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29 Sep RESEARCH PAPER: The First Enterprise Class 64-Bit ARMV8 Server, HP Moonshot System’s HP Proliant M400 Server Cartridge


Ubiquitous cloud-enabled smart devices are a driving force behind a major shift in IT infrastructure. Service providers deploying context-rich services to these devices are building massive new datacenter capacity and looking to their vendors to optimize infrastructure for their specific workloads. But given the rapid rate of workload and application evolution, infrastructure optimization will be a continuous process [...]

27 Sep RESEARCH PAPER: HP: Protecting Printers With Enterprise Grade Security


In today’s Internet of Things (IoT) environment, security is not only critical, it’s essential. Newly connected IoT devices such as thermostats, vending machines, HDTV’s and wearables create some of the largest potential security gaps in the IT infrastructure. As users demand mobility, cloud-based applications and collaboration, both inside and outside their company or organizations firewalls, the threat [...]

22 Sep Apple Watch: The New Controller for Home Automation?

Apple Watch

By now I think everyone interested in technology has dissected every word of Apple’s announcements last week of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, along with the Apple Watch.  As someone who is interested in home automation, I was rather disappointed by the fact that there were no announcements on HomeKit [though none were [...]

12 Sep Apple Legitimizes The Smartwatch Category: Part 1 Style And Social Acceptance

Tuesday, I attended Apple’s launch event in Cupertino where they announced the new iPhone 6, Apple Pay and the Apple Watch. I have followed the smartwatch market for years and, to put it bluntly, don’t think any of the smartwatches were ready for mass adoption. Additionally, I chronicled my personal use of 11 different watches, and while [...]

11 Sep Intel’s SkyLake Promises Cable-Less PCs In 2015


I attended Intel’s Developer Forum (IDF) held this week in San Francisco. IDF, like other’s developer events, is intended to educate and excite hardware, software and service partners. At IDF, Intel also announced a bevy of products, technologies, and initiatives. I believe one of the most interesting announcements made were details on SkyLake, which has [...]

26 Aug IBM-Lenovo Server Agreement Basically A Done Deal


A few weeks ago, U.S. officials OK’d the way for Lenovo to acquire IBM’s x86-based server business for $2.3B. While other countries still need to approve the deal, the U.S. Treasury Department’s CFIUS (Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States) approval was the last real hurdle Lenovo had to overcome.  This is not to say another country’s approval isn’t [...]

26 Aug Curb Energy: Real-time Monitoring of Home Energy Usage

Curb Energy

Every now and then in our home town of Austin, TX we get the pleasure of visiting with a new start-up. Such was the case a few weeks ago when Paul Teich and I visited Curb Energy in the Capital Factory. In the Human IoT world of home automation we think of the panacea of [...]

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14 Aug SXSW Interactive Madness in . . . August?

MI&S at SXSW Interactive 2015

It’s that time of year again: SXSW Interactive (South by Southwest) happens to Austin each March, much like a force of nature, and we are now just about six months in front of it. That means it is time to vote on the content! SXSW built a tool called “PanelPicker” to start sorting through thousands [...]

11 Aug Intel’s 14nm Process Is Alive And Well, Thank You


Intel lifted the veil today on its 14nm process and shared many, many details on it. Had you read a few of the articles on it over the last month, you would have thought that its 14nm process had driven off the road and was stuck in a ditch. After spending the day in Portland, [...]

06 Aug Lenovo Yoga HD+ Tablet: A Good Example Of Why Lenovo Excels In Client Devices


Lenovo has been on quite a tear lately in client computing. In the last 12 months, they achieved the #1 PC market share position, the #3 mobility (phone+tablet) market share position, and is in the final throes of acquiring Motorola’s smartphone and smartwatch business. Lenovo has shown unique prowess in emerging regions and is also [...]