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19 May IFS World Conference: It is True — Enterprise Application Vendors Must Embrace The Internet of Things (IoT) or Die Trying


  Recently, I had the pleasure of attending the IFS World Conference in Boston MA.  IFS is virtually unknown in North America, but their legacy and reputation has been strong since its founding in 1983 in Linköping, Sweden.  The company develops Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Enterprise Service Management (ESM), and Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) solutions. [...]

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30 Apr Migrating Applications to the Cloud: Security, Scalability, and Sensibility Rule The Day

There are many good reasons to move from legacy infrastructure on servers to cloud-enabled solutions.  Most revolve around reducing operating costs and making your business more nimble.  However, moving to the cloud will not solve all your application ills. The benefits, in most cases, outweigh the downs. Depending on the application, vendors need to make [...]

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28 Apr RESEARCH PAPER: HP’s Vision for Tomorrow’s IT


The forces of mobility, cloud, security, and big data are driving a sea change in the role of IT. Their combined impact is creating new business opportunities while simultaneously transforming the customer engagement model. Faced with this environment, today’s traditional hardware-centric view of IT and slow pace of innovation cannot meet future business requirements in a [...]

27 Apr RESEARCH BRIEF: Fifty Shades of Open Networking


Most networking vendors are getting on the “open networking” bandwagon, but unfortunately many appear to be approaching it defensively with a foot in both the proprietary and open camps. They see open networking as a hedge against a market that is pushing towards more openness, while they hope to keep selling proprietary products. The continuum of offerings [...]

26 Apr NVIDIA SHIELD: What You May Not Understand About The New 4K Streamer


In the consumer space, NVIDIA has dedicated much of the last four years building up their gaming footprint by investing to improve the overall gaming experience, wherever the gamer wants to game. NVIDIA is currently delivering leadership products and technologies in gaming tablets, handheld gaming, the highest-end gaming PCs and cloud gaming. The gaming console eluded NVIDIA [...]

24 Apr Apple Watch: The First 24 Hours


I’ve been using the Apple Watch for about 24 hours now and I wanted to share my top 10 quick learnings that I had with the device. I attended both of Apple’s Watch launch events and got to use Apple Watch, but nothing beats loading your own apps and data to get a better look at the [...]

22 Apr HP Cloud is Dead: Long Live HP Cloud

Mark Twain once said, “The reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated.” In that vein, maybe Meg Whitman would say, “The rumors of our HP’s Public Cloud’s death have been greatly exaggerated”. There is no doubt that HP’s future in the Public Cloud market is going to be challenged, especially in light of the [...]

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20 Apr Surprise, Samsung Also Has Cost Disadvantage With Exynos And Its Modems


Samsung Electronics has had a tough going lately. They’ve been losing smartphone market share to Apple at the high end and to local heroes at the lower end. It’s not all doom and gloom though, as their chip business, which had been losing lots of money, has been doing well recently. A lot of that had to [...]

10 Apr VR is About to Take Off- Musings After Attending VR LA

HTC Re Vive

There’s no denying that VR has been a hot topic on the tongues of many out there, some with serious ambitions, others mostly with empty ones. I recently was able to attend an event in Los Angeles by the name of VR LA, which was started by a small team of people passionate about VR, [...]

09 Apr Apple MacBook Review: Redefining The Ultrathin Notebook Experience


As I have explained before, I’m an industry analyst, not a reviewer, but I do review important, new category products to better understand new usage models and the potential for category and/or vendor share shift. I had the chance to use the new Apple MacBook for the last week as my primary notebook and I want to [...]