20 Mar IBM Simplifies Storage With Updated FlashSystem Line

You would never suspect, as you walk into the offices of IBM storage in North Carolina’s Research Triangle Park (RTP), that you’re entering the hallways of a nearly seventy-year-old enterprise. That’s how long it’s been since IBM invented the hard disk drive and spawned an industry. The offices are bright and open, full of palpable […]

10 Feb Scale Computing’s Edge-to-Enterprise HCI

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An unusual stir of excitement emanated from the universe of storage geeks who populate my twitter feed. Usually an unflappable bunch, Scale Computing’s demonstration of its HC3 hyperconverged solution running on Intel small form-factor NUC at a Tech Field Day event last November caught people’s attention. This isn’t how we are used to seeing HCI […]

22 Jan RESEARCH PAPER: Scale Computing HC3: A Qualitative Evaluation

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Simplicity is valued in nearly every area of enterprise IT but not often easy to deliver effectively. The past decade has seen the rise of a new kind of IT solution from which compute, storage and networking can be simplified into a single, easy-to-use system, and they can be delivered with enterprise-class scalability and reliability, […]

09 Jan RESEARCH PAPER: Storage For Container Deployments

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Containers provide a nearly unparalleled ability to efficiently deploy and manage application workloads and give enterprises the tools required to quickly, safely and easily deploy workloads across multi-site, multi-cloud infrastructure. Built on a foundation of simplicity, isolation and efficient resource sharing, they have become an indispensable tool for IT administrators and DevOps practitioners. You can […]

14 Nov NVIDIA Brings AI To DC

Nearly every enterprise is experimenting with artificial intelligence and deep learning. It seems like every week there’s a new survey out detailing the ever-increasing amount of focus that IT shops of all sizes put on the technology. If it’s true that data is the new currency, then it’s artificial intelligence that mines that data for […]

14 Nov IBM Launches New Storage Solutions Geared Towards AI And Container Environments

IBM lives at the intersection of disruptive technology and real-world solutions. There are no two more disruptive technologies in the enterprise today than artificial intelligence and containerized applications. Artificial intelligence is in the enterprise. Nearly every IT organization has either already deployed, or is preparing to deploy, some sort of AI solution. The problem with AI […]

26 Jun RESEARCH PAPER: Enterprise Machine & Deep Learning With Intelligent Storage

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Fueled by data, infrastructure advances, and the ubiquity of machine learning and deep learning (ML/DL) toolkits, artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions are fast becoming a mainstay in the enterprise data center. AI turns data into insights across a broad swath of enterprise verticals as diverse as automotive, healthcare, life sciences, finances, technology, retail, and beyond. Data […]