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18 Jul Is ARM the Secret Winner in the Human IOT Race?


        With all the churn going on in the Human (wearables, home automation) side of the IoT space not many folks are going out on a limb to call winners and losers yet. There are going to be many winners (and losers) over time in Human IoT, but right now I’m going to [...]

16 Jul iOS App Comparison of IBM, SAP, Oracle and Salesforce

Oracle iPad

The following are screen shots taken from the Apple App Store on July 16, 2014. Click on the images to see a detailed screenshot.

15 Jul Thread: And Then There Were Three…

Thread Group

      Yesterday a group of companies including Samsung and Nest Labs banded together to create Thread Group, the latest in IoT consortium “Start-ups”.  Joining the Open Interconnect Consortium (OIC) announced last week and the AllSeen Alliance announced in December we now have 3 different groups proving how important IoT will be, and just how [...]

10 Jul RESEARCH PAPER: Wireless Technologies for Home Automation


Simply put, there are too many choices for today’s low-end mainstream1 and DIY2 consumer when it comes to connecting the new breed of Home Automation (HA) equipment. With the plethora of thermostats, lights, locks and consumer friendly HA devices hitting the market from Nest, Philips, Belkin, Honeywell, Insteon, Schlage and others, it has become increasingly difficult [...]

02 Jul RESEARCH PAPER: Enable Rack Level Scale-Out Domains with RoCE and AppliedMicro X-Weave


Hyperscale datacenter operators want to expand the compute capacity of their server racks. Some server vendors are reacting by creating dense chassis that absorb the functionality of mid-rack switches, to the point where they are also capable of bypassing the top of rack (TOR) switch and connecting directly to the end of row (EOR) switch. [...]

30 Jun RESEARCH PAPER: The Rx for 5G RF

inst (1)

The Internet of Things explosion has led to a severe wireless spectrum shortage, driving researchers to seek new ways to alleviate the bandwidth crunch. Wireless researchers now plan for a 5th generation wireless standard (5G), which is expected to provide a 1000x increase in network capacity and arrive at the end of the decade. To enable 5G, [...]

26 Jun Apple v. Google: The Gloves Come Off in the Home

Apple - Google the Gloves Come Off

With the announcement this week of Nest Labs purchase of Dropcam, along with their announcement of a new developer platform, including API’s, Google has finally given us an inkling as to where they are going with their home automation strategy. Apple revealed their plans a few weeks ago at their World Wide Developer’s Conference, when [...]

24 Jun Dell Serves Up New Round of Datacenter Appliances

Demo Rack from Dell World 2013

Dell is borrowing the concept of a datacenter appliance from their Oracle partnership to bring relevant datacenter appliances to a much wider audience. Oracle’s “engineered systems” and IBM’s “expert integrated systems” are aimed at larger budget, sophisticated buyers. Dell is committing to deliver “standards-based” hardware, which builds on x86 processors as the common denominator (as [...]

24 Jun Bluetooth Smart, A Natural Fit for Home Automation

Bluetooth Smart Logo

As I pointed out in my last blog, one of the major impediments in the expansion of home automation technologies is the lack of a single architecture or standard to pull it all together. Some think that that standard is here with Bluetooth 4.0 or Bluetooth Smart. BT is already the crowned king of wireless headsets for [...]

23 Jun The Elusive Chase for the Automated Home

Home Automation

Back in December, Patrick Moorhead wrote a piece on Revolv and his experiences with integrating it into his Home Automation (HA) system, a key piece of the ubiquitous Home Internet of Things (HIoT). Pat gave the Revolv Smart Home Hub and App a run-through by actually using it in his home and concluded that Revolv’s [...]

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