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Innovation in information technology enables a competitive advantage and creates new monetization opportunities. But all too often, leadership struggles with complex legacy infrastructure, network security, data breach prevention and overall budget pressure. Simultaneously, organizations are challenged with addressing big data, IoT and edge computing in an effort to stay ahead of the competition. To achieve […]

02 Nov VMware Goes Deeper Into Networking With VeloCloud Acquisition

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VeloCloud corporate logo Today, VMware announced its intent to acquire start-up VeloCloud Networks. Founded in 2012 in Mountain View, CA , VeloCloud, has raised a significant amount of venture capital over the past five years due mostly to the company’s success in the software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN) space. The start-up would bring nearly 1,000 […]

27 Oct Would A T-Mobile/Sprint Marriage Be A Match Made In Heaven?

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Over the past month, the rumor mill has been grinding again about a possible merger between T-Mobile and Sprint Corporation. The plot thickened this week as both companies reported strong earnings but did not hold their typical investor calls. I wanted to dive a little deeper into the speculation and offer my take. A tale […]

19 Oct The AT&T Foundry Is On A Mission: Business Transformation

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  AT&T company logo Most dictionaries define a foundry as a place that facilitates the act, process, or art of casting molten metal. It’s an interesting name choice for AT&T ’s innovation labs, but I get the analogy. Recently, I had the opportunity to visit the first AT&T  Foundry facility, which was opened in Plano, […]

06 Oct Can Intent-Based Networking Solve The Data Breach Pandemic?

These days, it seems like there’s news of a new data breach almost daily. Has the move from on-premise to disaggregated computing and cloudification accelerated the problem? Are IT staff simply ill-equipped and over their heads when it comes to managing network security? I’ve written about intent-based networking in the past, which you can read […]

28 Sep There’s No Easy Button For Wireless Telco Digital Transformation

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Easy button I’ve been in the technology industry for nearly thirty years. It’s been an interesting ride—one that has taken me from personal computing, wireless infrastructure, semiconductors to software and more. Much of that path has been paved with buzz words and semi-cryptic terminology that often requires a decoder ring. The same goes for the […]


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Innovation in information technology enables the convergence of telecommunications and entertainment business models – distribution and content creation − and creates new monetization opportunities. Megamergers such as AT&T–Time Warner and Verizon–AOL have the potential to redefine entire business segments. However, a key underpinning to this success is the ability for IT organizations to standardize on […]

12 Sep The World’s Largest Telco Brand You Might Not Know

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Huawei Connect 2017 I had the opportunity to attend Huawei Connect in Shanghai last week. The iconic Chinese company (pronounced “wa-weigh,” by the way—many mispronounce the company’s name) established its roots in the southern city of Shenzhen in 1987, with a modest investment of 21,000 RMB (or $3,400 USD). Incubated in the first of five […]

30 Aug Intent-Based Networking And Why You Should Care

There is a lot of buzz these days around intent-based or driven networking:  a “smart” topology that possesses the capability to monitor overall network performance, identify issues, and solve problems automatically without manual intervention. The question is, is it real or just a pie-in-the sky reference architecture that is years away from reality? What are […]

18 Aug Fargo And The Slippery Slope Between Content And Over-The-Top Pure Play Services

“Don’t cha know-?” I’m a fan of the movie Fargo and an even bigger fan of the television adaptations on FX. Subsequently, I was excited to find all three seasons of the small screen anthology on my new SlingTV service last weekend. I had watched the first two seasons some time ago, so I kicked […]

09 Aug M&A Is In The Air And As AT&T Looks To Close Time Warner; Sprint And Charter Rumors Abound

It seems lately that the fastest path of transformation to carrier “smart pipes” is merger and acquisition.  As AT&T shuffles its executive management team in anticipation of the Time Warner close, new rumors are circulating around a Softbank, Sprint and Charter combination.  Can these different corporate cultures blend?  Can these organizations come together smoothly and […]

28 Jul Net Neutrality And Smart Pipes: The Game Is Changing For Verizon Wireless, O2 And Others

Net neutrality, we’ve all heard of it but do we understand the intricacies? Did Al Gore invent it? Fundamentally, net neutrality advocates for an unbiased treatment of data regardless of content, source, application or mode of delivery. As wireless broadband carriers transition what was once referred to as “dumb pipes” to a richer content delivery […]

19 Jul The Shape Of Things To Come? AT&T Rolls Out The Red Carpet In Hollywood

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I had the opportunity to spend two days with AT&T at its Shape Tech & Entertainment Expo. Over 10,000 attendees got a glimpse into the back lots of Warner Bros. Studios and what AT&T has in store as its acquisition of Time Warner is expected to close in the fall around Labor Day. (Source: Will […]

14 Jul Could Video Kill The (Wireless) Radio Star?

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As wireline and wireless services blur and converge, countless consumer and enterprise customers are evaluating the impact. Traditional cable companies are losing subscribers in droves with cord cutting in lieu of mobile consumption flexibility. The result is a fundamental shift in economics and consolidation across multiple industries including content / media, cable and wireless service […]

05 Jul Lost In Translation At Mobile World Congress Shanghai

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Ok my experience was nothing like the movie nor did it take place in Japan, but I had the opportunity to attend the GSMA Mobile World Congress in Shanghai, China last week. From drones to IoT to 5G infrastructure, the 650+ companies in attendance offered attendees a glimpse into the present and future of wireless […]

21 Jun Will 5G Change Lives? Infrastructure Providers, Carriers, Even Dell EMC And HPE Are Betting It Will

Do you feel the need for speed? Imagine the ability to move from 100s of megabits per second today to 10,000+ in the future on your smartphone or tablet. 5G will turn all of that into a reality. To badly misquote one of my favorite superheroes, “With great speed comes great performance.” Thus 5G has […]

13 Jun Verizon Closes Yahoo, Many Changes Ahead For Its Consolidated Media Services Subsidiary

Verizon Communications  announced today that it closed its acquisition of Yahoo for nearly $4.5B. It also closed the door on Marissa Mayer as she departs from the beleaguered internet company that she led since mid-2012. Two storied brands come together With the addition of Yahoo, Verizon is planning to consolidate its other holding of AOL […]

08 Jun Could Sprint Be The Comeback Kid?

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I have to admit, Paul the bespeckled “can you hear me now” guy always annoyed me when he hawked the Verizon service years ago on television. Now as the world all knows he’s moved to Sprint, as well as the actual actor I recently learned. I had the opportunity to learn more about Paul and […]

31 May It’s A 5G Land Of Confusion: AT&T And Verizon Muddy The Waters

5G, or Fifth Generation, is the next iteration of wireless telecommunications promising to deliver unbelievable speed to your mobile phone or connected device as well as support more devices, improve reliability, and deliver longer battery life. Published in March of this year, the new 5G Radio standard was set by the governing body 3GPP or 3rd Generation Partnership […]

25 May RESEARCH PAPER: HPE Synergy Helps Simplify Hybrid IT

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IT is undergoing a significant transformation as businesses look to streamline costs and roll out a new class of cloud-based applications driven by a changing digital economy accelerated by mobility, IoT, and AI. The IT infrastructure as we know it today is not well equipped to improve on the cost structure for traditional workloads nor […]