29 Nov2016 RESEARCH PAPER: Predictive Maintenance: A Paradigm Shift

One of the keys to cost-effective and efficient operations for any business with a significant number of mechanical systems is its maintenance program. Programs vary widely depending on investment profile, but all have the singular objective of maximizing uptime and making operations as cost-effective as possible. You can download the paper here. Table of Contents Executive Summary Preventative […]

28 Nov2016 RESEARCH PAPER: The Dell EMC Networking Strategy

Dell EMC holds a substantial portion of the enterprise IT market. The combined entity has a commanding lead in enterprise storage as well as a top spot in server shipments. To bridge these two islands of technology, the company offers many connectivity options for the wide range of workloads where Dell EMC provides solutions. Dell EMC delivers its own […]

21 Nov2016 Intel’s Apollo Lake Processors Are At The Heart Of Intel’s IoT End Point Strategy

Intel’s perceived position externally in the broader IoT market had been viewed as a bit ambiguous when the company announced its major restructuring back in April of 2016 where the company cancelled many of its upcoming mobile processors. This was true even if mobile can, but doesn’t necessarily, mean IoT. Perception is perception. Now, the company has made progress shifting […]

21 Nov2016 Why Precise Optics Is Vital To The Growth Of The Internet Of Things

As the world of IoT (internet of things) expands, we begin to see that many of our connected devices need to ability to see the world around them to better understand their surroundings. Much of the machine learning abilities IoT devices have today are a direct result of computer vision capabilities which have evolved into the ability […]

21 Nov2016 Mellanox & HDR InfiniBand

As SC16 has ended, I find myself recapping the many things I saw that are noteworthy. For those of you who are not heavily involved in High Performance Computing (HPC), SC or Super Computing is the premier event where the HPC segment of the industry “struts its stuff”. Most things were not a surprise, but […]

21 Nov2016 Intel Commits To Nervana Roadmap For AI; First New Architecture In Decades

Intel hosted its inaugural “AI Day” in San Francisco Thursday to highlight the company’s strategy, products and ecosystem for the fast-growing market for chips that create Artificial Intelligence (AI). I came to the event anxious to learn whether the company would be bold enough to add a new architecture to their portfolio, namely the technology […]

18 Nov2016 Highlights From MI&S Analysts At #SC16

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High performance computing (HPC) is no longer the exclusive club for universities and national labs, it has extended to drug manufacturers, automakers, and now even the cloud giants like Azure, Google Cloud and Amazon AWS are getting into the action. The one show where everyone gets together to show off their HPC wares and research […]

18 Nov2016 With PowerAI, IBM Will Likely Accelerate Enterprise AI Trial And Adoption #SC16

While AI (artificial intelligence) has been around since the 50’s, IBM was the pioneer in the latest AI cycle with their own custom solution dubbed Watson. Ever since the introduction of Watson and its ability to beat Jeopardy Champion Ken Jennings, the company has been increasing its investment in the space. IBM Watson is now […]

18 Nov2016 What Does The Future Hold For NetApp?

The enterprise storage market is changing at a rapid pace. New technology inflection points such as flash-based arrays and software-defined storage have emerged to address the changing needs of today’s data-intensive workloads. In addition, public cloud-based storage offerings from vendors like Amazon.com, Microsoft and Google are making a permanent impact on enterprise storage economics and consumption models. […]

17 Nov2016 Intel Lays Out Their Comprehensive AI Strategy At Their First “AI Day”

I attended Intel’s event today on Intel AI (artificial intelligence) in San Francisco and wanted to share with you my quick observations: Intel CEO Brian Krzanich kicks off Intel AI Day (Image: Patrick Moorhead) AI compute background There are many flavors of AI: neural networks, LSTM, Belief Networks, etc. Neural networks for AI is currently split […]

17 Nov2016 NVIDIA Is Not Just Accelerating AI, It Aims To Reshape Computing

NVIDIA’s CEO, Jen-Hsun Huang, took the stage at the annual SuperComputing conference this week to share his vision with an enthusiastic crowd. The tireless cheerleader of deep learning and datacenter acceleration foresees a brave new world of computing, enabled by Artificial Intelligence (AI), and of course accelerated by the company’s GPUs. Armed with new partnerships, […]

17 Nov2016 The PC Industry Gets Personal Again, So What’s The Impact?

Sunrise (Image: Shutterstock) I have worked in tech for over 25 years in products, strategy, marketing, and as an industry analyst I have seen many varying approaches to determine what service and product experiences to create. All tech companies consider technology, customers, macro trends, profits, cost, supply chain, timing, etc., but all focus in on […]

16 Nov2016 Recommended Daily Security Allowance

I often say to people, “Just because you can connect something to the internet, that doesn’t mean you should connect something to the internet.” Sure, it would be great to be able to log into a baby monitor while you are on a trip. But let’s face it, what is the value of doing that […]

15 Nov2016 ONUG Provides A Front Line View In The War On Stagnant Networking

Twice a year the largest companies get together to help plot out the future. Businesses are now talking about digital transformation, changing their IT to adapt to the new age of digital information, analytics and cloud technologies. But their traditional networks are holding them back. Network innovation is starting to be driven by the buyers—not […]

15 Nov2016 RESEARCH PAPER: Lenovo: A Trusted Partner in HPC

When Lenovo purchased the IBM System x business in 2014, customers were naturally anxious to see how their relationship with their system vendor would change. This was especially true for their High Performance Computing customers who were accustomed to enjoying a close working relationship with experienced engineers and scientists. They wondered if the new company would exhibit the same […]

15 Nov2016 A Month With The iPhone 7 Plus, As A Lifetime Android User

(Photo credit: Anshel Sag) It’s been a month since I got the Apple iPhone 7 Plus. Full disclosure, I have never owned an Apple product in my life. Okay, I had an iPod shuffle for about a week or two and ended up returning it. I had experiences with Apple computers as a child in a […]

15 Nov2016 RESEARCH PAPER: Fall 2016 ONUG Meeting Highlights

Every six months, the Open Networking User Group (ONUG) gathers to discuss developments in open networking and focus on the work of their respective project teams. Each meeting brings ONUG closer to the goal of driving open networking requirements back to the market through a concerted effort to map user input and feedback into specific use cases that vendors […]

14 Nov2016 Xilinx Seeks To Mainstream FPGAs In The Datacenter

Why are so many companies suddenly jumping into the datacenter accelerator game? Major chip companies such as Intel, NVIDIA and Xilinx as well as startups such as Nervana (being acquired by Intel), Wave Computing, GraphCore, KnuPath and others are all vying for a piece of a rapidly growing market. That market consists primarily of just seven customers, […]

14 Nov2016 Could AMD’s New Software Be A Game Changer In The Datacenter?

Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) Radeon GPUs have been gaining popularity in gaming and virtual reality, thanks to the performance afforded by their use of 14nm FinFET manufacturing technology and High Bandwidth Memory, coupled with aggressive pricing. However, the company’s High Performance Computing (HPC) products, previously branded as AMD FirePro, have not gained much traction in spite […]

14 Nov2016 IoT Security: Deja Vu Or Part 2?

Update: On 3 November, Philips Lighting released a statement in reference to the Hue bulbs and the researchers’ findings noted in the below article. As Philips states, “The academics with whom we cooperated via our responsible disclosure process, merely demonstrated the possibility of an attack. They did not create a virus nor disclose information necessary […]