Spring 2016 ONUG Meeting Highlights

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Why the Dell / EMC Combination Makes Sense for Customers

Moor Insights & Strategy takes a look at how synergistic product portfolios and go-to-market strategies could set IT customers up for success in the digital economy.


HPE Bridges Traditional and New IT with Composable Infrastructure

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The Open Compute Project Provides Inspiration, but Delivery is Unclear

Moor Insights & Strategy takes a look at the Open Compute Project's inspiration for efficient datacenter designs and the project's current delivery shortcomings for mainstream enterprise IT.


We are a Technology Analyst & Advisory Firm with Actual Industry Experience


Who We Are

We are a technology analyst and advisory firm with actual industry experience. The markets we address span the Internet of Things (IoT), client computing, the cloud, the software-defined datacenter, and semiconductors. We research, evaluate, consult, advise, and communicate. Unlike other analyst and consulting firms, we have actual industry experience. MI&S analysts and consultants have held executive-level positions in strategy, product management, product and channel marketing, technology, P&L management, and market research at technology companies like yours.


What We Do

We do five things. We research markets and technologies to develop custom forecasts and custom insights. We evaluate TCO models and measures of merit. We consult or advise on strategic corporate, product, marketing, and technology plans. We communicate our opinions on companies and coverage areas through white papers, blogs, webinars, trade show speaking, social media, videos, TV interviews and press citations.


Our Difference

We have actual industry experience, unlike most other analysts. We have held executive-level positions in high-tech companies like yours. We are familiar with the problems you face, but we also have the problem solving ability of industry veterans. We know how to implement. Our advantage is the ability to identify the problems to be solved in a broad, one to seven year time horizon, anticipate the obstacles to solving them, create strategies to overcome the obstacles, and execute with precision to help companies reach their goals.


Our Opinions

When we express our opinions publicly, we do it with the credibility that only decades of actual industry experience can provide. We are quoted in the top news outlets and routinely appear on business TV shows. MI&S analysts also do extensive public speaking at events and trade shows, in classic webinars, and participate heavily on social media.

We Are A Top 10 Globally Ranked Technology Analyst and Advisory Firm (Source: ARchitect Power Rankings and Apollo Research)