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RESEARCH PAPER: The Journey to Composable Infrastructure


Today’s digital economy is driving IT as a focal point for competitive differentiation. But siloed, traditional IT architectures often are not equipped to provide the flexibility that today’s business-critical applications require. In addition, many IT organizations are transitioning to a DevOps methodology for application development which involves continuous integration, automation, and measurement throughout the process. DevOps requires an agile infrastructure […]

RESEARCH BRIEF: Rambus Smart Data Acceleration


As an industry, if real progress is to be made towards the level of computing that the future mandates, then the way computing problems are attacked must change. The von Neumann execution model has and will continue to serve us well, but additional techniques must be brought to bear. The next logical focus area is data—how it is […]


You can download the benchmarks here. The following devices were tested: NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet K1 ($199) Apple iPad mini 2 ($269) Apple iPad Air ($369) Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+ ($699) Benchmarks used: Geekbench 3 Kraken 1.1 Octane 2 Basemark OS II V2.0 3DMARK Slingshot GFXBench Notes: MI&S still researching GeekBench MC to evaluate whether it […]

BENCHMARKS: Preliminary Apple iPad Pro Benchmarks

You can download all the gory details here. I will update this as I get more information and research some of the anomalies I found. Let me know if you have any questions or see any anomalies you’d like checked out. Notes: MI&S still researching GeekBench MC to evaluate whether it accurately reflects mobile software […]

RESEARCH BRIEF: Building the Ecosystem for ARM Servers

ARM Ecosystem Hyperscale Graphic

Enterprise IT and cloud service providers have shifted their focus away from server buying criteria that are based on performance-per-dollar and toward metrics that encompass total cost of ownership (TCO) for the lifecycle of a server. In addition, these organizations are moving away from a “one size fits all” approach to their server purchases and toward solutions that are […]

HP Inc. Takes Innovation Risks With New Line Of Commercial PCs

In the PC and mobile world, with new processor launches come refreshed product lines. HP Inc’s latest commercial offerings are no different as they’ve introduced the latest and greatest technologies into their new commercial laptops, SFF (small form factor) PCs and room computing solutions, including their AIOs (All-in-one). As Hewlett-Packard has split in two, the […]

Microsoft Truly Takes PC Hardware To New Levels With New Windows 10 Devices


Less than a month ago, I attended Microsoft’s Windows 10 Devices Day in New York City along with hundreds of journalists and around twenty other industry analysts from around the globe. This event’s purpose was to update the industry on Microsoft’s latest Windows hardware, as a follow up to the Windows 10 software launch earlier […]

To Consumers, Today’s Healthcare Approach Is Like Getting Stuck On Mars


In healthcare, consumers are once removed from not just payment, but also decision-making. In spite of this disintermediation, health and wellness is innately individual. In parallel, consumer adoption of health and wellness related technology is soaring. It begs the question: As digital health approaches critical mass, who will lead the charge for healthcare consumerization and […]

Fossil’s Entry Into Smartwatches Helps Legitimize The Wearable Technology Market


Fossil recently announced a line of smartwatches and so becomes one of the newest non-tech players in the wearable technology space. Companies like Nike, Under Armour, and Adidas have all made forays into wearable technology, but some of them have failed and others have yet to attain major success. Nike’s band was abandoned, and Under Armour’s device with […]

Dell World 2015 Published Papers and Articles

Moor Insights & Strategy analysts and technologists were in full force at this year’s Dell World 2015. Patrick Moorhead, Jimmy Pike, Gina Longoria, Chris Wilder and Mike Krell are all in attendance. Please find below the content released at the show. Papers RESEARCH PAPER/ Mike Krell: Dell—Taking Part of the Mystery Out of the Industrial […]

Dell And Microsoft Partnership Aims To De-Risk Hybrid Cloud Migration


Michael Dell & Satya Nadella announce Dell Hybrid Cloud System for Microsoft at Dell World 2015 (Photo credit: Patrick Moorhead) Today at Dell World in Austin, TX, Dell Inc. and Microsoft Corporation announced a new innovative product called Dell Hybrid Cloud System (DHCS) for Microsoft. Both Michael Dell and Satya Nadella were on stage, which translates […]

IoT Analytics At The Edge: Can Dell Make It A Reality?


Dell Edge Gateway 5000 (Source: Dell) The Internet of Things (IoT) has had at least a thousand definitions from end point, gateway, datacenter and cloud companies. Companies like Cisco Systems, Dell, Hewlett-Packard, IBM and Intel are talking a lot about IoT. But what is IoT really about? IoT is about making decisions at the right place and at […]

Agile IT Infrastructure: What Will It Take To Get There, And Does Dell Have What It Takes?


Modern IT organizations are in a state of major transition. Gone are the days where IT’s primary focus is to “keep the lights on” and save money. As technology plays an increasingly important role in all aspects of business, IT is now in the driver’s seat to help the business differentiate with new products, services, […]

RESEARCH PAPER: Dell—Taking Part of the Mystery Out of the Industrial Internet of Things

Dell Industrial IoT

Internet of Things (IoT) applications are real, today. Some organizations around the world are deploying IoT systems and reaping the benefits of smarter data gathering, analysis, and usage to optimize and adjust their operations. Most organizations, however, are not there yet. Specifically, in the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), corporations are just beginning to understand […]

RESEARCH BRIEF: Dell Engineered Solutions: IT Agility for the Modern Datacenter

Dell Engineered Solutions

Business leaders are pressing IT executives to help accelerate business growth through the delivery of new products, channels, and services that take advantage of trends such as cloud computing, mobility, the internet of things (IoT), and Big Data analytics. In a world where IT is both a competitive weapon and a source for disruption, IT organizations are under significant […]

Motorola Puts The Personal Touch On Smartwatches


Motorola recently introduced their latest version of the Moto 360 smartwatch. This version made improvements over the previous generation and fixed a lot of issues. Since Motorola Mobility was acquired by Lenovo, they’ve actually been given more resources and more power to do interesting things, and that includes expanding the scope of their Moto Maker program. By expanding […]

Motorola’s New Moto 360 – The Smartwatch that Delivers, Mostly

Moto 360 Gen 2

Motorola’s first generation Moto 360 was universally lauded as the best looking and functional smartwatch on the market, especially among the Android Wear watches. Even after Apple released the Apple Watch, many still believed the Moto 360 to be the truer to form watch on the market. But even being one of the best smart […]

Is “Home Automation As A Service” The Future?

As I prepare to head to CEDIA this week to visit with companies such as Comcast, Control4 Corporation, Core Brands Nortek, Honeywell International, Insteon, and Napco Security Technologies, I’ll be excited to see what’s new in the Home Automation space. Tradeshows are a fountain of information, and as I try to determine who (and what) consumers are […]

Amazon Fire Tablet Performs Quite Poorly, As One Would Expect For $50


Three weeks ago, launched their new Amazon Fire tablet in what sounded like an incredible $65 (without ads on the lock screen), $50 with ads. A few weeks back, I wrote here about a few things I thought were important to consumers to further research if they were considering buying the Fire for them or […]

Amazon Fire Tablet Benchmarks

You can download the benchmarking details here. This includes: System configurations System specifications Benchmark results Benchmarking Notes: Testing was conducted on October 11, 2015. Systems were run stock, were not jail-broken, with WiFi turned off, background apps closed, in the same room with the same ambient temperature. The only exception was where “WiFi on” was required by […]