07 May Dell EMC, VMware, And Pivotal Deliver Joint Cloud Platform Solutions

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Last week I attended the first (of its name) Dell Technologies World — the annual conference previously known as EMC World and then Dell EMC World. The name change reflects Dell EMC’s focus on delivering “better together” customer solutions across the entire Dell Technologies portfolio of companies — particularly VMware and Pivotal. The change is […]

02 May Dell Technologies World 2018 Day 2: New Products Galore

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Dell Vice Chairman Jeff Clarke kicks off Dell Tech World Day 2 As I wrote yesterday, this week I am attending Dell Technologies World 2018 in Las Vegas to get a look the conglomerate’s overall vision, and to see what new products and solutions it has in store for its customers and partners in the […]

13 May The Dell Technologies Vision Coming Together At Dell EMC World 2017

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Last week I attended Dell EMC World (DEW) in Las Vegas—Dell Technologies’ premier customer, press, analyst and partner conference. This year, it was designed to showcase the work the company has been doing since the acquisition of EMC last year. The theme of the conference this year is “REALIZE”—as in, realize your company’s digital future. […]

14 Dec Kaiser Permanente Gives Vidyo’s Platform The Healthcare Seal Of Approval With $10M Investment

While I don’t normally write about funding, it gets really interesting for me when a leader in an industry makes investments in a targeted startup supporting many market trends my firm been analyzes. This happened today with Kaiser Permanente making a $10M strategic investment in software-defined video collaboration firm Vidyo for them to further build out […]

28 Apr Decoding HP’s “Compute” Call To Server Arms

Hewlett-Packard currently holds the #1 worldwide market share in servers in terms of revenue and units, so when the #1 guy stands up and makes technology and market declarations for IT, the industry should probably pay attention. This is true for what Hewlett-Packard calls “Compute”, which is the company’s take on how IT needs to be […]

03 Mar MWC: Intel Helping Service Providers To Optimize End-To-End IoT Value Chains

IT is in the crosshairs of a major data center architecture transition driven by a phenomenal rise in factors including Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data, and real-time analytics, finding a deeper relevance in the current business landscape. Over the last year, Intel developed the concept of software-defined infrastructure (SDI) as the next step in datacenter transformation. One of […]

03 Mar RESEARCH PAPER: Intel SDI Enables Internet of Things (IoT) Intelligence

Intel’s concept of software-defined infrastructure (SDI) extends the definition of the software-defined datacenter (SDDC). SDI is a re-evaluation of system architecture driven by the requirements of business flow, workloads, and specific applications—not by a menu of hardware available to purchase at the moment. SDI could transform mainstream datacenters and has the potential to displace current datacenter […]

28 Feb Moor Insights & Strategy Content At Mobile World Congress 2015

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Moor Insights & Strategy will be on-site at Mobile World Congress 2015 and will be publishing a lot of content throughout the show. We will be releasing papers, briefs, columns and podcasts below. PAPERS Intel SDI Enables Internet of Things (IoT) Intelligence Intel’s concept of software-defined infrastructure (SDI) extends the definition of the software-defined datacenter […]

24 Feb Springpath: Out Of Stealth Mode And Worth The Wait In Storage Software

Last week, Springpath came out of a two year stealth mode, introducing software that runs on standard servers on a subscription model which stores, manages and guards data across both enterprise and cloud scenarios. That is very different from not only the traditional storage players like EMC, Hewlett-Packard, IBM, and NetApp Inc., but also upstarts like Nutanix, Simplivity, and Nexenta. […]

24 Feb Vidyo Beats Video Collaboration Giants At The Department Of Defense

Video collaboration installations are dominated by Cisco Systems, Huawei, Logitech International SA’s LifeSize and Polycom Inc. It’s a big market and even even the collaboration leader, Cisco, recognizes that the market is shifting given their software-defined collaboration investments in WebEx. “Software-defined everything” is all the rage these days in the IT industry, and hopefully you have heard of SDN […]


 This is an incomplete living document; occasional updates intended. Application Programming Interface (API) An exposed and documented software interface designed by a vendor or organization so that developers creating other software components can consistently use the exposed functionality. APIs promote code reuse and have promoted horizontal modularization and standardization within software ecosystems, such as Microsoft’s […]

03 Feb Intel SDI: One Datacenter Architecture To Rule Them All?

I attended the Open Compute Summit last week in San Jose, where industry leaders in the scale-out datacenter industry gathered to discuss and attempt to get some kind of alignment on future architectures and building blocks. By architecture, I mean the building blocks, the interconnects and the rules by which future football field size datacenters […]

29 Jan RESEARCH PAPER: Software Defined Infrastructure (SDI) is Intel’s Future for the Datacenter

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Moor Insights & Strategy believes that IT is on the cusp of a major datacenter architecture transition. This transition will be driven by 24×7 global business reach, dramatically increased use and depth of business intelligence (BI) and predictive analytics (Big Data), and pushing sensors and intelligence into our physical world in the form of the […]


When we express our opinions publicly, we do it with the credibility that only decades of actual industry experience can provide. We are quoted in the top news outlets and routinely appear on business TV shows. MI&S analysts also do extensive public speaking at events and trade shows, in classic webinars, and participate heavily on social media. Topics Analysts Speak […]