19 Aug2019 Eargo: The Smart Hearing Aid Solution To Beat

According to the National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders (NIDCD), approximately 15% of American adults (nearly 38 million) aged 18 and over report some trouble hearing. Furthermore, the NIDCD states that age is a strong predictor of hearing loss among adults aged 20-69, with the most significant amount of hearing loss in the […]

19 Aug2019 Apple’s Purchase Of Intel’s Modem Business Is All About 5G

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This afternoon, it became official: pending regulatory approvals, Apple  will acquire the majority of ’s smartphone modem business. The deal includes IP, equipment, leases, and roughly 2,200 Intel employees, to the tune of roughly $1 billion. This was almost destined to be, from the very day that Apple announced Intel would be its modem supplier of choice. Intel […]

19 Aug2019 Who Is ‘Really’ Leading in Mobile 5G, Part 5: Global Carriers

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This article is Part 5 of 6 in Moor Insights & Strategy’s series on mobile 5G leadership, focusing on current (not future) global carrier deployment of 5G networks. In Part 1, we analyzed 5G intellectual property and patent leadership. In Part 2, we examined the 5G chipset ecosystem, and in Part 3we reviewed manufacturers integrating 5G components into […]

19 Aug2019 AMD-NVIDIA Competition Is Back In Mid-Range Consumer GPUs

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This year was a very interesting one in consumer technology, as AMD introduced new CPU and GPU architectures, and NVIDIA  continued to cement new technologies like ray tracing. Both companies made significant progress. NVIDIA’s RTX ray tracing capabilities launched in some of the biggest titles at E3 and between Computex and E3 this year, AMD unveiled its full […]

19 Aug2019 Why The T-Mobile-Sprint State AG Lawsuit Will Settle

It’s been a hard-fought battle for T-Mobile and Sprint, but last Friday the U.S. Department of Justice sided with the Federal Communications Commission in granting approval to the merger. There are conditions to the deal: the companies will divest prepaid businesses and spectrum to Dish Network and grant Dish access to the new T-Mobile ’s network and retail locations as […]

19 Aug2019 5-Month Review: Samsung’s Galaxy S10+ And Buds

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I’ve had the pleasure of using many Android devices, dating back to the Google  G1 and all the way up to the Galaxy S10. However, it’s not often I get an opportunity to review a smartphone with a complimentary pair of equally impressive earbuds. I have been using the Galaxy S10+ with the Galaxy Buds since they […]

19 Aug2019 AWS Reinforces Which Cloud Company Has The ‘Magic’ With Its Q2 Results

Last week was a fun one if you are into tracking quarterly cloud progress from Microsoft Azure, Google GCP, and Amazon AWS. While most of the stories have already been told about Microsoft and Google, I wanted to focus in on AWS’s quarterly performance as reflected in their earnings numbers. AWS reports numbers that are […]

19 Aug2019 The Qualcomm-Tencent Deal Demonstrates That The US And China Need Each Other

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Today, Qualcomm announced a sweeping, strategic collaboration agreement with Tencent Games covering 5G, smartphones, augmented and virtual reality, and personal computers. While I don’t pay too much attention to these kinds of non-binding, collaboration agreements, this one is interesting for many reasons above the current icy relationship between the US and China. While there wasn’t […]

19 Aug2019 Siggraph 2019: Having Experienced Ray Tracing, I Am Now Convinced It Is The Future

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Monday marked the start of Siggraph, the annual graphics conference, and I thought it was time to weigh in on ray tracing. I won’t personally be attending the show, but Moor Insights & Strategy analyst Anshel Sag will be. New technologies have come and gone for the past 100 years; some stick, most do not. […]

19 Aug2019 Former Synaptics CEO Rick Bergman Rejoins AMD To Lead PC And Semi-Custom Businesses

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AMD announced today that former CEO of Synaptics Inc., Rick Bergman, will be rejoining AMD to run what the company calls its “Computing and Graphics” (CG) business segment. The CG segment is its largest and includes its PC, gaming, and semi-custom businesses, which include the AMD Ryzen, Radeon and game console products and platforms. Last […]

