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02 Dec RESEARCH BRIEF: Moving Beyond CPUs in the Cloud: Will FPGAs Sink or Swim?


General-purpose server processors are reaching “diminishing returns” limits, as performance-per-watt improvements slow and workloads become more specialized. Certain workload classes are open to acceleration by compute offload or alternative (non-CPU) architectures including digital signal processors (DSP), graphics processing units (GPU), field programmable gate arrays (FPGA), and custom logic. While these accelerators historically have been attached to CPUs via offload interconnects, [...]

01 Dec Intel’s Basis Peak: Finally, Accurate Heart Rate Measurement In A Fitness Wearable


For years, I have been looking for a watch that, while running, could accurately and automatically measure, capture, and display my heart rate without the need for a chest strap or PC connection. Watch after new watch came out this year that claimed this, but none of the ones I tried could do this while [...]

17 Nov Intel Gets Their First AT&T LTE Voice-Data Win With Hybrid Phone-Tablet Device


As I’ve said many times, getting certified on an AT&T network on voice and data is recognized as one the most difficult networks if you are a chipmaker or a device maker. AT&T is “proud” of its networks, but if you can get your communications module and/or device (phone, tablet) certified there, there’s a good chance you [...]

14 Nov Cisco Systems Ekes Out an Earnings Win, Disappoints On Forecast


Cisco Systems has successfully managed to meet investors’ expectations while simultaneously beating Wall Street’s estimates for fiscal Q1 2015. Analysts had expected Cisco Systems’ non-GAAP EPS to be flat at $0.53 and revenue to be $12.2 billion, while Cisco Systems reported a non-GAAP earnings of $0.54 and revenue of $12.2 billion. While this is technically [...]

13 Nov RESEARCH PAPER: Highlights of the Fall 2014 ONUG Meeting


The Open Networking User Group (ONUG) recently met in New York City to review progress on their exiting open networking user cases and determine the next three areas that the group would focus.  Under the backdrop of networking giant Cisco announcing soft earnings, in part because of its customers’ desire to move to open networking, [...]

12 Nov Deus ex (Soft) Machina

A Hard Machine

I have been in the semiconductor industry for what most people would consider to be “a long time.” We don’t hear claims for new general purpose microprocessor core architectural advances very often. RISC, superscalar, superpipelined, out of order, multicore, and maybe a few others come to mind over the last couple of decades. State-of-the-art for [...]

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12 Nov Innovation Is Priority One At HP Inc.


For nearly 25 years, I have been analyzing Hewlett-Packard as a former competitor, former supplier and now industry analyst. Hewlett-Packard has been known for years as an innovator, one of the first relevant tech companies that created what is now known as Silicon Valley. That innovator status was questioned about mid-stream into former Mark Hurd’s CEO tenure [...]

12 Nov Cisco Systems Earnings Preview – The Balancing Act Continues


As Cisco Systems is expected to announce their earnings for the first fiscal quarter of 2015 today, the company faces a long list of challenges in order to meet or beat the expectations put on the company by analysts and investors, but their biggest challenges will be long-term, where open networking, SDN and the cloud are the [...]

11 Nov Amazon Echo: What You Need To Consider Before Buying


Amazon just recently announced what looks like a very innovative product, the Amazon Echo, a hybrid speaker with voice recognition to answer certain questions and do certain tasks. I have actually signed up for one for research purposes and know what I am getting into, but before you buy one, you really need to consider [...]

10 Nov Nvidia Well Positioned For The Holiday Tablet Selling Season


Nvidia has been on quite the tablet roll lately. Google just recently announced that their flagship 9″ tablet, the Nexus 9, manufactured by HTC, includes Nvidia’s Tegra K1 SoC with Kepler graphics inside. While components and graphics AIBs are Nvidia’s primary business, they also develop and sell their own branded tablets and devices under the “SHIELD” moniker. Interestingly, as [...]