21 Dec 2018 Predictions: Apple Buys Tesla — Cook Retires — Musk Takes The Reins

Every year pundits, analysts, bloviators, and anyone with a voice make outlandish predictions for the coming year. Most do not come true, but it is nice to be the guy that got it right, even if it was a small prediction. In keeping with this tradition, I submit my 2018 predictions for the Internet of […]

17 Nov Intel Steps Up To Showcase Leadership In Autonomous Vehicles And The Internet Of Things

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  Gordon Moore mural at Intel’s Customer Experience and Integration Center, Chandler, Arizona. Over the past few weeks, I have been with Intel Corporation learning about its Internet of Things (IoT) product roadmaps from security, healthcare, retail, energy, smart cities, and, perhaps most interestingly, how Intel is leveraging IoT to extend the customer experience. This […]

27 Oct Dell Technologies Demonstrates Leadership And Innovation In The Highly Fragmented IoT Marketplace

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Dell IQT event entrance Recently, the Moor Insights & Strategy (MI&S) team was on the road in New York City learning more about Dell Technologies strategy and vision for the Internet of Things (IoT). The event, called IQT, exhibited what the company is doing to make devices, networks, and infrastructure smarter. Dell Technologies is focusing […]

14 Sep Disaster Response In The 21st Century: Big Data And IoT Save Lives

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Flooding in Houston, TX during Hurricane Harvey Over the last couple of weeks, I was in Houston, Texas working with a Search and Rescue (SAR) team helping to find, recover, and relocate individuals affected by Hurricane Harvey. I traveled with a team from Harbinger Technologies Group (HTG), comprised of special operations veterans, law enforcement, EMT/Firefighters, […]

28 Aug HPE Demonstrates Internet Of Things (IoT) Leadership With The Opening Of Its Global Innovation Lab

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HPE’s Global IoT Lab in Houston, TX My colleague, Patrick Moorhead, and I had the opportunity last week to participate in Hewlett Packard Enterprise’s (HPE) Global IoT Innovation Lab’s grand opening event in Houston. Following Houston, it will open two other labs in  Geneva and Singapore. The HPE team is serious about deploying IoT solutions […]

09 Aug What Does Intel’s Acquisition Of Mobileye Tell Us About Its Driverless Car Strategy?

Intel yesterday announced they completed their tender offer for all the outstanding shares of Mobileye. Based in Jerusalem, Israel, Mobileye has effectively developed a nerve center for how driverless cars operate via their sensors and camera technologies. Completing this acquisition puts Intel squarely in one of the “driver’s seats” for driverless cars, estimated to become […]

28 Jul For Chief Information Security Officers Blockchain Will Improve Internet of Things (IoT) Security

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Because the Internet of Things (IoT) is creating its own ecosystem, the biggest challenge for the industry is how companies secure and manage the exponential growth of decentralized endpoint devices. Unfortunately, most security experts only know how to defend against attacks from a centralized perspective. Most Chief Information Security Officers (CISO) only understand centralized networks and […]

21 Jul CIOs And CTOs Must Understand How The Internet Of Things Is Changing How Business Is Done

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After a short sabbatical traveling the world looking at interesting technologies and business models, I have decided to return to Moor Insights & Strategy to lead the Internet of Things (IoT) practice. There isn’t a better time to make a comeback! (Source: http://www.panoramio.com/photo/44229798) First and foremost, it’s important to remember IoT is not new. In […]

03 Aug Cloud, Containers And Collaboration Come Of Age

(Source: Christopher R. Wilder) The cloud computing marketplace has come of age, and the market is booming. As I discussed in my last article, Cloud is no longer a business strategy. It is just something we do. Further proof is demonstrated by Amazon Web Services (AWS) reporting huge Q2 numbers of $2.9B in revenue, up […]

28 Jul Cloud Is Not A Business Strategy: Choose Your Provider Wisely

What a difference a year makes. Up until last year, we had one group debating the merits of ‘X’-as-a-Service: Software, Infrastructure, Platform, Collaboration, Devices, Hats, Cats, etc. and which business model would reign king. While on the other side, Google, Amazon, Microsoft and others were espousing the benefits of both public and private cloud for the […]

