 2019, by Patrick Moorhead Qualcomm And Lenovo Announce The World’s First Prototype 5G PC, by Anshel Sag […]

05 Jun2019 Apple Throws Down The Security And Privacy Gauntlet At WWDC

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Apple customarily unveils several new software changes for its mobile and desktop products in June. This year’s WWDC19 event, held at the San Jose Convention Center with over 6,000 global attendees from 77 countries, didn’t disappoint and included some big hardware news for users who use Mac Pro desktops for professional video and media editing. There […]

03 Jun2019 NovuMind: An Early AI Chip Startup

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Last fall, a bit of nerdy controversy arose around AI chip startup NovuMind when the company announced its first low-power chip for processing neural networks. The company claimed that its patented design could natively process 3-D tensor data far more efficiently than other designs that require pre-processing the 3D tensors into 2D matrices. NovuMind portrayed […]

31 May2019 ARM’s New Mali D77 Processor Is All About VR

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Many are familiar with ARM and its CPUs and GPUs. They are found in billions of devices around the world and help to power some of the fastest SoCs inside today’s leading smartphones. However, ARM also makes a whole host of other processors, including neural processing units (NPUs) for AI and display processing units (DPUs) […]

31 May2019 ARM Unveils Latest Cores At Computex 2019

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Every year, like clockwork, ARM unveils its latest processing core designs at Computex. ARM makes a habit of increasing performance by double digits almost every single release (which its competitors can’t claim). I believe these double-digit performance increases have enabled the ARM ecosystem to grow to a point where ARM cores are prevalent in nearly […]

30 May2019 IBM Makes The Mainframe More Accessible With New ‘Tailored Fit Pricing’ Program

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If you have followed my datacenter research and writing over the past decade, I have focused on X86, POWER, Arm, and accelerated infrastructure. Given the rise of cloud models and the reality that many mission-critical enterprise apps are staying on the mainframe, I felt it time I started to give the platform more attention. IBM’s […]

30 May2019 Is It Too Late For Juniper Networks To Catch Up With Cisco And Aruba?

Cisco Systems’ impressive earnings performance this week begs a question: why has Juniper Systems annual revenue somewhat stalled? For the past few years, Juniper has seemingly been playing catch-up relative to the heavyweight enterprise networking solution providers. A history of non-accretive acquisitions, multiple runs at building out a Wi-Fi portfolio, misses in delivering software-defined networking (SDN) […]

29 May2019 RESEARCH PAPER: NovuMind: An Early Entrant In AI Silicon

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NovuMind is a Silicon Valley startup that builds full-stack Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions, AI models, algorithms, boards, chips, and intellectual property for both cloud and edge applications. The company focuses on AI inference where a trained deep neural network is used to process images, sound, speeches and other types of information. The market for inference […]

24 May2019 AMD And Cray Win Frontier Supercomputer DOE Deal

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When I was a VP at AMD in 2016, I worked with a talented team on a new supercomputing platform that married AMD EPYC with Radeon Instinct GPUs, interconnected over the AMD Infinity Fabric. While that product was shelved, a successor of that idea will power what will likely be the fastest supercomputer in the world, called […]

22 May2019 The Name Of The Game At Lenovo Accelerate 2019 Was ‘Intelligent Transformation’

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Last week, I attended Lenovo Accelerate 2019 in Orlando, Florida. It was an exciting event, and not because it took me 13 hours to get there from Austin, but rather, the content. This year, Lenovo combined its business partner event, Accelerate, and its premier customer event, Transform, into one big event around the theme of […]

22 May2019 Lattice Semiconductor Looks Like A Different Company At Its Financial Analyst Day

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Monday, Lattice Semiconductor held its Financial Analyst Day (FAD), which I attended in person at the NASDAQ MarketSite in Times Square in New York City. This is a day, like all major public companies have, where senior management discusses their plans for the future with its major institutional investors and a handful of press and […]

21 May2019 Decoding 5G Standards, Spectrum, And Carriers

The 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) is tasked with setting the standards for wireless wide area networking and mobile communications. As its name might indicate, this started with 3G, the network standard supported on the first Apple iPhone back in the early 2000s. Today, the 3GPP covers existing 2G, 3G, and 4G LTE infrastructure as well as future […]

15 May2019 Who Is ‘Really’ Leading In Mobile 5G, Part 1: Tech Innovations And Standards

Note: Moor Insights & Strategy analyst Anshel Sag contributed significantly to this article.   5G is a new technology that everyone, including U.S. President Donald Trump, is talking about. So, naturally, everyone wants to talk about 5G and how they are leading in the space. However, the reality is that mobile 5G is a broadly encompassing […]

15 May2019 ON Semiconductor And Globalfoundries Both Win With Its $430M Fab 10 Deal

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Last month, ON Semiconductor and Globalfoundries announced a $430 million agreement to transfer ownership of Globalfoundries 300mm Fab 10 in East Fishkill, New York, to ON Semiconductor. While the deal is still pending regulatory approval and closing conditions, I wanted to give my quick take on the news. The deal The transition of ownership of […]