27 Sep RESEARCH PAPER: Accelerating IT Transformation Through Intelligent Automation In Server Infrastructure

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Today’s businesses are rapidly transforming to prepare for the changes taking place in the global economy. Consider the following: Between 2006 and 2016, eight of the top U.S. retailers saw their market cap decline by an average of 51 percent with the highest topping out at 96 percent. During this same time, Amazon saw a […]

27 Sep Cisco Cloudifies Datacenter Management With Intersight

Anybody who followed Cisco Live probably heard CEO Chuck Robbins deliver Cisco Systems ’ vision of the cloud datacenter. Robbins focused on enabling intent-based networking, a concept that allows network managers to translate business requirements into networking requirements through automated policies. The need for intuitive and contextual networking is driven in part by the proliferation […]

25 Sep RESEARCH PAPER: Demystifying Server Root of Trust

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Secure data begins with secure infrastructure. Protecting infrastructure begins with not only making sure it will operate as expected but also with the confidence that all the necessary firmware needed to run the system remains secure. Root of Trust (RoT) is ideally based on a hardware-validated boot process to ensure the system can only be […]

25 Sep Your Datacenter Is Not Safe

If you talk to most IT professionals about security, a common response is, “We are all set.” Press a little harder, and you’ll find their confidence is rooted in a secure perimeter coupled with identity management and access control, and host and network intrusion solutions. If an organization is a little more progressive, it may […]

28 Jul Lenovo Launches A New Server Lineup…And A New Lenovo

On the heels of Intel ’s Purley launch, the OEM community quickly announced the availability of their respective product portfolios. For the most part, these announcements were about what one would expect with Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) focusing on its engineering prowess, Dell  EMC  promoting the strength of the merged company and products, and Cisco […]

30 Jun Has AMD Secured A Spot In The Datacenter?

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When AMD exited the server market back in 2012, it held 10% market share. While not a large chunk of the market, the legacy of Opteron and relationships with OEMs and big datacenter customers translated into market significance. This was important, as this market significance assured broad software ecosystem support when AMD released a new […]