27 Jul2016 RESEARCH PAPER: OpenStack Network Maturity

The maturity of OpenStack is accelerating the move to cloud technology, enabling businesses to stand up their own private clouds as well as allowing telecom and cloud service providers (CSPs) to expand their public cloud offerings more easily. While networking was often cited as an OpenStack inhibitor in the past, we increasingly see improvements and alternatives that are […]

26 Jul2016 RESEARCH PAPER: Dell Bets on Intelligent Automation for Converged Systems Strategy

Converged Systems are an increasingly important segment of IT Infrastructure, as they provide increased agility and time-to-market for delivering private clouds. Moor Insights & Strategy (MI&S) sees the infrastructure market transitioning from a hardware-centric deployment and management approach to an approach that is defined by the services that are being delivered by the cloud. One of the key enablers […]

12 Jul2016 Pokémon GO And Google Tango Would Be A Match Made In Heaven

(Image source: Anshel Sag) In less than a week after its release Pokémon GO has become a global phenomenon. According to SimilarWeb, Pokémon GO has surpassed Tinder in the US for installs on Android devices. It has also nearly passed Twitter for daily active US users. Currently, the US, New Zealand and Australia are the only […]

11 Jul2016 RESEARCH PAPER: Service-Defined Infrastructure Will Shape Future Converged Systems

Many view a hybrid cloud deployment model as the path to the flexibility for both traditional and cloud-native workloads. On the private cloud side, converged systems have emerged as an approach for IT to improve efficiencies and lower overall costs. On the public cloud side, IT organizations value the ability to stand up infrastructure in minutes without worrying about […]

11 Jul2016 RESEARCH PAPER: Dell Streamlines Converged Systems Business to Align with Market Needs

IT organizations are quickly increasing their scope to provide applications and services that drive competitive differentiation for the business. Many IT organizations see the hybrid cloud as the path to stay on pace with market requirements and help drive long-term business growth. This change in IT requirements is driving a shift in the market to infrastructure that is […]

11 Jul2016 Software Is Eating The Network, Through SDNO

Back in 2011, Marc Andressen famously made the statement “software is eating the world.” The network is now on software’s plate. We are seeing software-defined networking and software-defined storage starting to come into the mainstream, joining software-defined servers—or what has traditionally been called “virtualization.” As infrastructure starts to become more amorphous as  to virtualized software […]

11 Jul2016 RESEARCH PAPER: Software-Defined Network Orchestration Arrives

Business transformation is happening as companies exploit technology to drive a competitive edge. But manually managing the pace of change in today’s constrained networks is breaking the business model and holding companies back from the innovation they seek. To be more agile, businesses need to address their network orchestration with tools that can automate the management and configurations of […]

07 Jul2016 NVIDIA Rounds Out Pascal-Based GeForce Lineup With GTX 1060 And New Software Features

NVIDIA has been working hard to progress forward their new Pascal family of GPUs ever since their announcement at Dreamhack in May 2016 in my hometown, Austin, TX. The announcement included two of NVIDIA’s newest GPUs, the GTX 1080 and GTX 1070, both of which are somewhat available now. I worked with my colleague, Anshel Sag, […]

05 Jul2016 The Latest IT Transformation Is Being Led By The Phone Company

I recently spent a week in Berlin attending the OPNFV Summit, the conference for the group building a common, open source platform for hosting virtualized network functions (VNFs) like firewalls, monitoring and load balancers. OPNFV’s goal is to deliver a standardized, open source platform for VNFs that carriers like AT&T, China Mobile, Deutsche Telekom, Telefonica […]

05 Jul2016 RESEARCH PAPER: Campus Networking Transformation

Post Image

Every business today, small to large, is compelled to be more agile and flexible in order to respond to business changes. Mid-market businesses—the medium-sized part of the market that is both large and fast growing—face a particular challenge in the campus networks that connect all of the end users in their workspaces throughout the organization, due to the complexity […]