06 Aug2019 Microsoft Wins Big In AT&T Cloud Deal Valued At $2B

The fight for cloud computing dominance is at its peak and the leaders are starting to show their faces. When it comes to IaaS, Amazon AWS has a big lead, followed by Microsoft Azure, IBM Cloud, Alibaba, and Google Cloud Platform. If you were wondering where Oracle was, Gartner doesn’t place the company in its […]

06 Aug2019 LG G8 ThinQ Impresses With Its Crystal OLED Sound Speaker And DAC

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In 2019 we have seen incredible innovations like a foldable smartphone, an in-screen fingerprint scanner, and even an in-screen camera. It is no secret that the LG G8 ThinQ isn’t the phone that everybody has been talking about in 2019. Not a lot has changed from last years LG G7, and it is getting difficult […]

06 Aug2019 Amazon Fire TV A Star Of Prime Day Sales

Unless you were living under a rock, you know that Amazon Prime Day, literally the biggest blow out shopping event only rivaling the holidays, took place last week. Amazon created Prime Day out of thin air and, for itself and partners, and it has brought much of the industry out of its summer shopping doldrums. […]

06 Aug2019 Intel Registers Solid Q2 Earnings And Its Future Opportunities Look Even Brighter

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I had the chance to talk with Intel CEO Bob Swan this week, which made earnings that much more interesting. We chatted about Intel’s long-term objectives and strategies, but before I dive into that, I wanted to touch on what Intel announced yesterday. Solid Q2 earnings Intel yesterday served up very solid earnings for Q2 […]

05 Aug2019 RESEARCH PAPER: Leveraging Server Architectures To Win In The Datacentric Era

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One of the trendy catchphrases for organizations going through digital transformation is“data is the new oil.” A more accurate phrasing of this statement is, “Data is the new crude oil and intelligence is the new gasoline.” An organization’s ability to transformpetabytes of data into meaningful intelligence enables differentiation in the marketplace. Data management is bigger […]

02 Aug2019 4 Cool Smart Home Products That Deserve Consideration

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Summer is finally here. I’ve recently come across a handful of new smart home products that are truly useful and game-changing—particularly if you’re spending more time indoors than usual hiding from the heat. Let’s dive in. Netgear Nighthawk AX12 Router satisfies your need for speed I’ll admit it: I’m a hopeless router fanatic, and I’m […]

02 Aug2019 4 Cord-Cutting Myths Dispelled

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It’s not an exaggeration to say that cord-cutting is now a national obsession. Millions of consumers have shed their cable and satellite subscriptions over the past ten years, and every major legacy cable and satellite company has suffered. Some choose to cut the cord in an attempt to save money. Some do it out of […]

02 Aug2019 Who Is ‘Really’ Leading in Mobile 5G, Part 4: Infrastructure Equipment Providers

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There’s lots of buzz these days around 5G and what it promises to deliver beyond today’s 4G LTE networks. Billions of dollars are being spent globally by carriers to upgrade their core and access networking infrastructure to support new services for consumers and businesses alike. This article is Part 4 of our series, focusing on […]

31 Jul2019 Frank Azor Joins AMD As ‘Chief Gaming Architect’

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Today, AMD confirmed the rumor that Frank Azor, formerly of Dell and Alienware, will be joining AMD to head up its cross-platform gaming efforts. I believe this is a big win for AMD as Azor is a gaming icon across the industry and has demonstrated he “gets” the gamer, game publisher, and, of course, the […]

31 Jul2019 AMD Radeon RX 5700 XT And 5700 Consumer GPU Product Reviews Indicate Its Degree Of Competitiveness

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Check out the coverage on AMD’s new 3rd Generation Ryzen desktop processors. Last Sunday, AMD officially announced the availability of its AMD Radeon RX 5700 series consumer graphics cards. Along with the new graphics cards, AMD announced its 3rd Gen Ryzen desktop processors which I wrote about last week here. Like Ryzens, the 5700 Series announcement was a […]