30 Jun Security Must Lead The Cloud Migration Conversation

Recent attacks within US Government personnel systems have brought to light how securing electronic devices, networks, proprietary data and information from incursions by hackers and spies is of paramount concern to organizations public or private. Attacks on these systems should have been prevented by limiting contractor direct access to data systems by foreign nationals and […]

05 May Apple Takes A Deeper Step Into The Enterprise With SAP Partnership

Apple currently owns the premium mobile consumer device market and is even the preferred premium BYOD mobile device in the enterprise. However, this doesn’t mean that enterprises have signed up to ditch their PCs or Macs. Apple knows this. Apple is on a long-term journey and is striking strategic agreements with enterprise players to create new […]

05 May Rise Of The Machines (Part 2): Artificial Intelligence And Bots Promise To Disrupt

(Source: Jimmy Pike & Christopher Wilder ©Moor Insights & Strategy) Microsoft and Facebook recently announced how they plan to drive leadership in the digital transformation and cloud market: bots. As more companies—especially application vendors—begin to drive solutions that incorporate machine learning, natural language, artificial intelligence, and structured and unstructured data, bots will increase in relevance and value. […]

15 Apr Rise Of The Machines Part 1: Google And Microsoft Stake Their Claims

This has been a busy past few weeks for the big public cloud providers. Recently, my colleague Jimmy Pike and I had the opportunity to attend the Google Cloud Platform GCP NEXT 2016 event in San Francisco. Immediately after was Microsoft’s developer conference, appropriately named Build 2016, and on the heels being Microsoft’s inaugural business solutions event […]

21 Mar Three Things You Need To Know About The Google Cloud Platform

(Photo source: Pixabay) Over the past two years we have seen the market for public cloud become hyper-competitive. The field of players has expanded and retracted exponentially. Industry stalwarts like Inc.’s Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Inc. Cloud Platform, and Microsoft Corporation Azure have solidified their dominance in this space. Others have entered this market only to […]

04 Mar Mobile World Congress: Telecoms, Tapas And Things

(Photo credit: Christopher R. Wilder) Over the last two weeks, I had the opportunity to travel throughout Europe visiting several innovative service providers. The trip wound-up in Barcelona at Mobile World Congress (MWC). MWC is the premier event for mobility, communications and connectivity. There were a few trends that I observed during my travels. Cloud […]

04 Feb How The Education System Is Leveraging Innovation And Technology To Help Students Compete

Source: Teresa Kwant The US education system is going through a Renaissance in how students learn. Especially when it comes to those learners focused on college preparedness. While many teachers still teach to a test, others are turning to new technologies and systems to help their students to move beyond the traditional instruction-led environments to […]

29 Jan The Four Big Trends In The Communications Marketplace For 2016

(Photo source: Christopher R. Wilder) 2015 was a year of immense change, especially in the communications marketplace. There was a tremendous amount of convergence and consolidation in the space, such as Avaya Inc.’s acquisition of Esna Technologies, the merger between Nokia and Alcatel-Lucent, and Cisco Systems‘ acquisition of Acano, Juniper Networks and Tropo. Further adding excitement, telecom providers […]

16 Dec The Internet Of Things And Wearables Are Changing Field Service Automation As We Know it

  (Image source: NASA) In the world of enterprise applications, field service automation (FSA) applications are driving much of the innovation in the industry from a mobility, Internet of Things (IoT) and cloud perspective. FSA is a set of applications and functionality that focuses on coordinating, scheduling and assigning field service and support for enterprise […]

10 Dec Smart Garments Are Here: Jabil Steps Up Its Wearables Game With Clothing+

(Source: Christopher R. Wilder) Advances in sensor capabilities, batteries, form factors, and fabrics are making it easier for clothing manufacturers to seamlessly integrate garments with monitoring and electronic devices. Fitness equipment manufacturers have been developing devices and solutions for many years that monitor heart rate, pulse, body temperature, etc. But, only recently has the cost […]