09 Aug2018 Qualcomm Removes Many Investor Unknowns At Its 3rd Quarter Earnings Announcement

While the biggest news of yesterday was that Qualcomm walked away from its NXP acquisition based on China inaction, I wanted to cover more broadly the totality of what was covered and more importantly, what it really means.  I believe that most of the Qualcomm future shareholder unknowns were cleared up and that is important […]

09 Aug2018 Summertime Brings New Consumer Tech Products

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Summer is here. While many folks are enjoying vacations, that doesn’t mean there aren’t interesting new consumer products appearing on the scene. In this week’s column, I look at 2 products: one in the security space, and one in the hearing enhancement category. Both of them are easy to use, and most importantly, address real […]

08 Aug2018 RESEARCH PAPER: The Business Value Of Portworx PX Enterprise

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Enterprises are rapidly embracing containers as a key technology enabler of cloud-native development methods. To develop and manage applications in containers at scale, enterprises are deploying container orchestrators, such as Kubernetes, both on-premises and in the cloud — often via a broader container-based platform. However, container management is just a first step as enterprises deploy applications to […]

23 Jul2018 Qualcomm Extends 5G RF Leadership With New 5G Modules

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The new Qualcomm QTM052 Antenna Module.  QUALCOMM The 5G race is in full swing, and there’s lots of competition for leadership in the space. Qualcomm has again and again re-asserted its dominance, vying against players like Intel , MediaTek and Samsung Electronics . Many companies made major announcements about their 5G ambitions around MWC earlier […]

23 Jul2018 Is White The New Color Of Networking?

AWS  has had a rough couple of weeks. Maybe it was stress-testing its flexible computing infrastructure power on Prime Day last week when the site crashed for hours (I eventually scored a great deal on some wireless cameras). Then there were the recent rumors of the online giant getting into the network switch business, followed by […]

23 Jul2018 Ookla Data Shows Unsurprisingly That Qualcomm-Based Smartphone Wireless Faster Than Apple iPhone’s

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OOKLA (OOKLA) Qualcomm issued some Ookla Speedtest data today that should surprise absolutely no one who understands modem and carrier network technology. Ookla’s recently-released user data showed that Qualcomm Snapdragon 845-based Android smartphones with the X20 modem outperformed the Apple iPhone X/8/7 between 192% and 11% on a variety of carrier network tests. The Ookla […]

20 Jul2018 An Update On Data Center FPGAs

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FPGAs from Intel and Xilinx  have been steadily carving out niches in datacenter applications where low power, high performance, and configurability may trump programming challenges. Xilinx and  AWS have been working with solution providers to create shrink-wrapped applications and tools which use AWS F1 FPGA instances, and Microsoft has recently announced some pretty stellar results […]

20 Jul2018 Mapbox Ushers In The Next Generation Of Mapping With New SDKs

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  A glimpse of the new Mapbox Vision SDK. MAPBOX Right now, a lot of people are very excited about the future of technologies like AR, VR, AI, and autonomous vehicles. However, as I’ve written before, most of these technologies are relatively useless without contextual awareness. I have also written in the past about the importance […]

20 Jul2018 HP Launches New Entry Workstation Lineup With The Z2 Mini G4 Stealing The Show

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Z2 Mini G4 HP Yesterday, Hewlett Packard Inc. launched “Z2,” a new family of entry-level workstations, along with a new supercharged business desktop with workstation ISC certifications. Workstations, for those unfamiliar with the term, are very high-end personal computers used by financial traders, 3D and 2D designers, movie studios—some are even embedded into advanced equipment like […]

19 Jul2018 First Impressions: Skydio R1 Raises The Bar For Drone Technology But It Will Cost You

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The new Skydio R1 drone.  SKYDIO Drones have become a mainstream product for businesses and consumers over the past five years, as functionality has expanded and pricing has dropped below $999. Companies like DJI, Yuneec, and Parrot have achieved significant market growth in the space, with affordable, relatively easy-to-use drones capable of capturing high-resolution (even 4K-class) […]

