17 Nov Farewell To SOAPware: The Search For A New EHR

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Screenshot of SOAPware termination notice. My electronic health record (EHR) vendor recently decided to quit the marketplace. Despite the major impact to many medical practices, SOAPware (SOAPware Inc.), delivered the news that they would shut down at the end of this coming February, with a short message embedded in a screen. I had stuck with […]

06 Mar Paperport Takes Me Closer To The Paperless Medical Office

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After practicing medicine for over 20 years I have amassed a large amount of paper from both clinical and business sources. Throughout college, medical school and residency, books and printed medical journals were my main medical resources. I tore articles from my journals, Xeroxed library books and made thermal copies from microfiche readers, then stored […]

29 Aug Electronic Health Records Don’t Exist, I Have A Patient Library

We have heard about this integration of technology and services that would let data flow seamlessly, so that communication between doctors, patients, insurance companies, pharmacies and the workplace would be unhindered. When first introduced, there was a big push for Return on Investment (ROI), but no one seems to mention this now. In fact, there […]

29 Jul Telemedicine Puts A Doctor In The House, Literally

Video tower from my medical office (Photo credit: Lawrence Chu, MD, FACS) I have a friend who is a family physician, and he has made a dramatic change in his practice. He told me of the daily struggles and the extended hours he would spend every day, missing family events and even putting off vacations. […]

27 Jun Why Electronic Medical Records Are Not Patient-Centric

Current information technology is lacking an efficient and comprehensive solution to everyday care for the healthcare provider and patient. For many physicians, there is a forced acceptance of the electronic medical record (EMR). Providers have choices from EMR vendors like athenahealth, Cerner, eClinicalWorks, Epic, General Electric’s GE Healthcare and many others. But there is a general […]