01 Jul2016 Are BMW, Intel, And Mobileye The New Dream Team For Automated Driving?

BMW, Intel and Mobileye have announced today that they are joining forces to create what they hope will become an industry standard platform for safe automated driving. BMW plans to integrate Intel and Mobileye technologies into BMW’s “iNext” platform, the company’s target vehicle for fully automated (driverless) cars in 2021. What sets this announcement apart is […]

30 Jun2016 Security Must Lead The Cloud Migration Conversation

Recent attacks within US Government personnel systems have brought to light how securing electronic devices, networks, proprietary data and information from incursions by hackers and spies is of paramount concern to organizations public or private. Attacks on these systems should have been prevented by limiting contractor direct access to data systems by foreign nationals and […]

29 Jun2016 AMD Radeon RX 480 Delivers High Quality VR At An Affordable Price

(Source: Advanced Micro Devices) There is no doubt in my mind that many gamers have been waiting for this day for quite some time. Today marks the launch of Advanced Micro Devices’ (AMD) new Radeon RX 480 GPU, the company’s first VR-capable GPU that is sold for $199. This GPU is AMD’s first new major […]

29 Jun2016 Google Daydream VR: Google’s Way of Addressing Virtual Reality

(Source: Google) For quite some time many of us have been waiting for the major players in the technology space to reveal their cards in the VR space. We have long known that Apple, Google and Microsoft were all looking to enter the VR space and had projects in development. Google’s play would very likely build upon […]

28 Jun2016 Can Intel’s New Knights Landing Chip Compete With NVIDIA For Deep Learning?

Intel finally launched the highly anticipated “Knights Landing” (KNL) version of their Many Integrated Core (MIC) Xeon Phi processor at this years’ international supercomputing event (now called ISC High Performance), targeting High Performance Computing (HPC) and the white-hot market for training Deep Neural Networks (DNNs). DNNs are used to power everything from the ads you see […]

28 Jun2016 Cisco’s Networking Academy Trains 1M Students Per Year To Fill 8M Networking Jobs

This week I close out my examination of Cisco Systems’ CSR (corporate social responsibility) programs, with a closer look at one of their flagship initiatives—the Cisco Networking Academy referred to as “NetAcad”. This follows my holistic look at the CSR program and my deep-dive on TacOps and community partners. In terms of tangible impact, this 20-year […]

27 Jun2016 HPE Discover Conference Day Two: Top Industry Analyst Takeaways

Late last week, I published my Day One overview analysis of the Hewlett Packard Enterprise Discover event, which I attended June 7-9, and today I’ll continue with my overview analysis of Day Two. Day One was dominated by customer testimonials and products announcements enveloped in thought-leadership discussions related to the “Idea Economy” and Digital Transformation. […]

27 Jun2016 Why Electronic Medical Records Are Not Patient-Centric

Current information technology is lacking an efficient and comprehensive solution to everyday care for the healthcare provider and patient. For many physicians, there is a forced acceptance of the electronic medical record (EMR). Providers have choices from EMR vendors like athenahealth, Cerner, eClinicalWorks, Epic, General Electric’s GE Healthcare and many others. But there is a general […]

26 Jun2016 Qualcomm Demonstrates First Sub-6 GHz 5G New Radio Prototype At MWC Shanghai 2016

You may not know this, but on-time delivery at expected performance with 5G is being determined right now in engineering labs across the globe. This is true even though end user deployments won’t be for another three to four years. You see, the ground is being laid right now with manufacturers, operators and standards bodies. […]

23 Jun2016 Samsung Embraces Both Public And Private Cloud With Joyent Acquisition

As the mobile industry growth slows and looks to growth in IoT, companies like Samsung Electronics are looking for ways to initiate change or adapt to the new climate around them. One of the ways mobile companies are going to be profitable in the future is through offering, building and sometimes hosting those services beyond just […]