19 Jul2018 Isn’t It Time We Stop Calling Synaptics The “Touchpad” Company?

This week during our July 4th “break” I had been reading some articles about Synaptics. While Synaptics does still manufacture and has the dominant share in computer touchpads and fingerprint readers, most of its business is related to mobile and IoT, not just PCs. So, isn’t it time to ditch the “touchpad” moniker? I like […]

17 Jul2018 Lenovo Launches ThinkAgile CP “Composable Cloud” Platform

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ThinkAgile CP overview LENOVO The market for cloud services and private cloud software is booming based on IT’s desire to simplify and speed up its operations and therefore put more effort into strategic projects and applications. As a former IT practitioner, I cannot tell you how valuable this is, but how difficult it can be to […]

16 Jul2018 What Is Qualcomm Really Doing With Its Server Division?

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Qualcomm President Cristiano Amon talks growth opportunities at CES 2018 Since May, there has been a lot of rumor and speculation on what Qualcomm was going to do with its server division given CEO Steve Mollenkopf’s Wall Street 2018 promise to cut a billion dollars by 2019 expenses.  The news stories and headlines ranged from […]

16 Jul2018 Microsoft Updates Microsoft 365 With Free Teams, Workspace Analytics, AI Enhancements And Nudges

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Microsoft gearing up for Inspire 2018 partner show in Las Vegas July 16-18. MICROSOFT As I have said many times before, the stakes are very high in the space the industry refers to as “the future of work.” The future of work encompasses the new ways workers get things done in a modern age of heterogeneous […]

14 Jul2018 Is the Vive Pro Really Worth it?

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Credit: HTC Vive This blog was written by Patrick “Pico” Moorhead. You can see his bio below If you aren’t familiar with “VR” or virtual reality, it is an image or 360-degree world that is 3D to the eye, using two ocular lenses in a VR headset with a compute engine that drives the experience. […]

10 Jul2018 Inside IBM’s New FlashSystem 9100

It’s been a crowded season of storage industry announcements. It seemed like things were finally quieting down, but today IBM shook things up again with its announcement of a new end-to-end NVMe powerhouse storage solution, the IBM FlashSystem 9100. I’ve written previously about IBM’s current cadence of innovation. In addition to the new IBM FlashSystem […]

09 Jul2018 The New Microsoft Surface Go Finally Goes Head-To-Head With The Apple iPad

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The Surface Go MICROSOFT Since Microsoft introduced the Surface for Windows RT in 2012, the company never went directly head-to-head with the Apple iPad. For years, Microsoft and the Surface team intelligently focused on full-up, Windows detachable 2:1 computers that could run full Windows desktop programs and Store apps, and worked with multiple inputs- finger, keyboard, […]

09 Jul2018 HPE Aruba And Its Secret Competitive Weapon

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HPE Aruba logo. WILL TOWNSEND Before I was a tech analyst, I spent many years in product marketing at Dell , Compaq, and HP , on both the consumer and enterprise sides of the business. As such, I tend to geek out on technology. Naturally, I jumped at the invitation to tour Hewlett Packard Enterprise ‘s Aruba test […]

06 Jul2018 The 4 Biggest Takeaways From E3 2018

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The recent E3 video game conference in Los Angeles attracted over 69,000 attendees, including myself. The enthusiasm was palpable—there was so much ambient noise, I was tempted to wear my Boise noise cancellation headphones while walking the show floors. That inconvenience aside, there were a number of important messages that came out of E3 that […]

06 Jul2018 Samsung’s Galaxy S9+ Refines The Smartphone Formula

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The new Samsung Galaxy S9+.ANSHEL SAG I have been spending a lot of time with Samsung Electronics ’s latest phone, the Galaxy S9+. I’ve been carrying it, as well as the Apple iPhone X, Huawei P20 Pro, and Google  Pixel 2 XL, all around the world with me. Out of all of these, the phone that […]